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Bolshevik Revolution?

In 1917, Russia, with it's 'leftist' supported, 'Mainstream Media' of the day, finally caved in to the popular 'Leftist' group of 'Activists' that promised them a Utopia. well they sure got it. After about 30 million (a very conservative number) political 'disenters' were turned into fertilizer for 'Mother Earth', A socialist 'Utopia' emerged...GAAG!

Well it did lower the total size of Russia's 'Carbon Footprint'. Over crowding was somewhat reduced. The total fuel requirements were reduced. Of course the 'Carbon Offsets' were 'transferred' to the 'Elitists' and their supporters. The main if not only, motor vehicles built were the 'ZIM' and the 'ZIS', both were knockoffs of the luxury US built Packard and British Rolls Royce for 'The leaders'. Also in later years the Cadillac Limo was copied. All heavily armored of course. (some 'Disenters' escaped)

All production was reserved for the Leftist Political leaders including the extremely wealthy 'Oligharqs' of the 'Leftist Regime', everyone else drove donkey carts and in later years the junker little car 'Yugo' seen in TV news films of East Germans fleeing to the West when the Berlin Wall came down at the 'URGING' of US President, Ronald Reagan. Remember that? I didn't think so.

Ah yes, forced transfer of 'Carbon Credits'. The food neccessary for survival was more easily obtained by the 'Elitists'. Of course it was either imported or provided by the bottom caste 'agrarian' citizens, with threats and harsh punishment guaranteed if 1 year, 3 year, 5 year plans were not met to the satisfaction of the ruling 'Elitists'. Even with the Help of the famous US financed 'Armand Hammer' and the USA sending thousands of 'Ford' tractors, the 'Plans' were never met..Surprise, Surprise. Huge quantities of VODKA was the national 'anti-Depressant'? Wait till my blog about Chernobyl.

George Soros thinks he is the new Armand Hammer but wants his control to be over our own political system this time. He does know the workings of the Russian system well. Google and Wikipedia him if you need more proof. The links are in my right sidebar, help yourself.

Everybody worked hard at working hard. Well now maybe that is not so bad unless you are over 70, over weight (like the Communist 'Bacon Boy', Michael Moore) or a 'pansy tail' Hollyweird performer. Businesses were taken over by the Government to prevent the so called Capitalist 'Pigs' from exploiting their workers. Boy does that stuff sound like something out of todays news? You bet your sweet 'pansy tail' it does. Kiss shopping at 'The Mall' Bye-Bye.

'Hugo Chavez' the 'King for life' of Venezuela is doing that exact thing with the blessing of Our own 'Liberal' poster girl, his one time/night 'Squeeze', walk-on star for the DNC, 'Cindy sheehan' 'Michae Moore' of course is drooling with admiration. Of course Hugos latest investment in a new Kalishnikov factory to produce the ultimate world 'Peace maker', the AK-47, will firmly ensure his popularity in South America.

You think we have a border control problem today? His own future Nukes will further enhance his ability to 'project' his will upon any one willing to 'Submit'. Thank you Iran's President Amadinejad for your help in South America.

It looks like our voting masses 'Indoctrinated' by the 'Leftist' Mainstream Media' in the USA are bringing a fresh new crop of 'Submitters' to Washington DC. So far our intelligent military will have nothing to do with them. If in the future that changes through Military de-funding, due to the US Dow Jones Industrials being forced into the gutter by some in Congress that truly beleive it to be 'way too high', (Nancy Pelosi) that scenario could change.

Of course this is all the conjecture of one blogger, to force you to think for yourself. The reality is that the overall intelligent masses that have knowledge of just a little bit of History will see the light and vote for a common sense, opposing group of Representatives and Senators to put this scenario on the backburner for another more intelligent, realistic thinking, generation to deal with. US citizens had better 'Pray' it is so. After all this is undeniably 'One Nation Under God'. For how much longer, is anyones guess.

As ROBO has mentioned, 'Michael Moore' has the following of his political crowd because they only know as fact, what is on The Big Screen. I may add the all knowing TV Talking Heads and the 'Leftist' AP supported Mass Media system. The Big headlines and one big picture is the limit of that factions attention span. Talk about ADD, that faction's really got it. More 'Ritalin' for the masses, they demand.

Mr soros, you have quite a flock of 'groupies' to contend with. I am sooooo impressed. When you see a car with various strange bumper stickers all over the back end, which political party do you surmise that they support? What would their 'brain scan' reveal. Hyperactivity?

Watching 'Jay Leno' on the tonight Show tells it all. When Jay does a segment of his program as 'Jay Walking', you will witness the 'wisdom' of the average person on the street. Shameful and Embarrasing. The interviewees are totally oblivious to their own 'Ignorance'. Most of them are 'Teachers', 'College Students' or government employees, enough said?

I beleive the possibility exists for a two party subsystem similiar to the Shia and Sunni groups in the middle East, could one day emerge here in the USA. Now 'THAT' would be more excitement than most US citizens could handle. "To Die For..For Sure, For Sure". The PBS already Kow-Tow's to CAIR 'Islam vs Islamists' (the movie), because they are deathly afraid of them. Does that mean they are Shiia or does that mean they are Sunni? Maybe the division comes among all of us after we 'Submit'. How about Hamas vs Fatah as we embrace Sharia Law. "Off with their heads" said the Queen in 'Alice and Wonderland'.

Ah yes 'Dhimmitude' reborn. Research that word if you don't beleive it could happen here. Oh yes and by the way, definetly watch 'Obsession', the trailer is in my right sidebar links. That is only if you want facts, if 'political fiction' is your game, shut down your computer with it's true world stories available, for you to decide whats 'truth' and watch CNN instead.

Award Winning PBS program of the past, 'The Commanding Heights' series on three DVD's are a must watch if you are not a reader. They are available through for a reasonable price. A College course to learn a little History at home.

By the way, Japan holds over twice as much in US treasury notes as china. That has never been a big issue with the Liberal factions (they like their cars). Now china is their supposed dreaded enemy due to it's competitive economy. They work hard...Well Duh! Dubya did it. Watch 'The Commanding Heights' series to get your facts straight. PBS showed it one time and are afraid to show it again. It de-bunks their own 'Politically Supported' Myth.


Blogger blogengeezer said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways doesn't he? Cindy Sheehan is going home to the 'left coast'. The 'Parasitic' liberals are being slowly wiped off to start a party of their own (please O please). Now maybe the Democratic Party can return to it's good old roots as the Proud party of the working man...My Parents and grandparents in their graves, would be proud again. It doesn't hurt to dream :>)

I wonder how much she wants for that 5 acre piece of property in Crawford Texas? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson may even want their money back now that she is no longer their 'Working Girl'. Of course you would have to have it sanitized by a 'Hazmat' team and then remove about a foot of topsoil to get it fit for 'Human' habitation again.

Of course she did look pretty lonesome out there. The neighbors were not too friendy to her. Maybe most of the pollution occurred during the 'Mainstream Media Frenzy'

I'd build me a nice little place just like 'W's with all of the environmentally friendly niceties.

The first thing I would do is invite George and Laura over for a Bar-B-Q and a Howdy, after he retires from the most thankless job ever invented. Shoot! I'd even forgive him for the Border stuff. Well at least he finally brought attention to that 20 year 'festering' wound.

Dick and Rummy are welcome as well. Maybe My poster Girl 'Ann Coulter' could spend the day. Michelle Malkin of course. Many others are also welcome. I'm so excited just thinking about it all. I love a 'Party'.....

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