Monday, September 18, 2006

RV project,wireing

No calls from the casting offices yet. My 'Character' is not in demand lately. Not to be easily depressed, I guess I will find work in the back yard finishing my projects. The RV conversion of the liftable bed works very well. The two, 45# lift, gas struts (from the local surplus store) do not hold the fully made bed up but sure make it easier. I finally got another 12 volt accessory socket installed to power the CB radio, 100 watt linear amplifier (kicker) and the charge circuit for my 1,ooo,ooo candlepower hand spotlight. I also installed a small 12v 'Chime' speaker (from the local Radio Shack, 10$) into the flasher circuit so that when I make a turn I am reminded of the turn signals being on. A small speaker on the 4 way flasher, and a little buzzer from RS on the 'Antenna up' light. I don't want to drive down the road with the TV antenna sticking up, it doesn't like the wind. Motorhomes have big dashboards with lots of carpet under them. Faint little clicks are hard to hear when rolling down the road. My age has nothing to do with it...I don't think.

The unfinished project for today is installing a deadbolt lock in the entry door. This is not as easy as you might think. The door is steel. Cutting holes in it is not so easy as wood in a 'site built' home. I still have 3 holes to go. I also installed a very low amperage draw, surplus, muffin fan in the outside compartment of the refrigerator. The purpose is to encourage the air flowing up the heat exchanger when parked in hot stagnant weather. LP powered RV refrigerators are old technology. RV fridge's are 'Reborn' as the 'Servel' gas powered, fridge of years ago, and still in use in remote areas of the world where no electricity is available. My relatives living in Chicago years ago had one. I still remember the big round coil of tubing and fins on top of it. A solar powered fan would make a little more sense but I did it this way for now. A vent mounted, 'Solar' panel from Harbor frieght will likely follow soon. I linked the wireing to the LP gas solonoid. When it is actuated the fan runs. This is supposed to help keep the freon from overheating and causing the unit to get ...shall we say warm instead of cold. I understand the British 'like' warm beer.....Not I, the colder the better. I have been an avid motorcycle rider. When the subject came up during conversations about older British motorcycles and their 'Lucas' lighting system, referred to as 'The Prince of Darkness', We always surmised that 'Lucas' built their refrigerators. North Padre Island can get warm. We have also been there when it got cold. The trip there is soon. The test will come of my additional fan..

In a previous blog or comment, I mentioned the family of turtles in the back yard. They are coming to the back door each day now as fall approaches, to fill up on catfood and papaya. The superworms are still their favorite, You know the ones people on fear factor eat. Maybe because we put papaya in with the superworms, they taste like papaya. Remember you are what you eat....


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