Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas '06 /Pirates of the Caribbean

This has been a great year. Thank you Military Men and Women for your great sacrifice in holding the 'dark forces' that want to eliminate the USA, at bay. The quality of life for our Great Nation is secure because of your devotion to your work. God be with You.

The time spent with our family of three sons and their little families was enjoyed by all. The Wisconsin family brought cheer to the Christmas Season by spending time staying at the ABQ homestead. The two year old daughter was forever coming up with comical observations about the different actions around our home. One of them was when I poured Cinnamon over my bowl of cereal and fruit, covered in Yogurt rather than milk. She called it 'Sandbox', and wondered why I did that. The special evening meal at the 'Samurai' Grill with it's performing, flaming, Chef, fascinated her. She kept asking him for "More Fire Please". He responded my telling her to marry a fireman. (He then gave her 'more fire') The young girls all enjoyed and appreciated their Christmas gifts. The two year old was most happy with the little remote controlled car set. She ran from adult to adult carrying the clear plastic covered box, saying "Cars!, Cars!, Open Please" trying to get someone's attention to please open it for her. The cousins liked it as well. I guess we should have gotten them all 'cars'. The New York travelers returned safely with stories of the 'Rockettes' and their Christmas Special. Do not eat the outrageously expensive and tasteless food at the world famous 'Sardi's'. The New York 'Deli's' are far superior and generous as well as resonable.

Air travel apparently is nothing like it was during my days of flying. The son's stories of little 'misunderstandings' at the check-in counter. Tape the boxes securly, do not leave them un-taped for inspection! (The clerks have no tape at the counter) The problems that occured on the boarding scene were funny, if not so to the gate clerks. 'Do not ever scan your own ticket' unless you like an endless tirade of verbal 'flak' coming your way, with threats to unload the entire plane of all passengers and re-board it. Do not take all of the family's boarding passes with you, ahead of the rest of your family, unless you like being paged to return to the boarding area, swimming against the 'flow' of humanity trying to find their seats. No 'Flying imams' seeking Media attention on the plane to Minneapolis, thank the lord for that. I hope they develope a fear of flying on anything but 'Carpets', for the peace of mind of the rest of us. Actually I would like to fly a nice quality heavy Persian 'Carpet' some time just for the fun of it. FAA would probably get a little perturbed with out a transponder and communication equipment. I would not enjoy laying out on the runway in line for take-off, unless the weather was real nice, like during Global Warming under the Greenhouse Effect.

The evening film on TV was the '03 Pirates of the Caribbean "Curse of the Black pearl" starring Johnny Depp. It earned over 654 mil worldwide shortly after release. It grossed in the top 26 films and rated in the top 250 films in history and won 5 academy awards. This is what prompted Disney to work up the sequel 'Dead Mans Chest' (Jul '06). Next out is 'At Worlds End', to be released May '07. The Black Pearl keeps on sailing into the future it seems. I had no idea so many people like 'Pirate' films as much as I do. I would love to do 'background' in them but NM has too much 'Beach' and not enough Ocean. Sand Pirates? Now 80 million years ago it was a different story. New Mexico was covered in a shallow sea. The worlds oceans were on average 400 feet higer than the present level. That accursed Global Warming? Lots of water for 'Pirate' films at that time. Nice Balmy Caribbean like climate. I would love it. Lets install a Hurricane powered 'Flux Capacitor' in the 'black Pearl'.


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