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Several new films are to be made in New Mexico so far this summer, according to the NM Film Office. I just got off the phone with them. The N.M. film office line was answered by 'Mateo'. He helped me find the sites that 'held secret' the names of the casting directors handling the latest films.

Use my link in the right sidebar to NM CASTING CALLS. Then under the 'In Production' column just click on the name of the film you are interested in. Things change from time to time so stay in touch. The 'bulletin Board' is another source, with more descriptions of the individual film. Then there is always 'Google'. Thank you 'Mateo' for the 'Heads Up'. You were very helpful.

This one just came in; 31 July 07
Governor Bill Richardson Announces Five Dollars a Day to be filmed in New Mexico

SANTA FE—Governor Bill Richardson today announced that the Capitol Films production, Five Dollars a Day, starring Christopher Walken and Alessandro Nivola, will be shot in New Mexico.
The production will be shot in and around Albuquerque from September 10 through October 4 and expects to hire approximately 75 New Mexico crew members, 25 local principal actors and 250 – 350 local extras.

Written by Neal and Tippi Dobrofsky, the film will be produced by Carol Baum (You Kill Me, The Good Girl), Jane Goldenring (My First Mister) and Kia Jam (Lucky Number Slevin, The Jacket). Nigel Cole (A Lot Like Love, Calendar Girls, Saving Grace) will direct. ThinkFilm will distribute.
Five Dollars a Day is a father/son road movie where “Nat” (Walken), a free spirited con-artist and his more conservative son, “Flynn” (Nivola) embark on a road trip odyssey of humorous and poignant incidents that eventually lead to an unexpected finale. Gwyn Savage is doing the casting. Gwyn said that she would find something in it for me when I went to the 'call' for Angel Maker on Saturday. Thank you Gwyn.

The new 'Indiana Jones' film starring 'Harrison Ford', wrapped last month in southern NM. Now that would have been great fun. The infamous Blogengeezer did not get any 'action' in this one. Oh the absolute 'Travesty' of it all. My agent will be informed of this, that is, if I ever get an agent.

'Swing Vote' about a man that will possibly decide the next President of the US, with Kevin Costner. Now filming around Belen NM. Yep, Yep, I got some work in this one during the Greenleaf Party demonstration in Madera NE of ABQ. I'm a 'Geezer' LIB dressed conservatively?

'Angel Maker', about a retired cop returning to Albuquerque NM to assist an investigation. 400 locals 75 crew. MGM Aug 20 to Sep 21. Joe Pantioliano. I went to this call but not very promising for a 'Geezer'. Gwyn Savage casting director.

'Love N' Dancing' Swing Dancing Championship story. 50 locals-crew Aug 3 to Sep 9. Amy Smart, Tom Malloy. They need 'good' swing dancers. Not 'two steppers and country waltzers like the Geezer. A couple of my former film 'Wives' and 'escort ladies', are doing background in this one though.

'In Plain Sight' about a Federal Marshall and people he deals with in the witness protection program. 11 episodes for USA Network. 75 locals-crew. Aug 13 to Dec 4 This sounds fun, hope I get some work in it.

Also a western filmed in Santa Fe. I like the 1800's Westerns. It's great fun to play old grouchy guys. July to August Casting by Andrea Cypress, "Shoot Now and Pray you live"

Many small 'Indies' are going on at any time as well, usually in Santa Fe. Check the 'Casting Calls' in my right sidebar.

Maybe The Blogengeezer will be able to get busy again in his latest 'Work'.


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I answered a 'Casting Call' today for a film, Angel Maker. Gwyn Savage the casting director said that maybe I can be used in the next film 'Five Dollars a Day' as well as a couple of more coming up. Hopefully this remaining summer and fall are going to be somewhat busy for the Film Industry in NM which is what I keep active in. 'Swing Vote' (Kevin Costner) is 'In 'Production', so far I have three days in it, during 'Dennis Hoppers' run for president. I am a demonstrator on the Greenleaf Party. It is being filmed in the mountains NE of ABQ. I'm a conservatively dressed 'LIB', go figure that. 11 Aug 07

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