Sunday, July 15, 2007

Global Warming blog 'The Real Thing!

Check out a new blog associated with the History of Global Warming on Earth.

I will not go into the ramifications of the scientific reasoning behind this History. Mainly because I was not there at the time it was occurring. None of us were. Some people look like they might have been on the edge of it though. Then there are those that are not even aware it ever happened. I will place most Politicians, Lawyers, Journalists and News Teams of today in that category.

John Stossel has a great 'vid' on You Tube about the education system in the USA of today. I suggest you find it and watch it. Those with ADD just forget it or take your Ridalin, it is 40 minutes long. If you are part of the 'Mediocrity' society, you will not understand it anyway.
After you see these facts you may not want your kids to attend the public school system in The USA.

I was not the 'brightest Light' in school. I did learn a thing or two later because of the previous generation of Teachers, ability to instill curiosity about the History of the World. The Geographic Formations visible from the windshields of my many cars and trucks, over many years piqued my interest. The Western States I call home are like a 'Box Office Hit' rolling by, mile after mile as I was paid to sight see while working.

I invite all to visit this incredible ancient Sea Floor. My Travel Posts have some descriptions. I may go into more details as the miles pass by. I have no interest in saving my hard earned fuel for the future, shall I say, 'Occupiers' of our once Great Nation. Possibly some younger generation will become educated outside of the current public educations, 'Mediocrity' system.

They may become those of whom 'Plato' referred to as 'The Philosophers and Kings' over our 'Auxiliaries' and 'Workers' (You and I) With due diligence they may avert the 'repetition' of History currently being forced upon the citizens.

In the meantime enjoy life on this spinning and wobbling, Earth, while our Solar System plows it's way, headlong through our Galaxy.

It's a great ride, I thoroughly recommend it.


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