Monday, December 18, 2006

The Gladiator

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Today I was reading about 'CCGI' (computer controlled graphic imagining) it reminded me of the first film 'I' ever watched with this tecnique used. The 'Gladiators' Colosseum packed with spectators, was in reality only a few 'Extras' like myself, sitting in a small area. Then using the computer image, given a full 360 degree panorama. That means as film 'extras', our days are numbered. The new movie '300' takes full advantage of this method of filming. also the Colosseum can be rebuilt in the image easily enough. Much easier than the traditional method of mortar and stone. I will be a 'mortar and stone' relic soon, actually a 'Geezer' is that already.
'Gladiator' was filmed at a cost of 145.7 mil. In the year 2000,It Quickly earned over 450 mil Worldwide, and picked up 5 academy awards. Russell Crowe as 'Maximus' and Joaquin Phoenix as the incestious 'Commodus' along with the early appearance of Richard Harris as 'Marcus Aurelius' gave the film great credibility.

The film 3:10 to Yuma being filmed here in NM with 'Russell Crowe' apparantly is over budget and not able to use the thousand or so 'Extra's' originally planned for. I guess I will not be called after all. Too bad, I wanted to work another western with horses and cowboys. Sigh!

Poor Steven Segal, covered with a heavy layer of makeup, trowelled on. He is kinda out of shape and over weight. Aren't we all as we get older? The film 'One day in the Hood' being filmed here in NM is progressing slowly as well. I think the cold weather slows down the progress. Some filming took place on a cold day with no coats on the actors. the day was being portrayed as southern California. a little warmer there of course, so everybody froze a little. I wish I could have 'froze a little' with my friends. a bad day playing in the 'movies',sure beats a good day sitting at this keyboard.

Please use my right sidebar 'link' to "New Mexico Actors". Sign in to my friend 'Nathan's, very nice website, as a guest. Leave a comment, please tell Nathan, 'Blogengeezeer' sent you. Be sure to check out his latest Movie 'Trailers' and short 'clips'. 'The Hitcher' looks intense. a lot of my friends are in that one. 'Wildhogs' with John Travolta looks like it will be a fun flik as well. 'Blogengeezer' is in that one during the carnival scene filmed in Madrid NM. Also 'Blogengeezer is in one scene of 'the Lost Room'. Hopefully more films like the fun 'Comanche Moon' (Val Kilmer) will come along this spring. Blogengeezer can hardly wait, Drool, slobber!

In the meantime please drop back in to; 'Da flikkers' again. Make that little 'Go-stats' counter in the lower right sidebar, climb. I love to see it advance steadily. You have put Da Flikkers in the top 100 of over a thousand blogs in the 'Family' category, higher than a lot of the X-rated giberish out there. There is hope for this world after all.! I will post some more fun 'Vids' from time to time. I like the funny animals type, as well as aircraft (my favorites) and wild car stuff. Ya'll Come Back Now, YaHeah?


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The film that uses a great amount of CCG and is due out 9 mar 07, is "300". according to the hollywood film site It is "Set in the midst of the Persian-Greco war during the Battle of Thermopylae, where Spartan king Leonidas led his army of '300' soldiers into battle against the invading Persian army. According to legend, their valor and sacrifice inspired all of Greece to unite against their Persian foe, leading to the origins of democracy". Now that would have been fun to work in for everyone. CCg is used extensively in most all films today. The "Lord of the Rings series of films are my favorites in showcasing the computer technology. The trees walking into battle look great. The Harry Potter series is also fun stuff to watch in detail. Oh to be young and useful again. I think I would have taken school much more seriously if I knew then what I know today....Maybe.

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