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Science Fiction, or ?

The last post 'Sunspots May be the Real Cause', 29-June-07 including the comments, got me to thinking, and that is not a good sign. During the research about the Cosmic Rays being deflected by the Earths Magnetic North and South Poles, I started to recall some of my earlier days as a young man. I read a little Science Fiction back then. Well I read a lot of it, for a time. During the reading about Methane Atmospheres on other planets, which have been proven by the way, I also read about a Memory Device that was a small semi-conductor. The device could store every bit of information known by man on a relatively small 'block' and accessed by an electronic device with unheard of speed. Sound familiar ?

When I read those 'Science Fiction' paperbacks, we were using 'Vacuum Tube' radios and TVs, and TV was still in it's early stages. As I said, I was young. A device described by the writer of one such book, intrigued me due to it's simplicity. The writer who had so much vision to see the developement of micro-processor chips similiar to the 'Pentium' being stacked into a block with processing speeds even faster than what we see today, also foresaw the 'Mono-pole' Magnet.

Carrying this 'Science Fiction' on to the writers conclusion about the 'Monopole' magnet, The power could be used to 'Repel' a vehicle away from either the North or South poles with little energy consumed. Like I said at the start, this IS Science Fiction....isn't it ?

Anyone with any engineering ideas can see the usefulness of a device like this. No opposing pole to counteract the force exerted by the other pole. It would obviously enable untold advances in the generating of electric power and kinetic energy. (the Holy Grail of engineering) The control and power source of this device according to the writer, was a super fast computer about the size of the 'laptop' we use today. Remember this was a long time ago, The computer existed but took up a very large room and had vacuum tubes that generated more heat than logic. That writer was either a genius or could see the future more clearly than most people of his time.

Science Fiction never mentioned, at least I never read about it back then, the movement of the North and south Poles 'away from' their traditional placement, basically near the centerline of the Earths 'Axis', to another position, which for a time would be at a 'right angle' to the Earths 'axis' (the Equator). This is what is rapidly occuring and has been happening at an exponentially increasing speed.

The shape traced by the 'Magnetic Poles' now more closely resembles two ice cream cones placed point to point with the poles doing a 24 hour 'Wobble' around the axis. Within an undetermined time, continuing on it's current track towards Siberia, centrifugal force will take over and literally throw the Magnetic Poles into a 90 degree position (the Equator) in relation to the Earths axis. Momentum will then eventually carry the poles into a reverse position to what they are traditionally. North will be South and South will be North. (remember the little red point on your compass? it will point towards antarctica when the 'flip' is complete) The last 'flip' took about 39 years, pretty quick considering the mass of the Earth.

Just exactly where on the Equator, the North and south Poles will be at the '90 degree' time in the future is debateable. (If the 'Middle East' is involved, some interesting occurences could be apparent) The last time this happened on earth was about 780,000 years ago. The Poles have 'flipped' about one to five times each million years.

As I mentioned in the previous post comments, we are overdue for a 'flip'. My father-in-law mentioned this to me years ago and said it would really shake up Mankind. Remember the North and South Poles and their force to control cosmic Rays? Knowing that the earth is a generator (evidenced by lightning) as it spins today, this change in the Magnetic Core position would cause some really 'unique' weather, to say the least. The Poles will be spinning like a really giant generator. I can only imagine the pressure put on the people on earth at that time insisting that 'the government' DO SOMETHING. Of course nothing will change in the Media, 'Blame' will be assigned to 'The Administration'.


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I recall this from geology/tectonics. There are bands of rock running parallel to the mid-oceanic ridges in which the polarity has reversed every several hundred thousand years. It is visible due to the spreading of the sea floor away from the ridge.

Might be caused by a gyroscopic precession in the molten Iron core as I recall. I also recall it being suggested that the polarity reveses when we cross the galactic plane (twice for each orbit around the center).

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