Friday, July 14, 2006

Audition for '48hr'

Da Flikkers I just returned from two casting calls. One is the 48 hour film coming up next weekend. I had been practicing the last few days, my story of The Edmund Fitzgerald but They handed me a script to read from, in front of the camera. It was a part for a 'Geezer' (I can do that) leading a group of ner'do well senior citizens out to change the local world. As is the custom...They said "we will call you".
Next stop was for 'The Hitcher'. Had to wait in the sun a while for that one. I will be unavailable for more than a few days of filming on that one. They are doing another film in September that they might call me for. The HItcher is scary . Sounds like a fun film to work in. It involves a 'psycho dude' hitchiker, if you read the revue of the one made in 1984. A lot of people waiting in line to sign up for that one. We got to stand for a 'headshot', were given a number and then they said "We will call you","NEXT" as is the custom. Maybe something will come out of this day. I saw a few old friends from other films. Thats always fun. I heard that Wild Hogs 'wrapped' last night in Madrid NM. I liked doing that one. Matter of fact I like all of the films I had a part in.


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