Thursday, October 05, 2006

ABQ Baloon Fiesta

Not that the background acting career is to take a backseat, but the grandaughters are in the forefront at this time. On Friday, 06 oct 06, I will drive the MH to Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park. If all goes as the plan is imagined, from previous years, we will be bringing our 3 young grandaughters to spend the evening with us and getting up at '0 dark 30' to watch the many hundreds of Balloons rise into the pre-dawn sky the morning of 07 oct 06. The area we hope to park, is positioned to be in line with the first landing zone. Of course the morning breeze has to be favorable and drifting the Balloons in the right direction. That area is where the passengers that lifted off, are exchanged for another load. We run around in the LZ trying to stay out of the way, while getting as close as possible to the action. For some Meteorlogical phenomenon, this entire cycle is known as 'The Albuquerque Box' and is repeated several times during each mornings mass accension. It has to be seen to believed. If you have never been to see this spectacle, you are missing one of the 'most photographed' events ever. Kodak sponsored it for years untill the 'Digital' age came in. Times past, the total liftoff was at 'One Thousand' balloons. It has been slightly downsized over the years. The International entrees were fantastic to see. Sadly, they are fewer in the last years due to security concerns. The young'uns enjoy the show and the sleepover as an adventure. They like the staying up late, eating a pizza, the party surroundings, pancakes and hot chocolate. The 'Cinnamon Roll' is looked forward to as a special tradition. Several booths sell them, as well as every other concievable item. The wide variety of food in general is special due to the 'Fiesta' atmosphere. This year is slightly warmer than 'some' past years. The balloons fly better when the weather is cooler due to the differential in heated air in them, compared to the cool ambient air surrounding them, therefore they rise very well. The 'special shapes' are the most fun for the girls as well as all people watching. As most youngsters, they are about 'ballooned out' around noon. Their parents usually bring them back to see the final affairs at the end of the week. Their parents grew up with this spectacle every year. We plan to make this as memorable as possible. Youth does not last long. These images are not to be wasted. Come visit us this time next year. time's a wastin'.


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