Wednesday, January 03, 2007

An Inconvenient Truthiness

The New Years Eve party was celebrated by three couples
and another lady friend at the local Black Angus. Of course we did this
at the early hour and ran home to the 'sack' soon afterward. The
conversation among the couples ran the gamut, as well you could immagine.
One of my favorites came up about 'The Horror of Global Warming'.
Yes it's warmer than when 'Ol Hector' was a 'Pup'.
See my post from early December about my
findings in 'Wiki'. Yes we are slowly coming out of the last 'Glacial'
period and progressing into an 'Interglacial' (temperate to tropical)
period. Contrary to the 'Dazzlingly Brilliant' News media,
this has happened before...Well Duh!
More has been popping out at me from day to day reading. The latest being
an article about the Bode'le' depression in the Sahara Desert. It's been
there since the 'blurry' end of the last ice age. Remember these things
do not happen over night, no matter what Hollywood says. About 3 to 4
thousand years ago A large area of northern Africa had lost it's temperate
climate of ten thousand years ago, to become desert.
As a matter of fact it is almost the size of the
USA at this time and getting larger. Oh will horrors never cease?
PBS loves it. Political activists love it, and Hollywood loves the work.
One inconvenient 'truthiness', is that without that big 'dustbowl',
the Amazon Basin (our Oxygen factory) would not be fertile with the
neccessary minerals needed to maintain growth.
During the winter months, about 0.7 million TONS of 'dust' PER DAY is
transported from the Saharas Bode'le' Basin, to the Amazon, on the winds.
(Satelites watch that stuff)

I, earlier in December, mentioned The 'Maunder' Minimum/Maximum (Sunspots)
as well as the 'Milankovich' Cycles, of 40,000 years. (Earths 'tilt)
These happenings have an effect on the amount
of greenhouse gasses in the Earth's atmosphere, always have and always will.
I get those two guys mixed up at times, you know that 'M' thing.
Of course these effects are
compounded by other effects in conjunction. Methane from
'Cow's (2.5 billion of 'em) Exhaust',
being 20 times more 'Greenhousy' than CO2. (See the latest UN publication)

The somewhat debated 'Snowball Earth' (600 to 800 million years ago)
with it's glaciers extending almost
to the Equator, was a cold one with lots of shoveling required to get to
All in all, this old Earth has seen it all, many times over. It is a
fantasticly 'Engineered' machine.
As they say in Jamaica, "No Problem Mon"

references, Wikipedia...

Read about it, then you decide for yourself. don't let Mainstream Media,
Hollywood and Political 'agendas' make you have 'knee jerk' reactions.


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