Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zero Sum Economy

During 'the Good Old Days' of relatively closed economic borders in the USA. The wealth was shared between everyone. Not equally of course, that's only a belief in the 'Utopian' concept and totally unreal in the human psyche. The existing wealth and resources were traded back and forth with not much gain to any of the resources shared. The system was rapidly becoming 'ZERO SUM'.

Our Nations natural resources were diminishing or being sequestered away by 'Activists' with 'Tort' Lawyers leading the attack.

Along came US President Ronald Reagan and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The stage was set for true World Trade. We were now entering a new era of 'Non-Zero Sum', Game Theory economics. The 'Closed Shop Trade Unions' that had the lions share of the financial resources to themselves, saw "the hand writing on the wall". Their total control of wealth in the US was now threatened. The New World Economy started to develop. Japan, China and India slowly became part of the overall worlds largest trade groups. The USA was slowly relinquishing it's dominant position over the world.

I say slowly because there are always going to be factions dragging their feet and screaming that they do not want to 'go there'. The most obvious cause is that they personally have something to loose. Those factions liked the old system where they got the 'Win' while everyone else got the 'Lose' in the old 'Zero Sum' system. Some world leaders had the vision to re-institute this 'New' World Economic trend, which had previously existed from the beginnings of mankind and was brought to an end in the early 1900's.

The following is re-printed from Wiki; The borders open Complexity and 'Non-Zero-Sum'.

It has been theorized by Robert Wright, among others, that society becomes increasingly non-zero-sum as it becomes more complex, specialized, and interdependent. As former 'US President Bill Clinton' states:

"The more complex societies get and the more complex the networks of interdependence within and beyond community and national borders get, the more people are forced in their own interests to find 'non-zero-sum' solutions". "That is, 'win–win' solutions instead of 'win–lose' solutions.... "Because we find as our interdependence increases that, on the whole, we do better when other people do better as well — so we have to find ways that we can all win, we have to accommodate each other".... 'Bill Clinton', Wired interview, December 2000 .[1]

For your own information, read 'The World is Flat'

Read 'The World is Flat' to get a true perspective of exactly what has happened while you were intently watching the 'Associated Press' (AP) fed, major News outlets, and of course the 'Talking Heads' and Hollywood celebrity's rant and rave about the incompetence of the leadership in the USA. (Totally Dysfunctional Hollywood? complaining about the way things are done in government?)

The MSM is filled with 'Indictments on top of Indictments' for every political affront to opposition party members and this nations leaders, to the point of making them 'neutered' in performing the act of administration. It will soon be necessary to begin 'Impeachment' on the day that a President and administration is sworn in to office. If not Impeachment, Indictments will be overflowing the courts. Remember the Lawyers on both sides are profiting immensely by this system. You, the taxpayer, are paying their fees. The vast majority of MSM relished 'indictments' are dismissed by the courts and slide into the trash bin of History.

The outdated and very punitive, devastating legal system that the USA is using, started to become an 'Elephant' that you can not ignore back about 40 years ago. Funny how that coincides with 'the dysfunctional 60's. The 'Chemically Enhanced' generation. The 60's brought 'change' so now we have to just 'deal with it' as the popular saying goes. I recall the unprecedented graduation of countless swarms of 'Lawyers' and no one knowing what they were all going to do for a living.

Well now we know, don't we. Our GDP is growing only at the rate of real inflation. I'm not talking about the much cheaper things that we import from China, and seemingly cannot get enough of, in our unprecedented times of World prosperity. I'm not talking of the price of gasoline, which is unchanged from the day I was filling our tractor for 25 cents a gallon and our local bank president made only a thousand dollars a month. I earned 40 dollars a week back then, at a good job as a telephone lineman. Believe me, gas is the same price it has always been when you put it into it's proper perspective.

I'm referring to the costs of pure necessities like health care, meds, everyday costs of a home and it's maintenance. Add the legal fees and risks of defending against a catastrophic lawsuit to every item or service that you buy, and you will then be aware of the cost of 'protection', as the 'Mob' used to say in 'the good old days'. Any one priced a 'made in USA' furnace installation lately? The legal implications possible for devastating lawsuits are mandatory to take into account for any procedure or change attempted, whether it is major or minor. The 'Innovation' science cannot even be tested without numerous 'legalities' taken into consideration. Our great nation has a lot of economic activity but it is mostly 'Zero Sum' due to the 'parasitic drag' of legalities.

This country taught GM a hard lesson many years ago with the first economy car they tried. The 'Corvair' with its 'Trial by Jury' unprecedented awards (Lotto?) from the 'Deep Pockets' of GM

was followed shortly by the success of more Jury awards from Ford for it's Pinto.

The famous little 'Crosley' would have been crucified in the courts system of today.

The Nash Metropolitan was another fuel efficient little light car that was driven out of the 'O So Tolerant' USA by the relentless media attacks.

Now every one scalds the 'big three' for not being innovative and popping out little 'econo-boxes' to satisfy the 'enviro's'. Well do you blame them for their reluctance to try anything 'new little and light'?

Heaven forbid the little BMW 'Isatta' with it's door in front. No long nose to absorb the inevitable head on crash that every city driver gets into at least once a week. Of course the 'cell phone induced' trance that makes a driver 'rear end' the truck stopped in traffic, waiting for the red light to turn green, those damned other vehicles, it's all their fault. Suits, more lawsuits, that''s what we need.

The 'Tort' legal system has to somehow be leashed, The politicians, the majority of which are Lawyers (Tort?) by trade have to somehow be forced (don't vote them into power?) to realize that the enemy is of their own making. I do not see any reason for them advocating reform. It would be like condemning your self to death or Heaven forbid, 'financial restrictions'.

In far too many major areas of our government, we are still intertwined in 'Zero Sum' mentality. There are the same old 'factions' trying to return us to 'The Good Old Days' (Theirs). Russia is slowly going back to their 'Good Old Days'. Russia is now an Oil Exporting Nation, which we are no longer. Only an awareness of the motivation behind Political Rhetoric, will slow the overall desire to 'regress' toward those days of 'exclusivity' against the masses of humanity across the entire World. Conflict will aways be present, it is the innate nature of man, to disagree with others opinions.

With our legal system favoring very little, or absolutely no change whatsoever, I see a very slow and tedious turnaround in the way we do things. Remember that in a 'Zero Sum' situation,the gains are made at the expense of others. I recall a speech made by 'Bill Clinton', using his best 'cosmetic' smile, "Why does it just have to be one way or the other"? "Why can't we just make it better"?

Only the massive forces of nature will administer the change humanity needs. Somehow It seems that we deserve the system we have voted for. History has always given people just what they deserve, sorry to say. I have faith in this new, highly educated group returning from a part of the World that is totally 'Hell on Earth'. They have seen a dysfunctional society, and know the steps to control our own tendency to fall into 'The Abyss'. Welcome home troops. Take your rightfully earned place in Government, we need you.

Also read Global Warming, the real thing.


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