Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Newer MH

Well the 4,000 mile trip is over and we arrived back in ABQ all intact. The Wi-Fi proved less than totally reliable due to the number of souls using it at the same time in the marinas we camped at. Marina camping is is different than National and state park camping. The various classes of pleasure and commercial craft at the docks are my main reason, along with the characters I met there. When a desert rat such as myself gets to meet old 'Swabs', time flies. My other half was concerned about my hours long absence at times.
We did drive over to Junction City Oregon and bought a replacement Motorhome for the return trip. The newer one has many amenities to get used to. The higher torque engine and five speed Allison transmission along with the automatic 1500 Watt inverter are the most important from my perspective. Jack Lewis, and his crew are great at Guaranty RV sales. I highly recomend them for anyone buying a replacement travel home.
We returned to Newport Oregon to complete the trip. An interesting side trip to a bay north of Newport, showed us the fantastic antics of surfers using parasails for wind power. Fascinating show of endurance and control over those big kites pulling the surfers out to sea, jumping the waves with lots of 'air' beneath the surfboard and doing this repeatedly over a long time span.


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