Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Days Invasion

What an interesting week except for the fact that I have heard 'Didly' about the films I answered the 'casting calls' for. I would have thought that 'Russel Crowe' and 'Steven Segal', upon seeing my name on their rosters, would have jumped at the opportunity to have the 'Famous Blogengeezer' in the background of their films.

"Thanksgiving Day" was the high point of the family gathering to talk, louder and louder and louder until the room was reverberating and the dog got nervous and 'snapped' at the youngest granddaughter, sending her away very distressed. Nothing serious (thanksgiving) for that minor happening. Two of the Brothers-in-law got into a short 'snapping' of sorts over politics. No actual bites were inflicted (by dog or brothers-in-law). No punches thrown. No knives flashed. No guns drawn. No tables overthrown. That is common among all families....Isn't it? The Thanksgiving affair combined the talents of all involved. I cleaned my plate so I got two pieces of my wife's pumpkin pie with 'whipped stuff' on top. We also were graced by the presence of the 'Florida-in-laws'. Their air flight was more eventful than some past years but not totally intolerable (no Minniapolis Imams, yelling Alah, Alah, Alah, to make them concerned how this flight was going to end). At my son and his wifes beautiful new home, the girls all stayed back in the 'girls room'. They are getting to the age where they are self sufficient. There is no doubt they are 'All American' girls that will be the future of our Great Nation.

While watching the news last night before bed, the commercial for JC PENNEY came on. Day after Thanksgiving, "Five AM" opening for 'The Big Sale'. I just had to go one time to see what this stuff is all about. I have heard that it is 'Brutal Combat' and 'Hand to Hand' 'grappling' for choice items. Needless to say, being a man that loves action, I was enthralled at the concept. Remember I am to be in a film starring 'The Gladiator' (Russell Crowe) What a way to develop my 'Character'.

I awoke at 'O dark thirty', dressed for the encounter, walked out to the 'dock' where 'Thee Black Diamond' was moored. Casting off the lines, I navigated in the direction of The 'JC Penney'. She had been 'anchored' at Coronado Mall for a few years. I quietly sailed around through the harbor and appproached her from the south, dropping anchor close by.
I arrived at 4:45 Am to a line of about '100 Morbid souls', (just at that door). While approaching the long line, wearing my 'Greek fisherman's cap'. I just had to holler out loudly "ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? They all yelled back in unison, "YEAH"! I then hollered at them, throwing my fists high into the air, "THEN LETS ROCK". The mood of 'My Boarding Party', then turned much more festive and everyone started talking. A couple of ladies with the, (entire lines mandatory), 'CHRISTMAS' (happy holiday-NOT) shopping list in hand, asked what I was there to find? I said, with no hesitation..I came to witness and report the happenings at this 'boarding' scene (invasion). To ..BLOG..About the 'Mayhem and Chaos' that had been reported in previous years.

At 5 AM, I ran through the open 'Gangway' with my hundreds of 'Invaders' to find row upon row of sales clerks at their stations, manning the 'Port' and 'Starboard' terminals. Almost silence among My 'Boarding Party'. A "Nice Orderly Military Fashion", takeover of the 'Cargo Trader', flying the flag of, the 'JC PENNEY'. As I advanced through the 'passageways' there was no disorder in the ranks of either 'crew'. All held their discipline, to which I was dismayed. No 'Carnage' not even any obscenities. I must break out more Rum for the next raid. My crew was way too pleasant.
The rumors about the other 'Cargo Traders' were vivid. Circuit City had a line around the building, somewhat like the 'wraps' of our own galaxy. The line still existed after the 'Opening Salvos' were fired. The main 'Booty' was the large screen flat panel HDTV's for about 600 dollars instead of a thousand or more. I should have gone for that 'vessel' instead of the 'PENNEY'. Next year I intend to study the 'Charts' before the 'Voyage'.


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