Monday, July 17, 2006

Selling Cars,experiences

Perception? How we are percieved by others seems to be one of the main driving forces in our day to day life. I learned that simple fact from Jack, my Mazda Mgr. during the time I sold cars. Jack was referring to the type of car most people chose to purchase. The type and color of car they will be seen as owning and driving, not only by their friends but by perfect strangers.
Steve, my Subaru Sales Mgr, Taught me how to come across as gracious as possible, even when the customer was being, shall we say, Difficult.

Dave, the Finance Mgr. taught me how to read people by their credit records. That does not mean 'everything' as he showed me many times after getting their 'paper' 'bought' by a bank. He had to 'Sell' the good qualities about the people to the Bank.
Angelo taught me how to smile when things were not going 'Smiley'.
The rest of the sales force taught me the art of giving the customer a good first impression of yourself. 'Perception', Their first 'perception' of you is the one they remember. Repeat sales depends on their first 'perception' of you as their sales representative.
What does this have to do with our 'trade'? Well for one, it gets us a job as an 'extra' in the film we are applying for. The Casting people can read people very well. They are, as you well are aware, seeing 'Actors' every day.
Now comes the hard part... What image, through language or dress or behavior, are you giving people in your everday relationships with others? ..What is our societies 'Perception of YOU?


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