Saturday, July 22, 2006

MH Grease Job

The day is Saturday, so no big exciting happenings other than an oil change I accomplished on the Jeep. Getting it ready for a trip in tow behind the Motorhome. It takes me longer than it used to. I have no idea why, other than the years have removed some of the 'speedy' from my crawling around under the engine and doing the grease job, changing the filter and recalling how many quarts of oil each vehicle takes. It requires a look at the book lately.
I used to have all of that memorized. I will say my priorties have changed from my younger years.
The Motorhome is much bigger but similiar in process. A lot more grease fittings. the Jeep has only two, one at the top of each steering knuckle. The thirty-five foot class A Motorhome has a total of 13, if you include each of the three seperate linked drive shafts and their 4 universal joints. It is a long 'creeper' ride from the front to the back under the framework. You get to take a rest while locating each fitting.
The motorhome had a vibration when new and dealers could not find it. I finally found a universal joint that was bolted in place, off center enough to cause it. I loosened it and banged it back to center and all has been great ever since. The dealerships also do not have a 'fitting' to fit the hard to access, grease nipples, so it never got grease for the first 10,000 miles, other than the factory installed grease. I also addressed that problem right away, I made my own.
It has about 44,000 miles now. It sees a lot of this great nation. It will see some more soon. the price of gas is worth it in exchange for the adventure. The citizens of the USA pay less than most any country in the world, especially when you take into consideration our earnings compared to theirs. Look it up on or any of the other gas sites if you don't believe it.
Remember 'they' sell and price their gas in litres. Roughly 3.8 litres per gallon, all men should know this, it is printed on the Urinals in men's restrooms in the USA. Most of the other nations have exhorbitant taxes to allow only the very wealthy to drive. That keeps us lowlife at home or on buses in those countries. Enjoy life in this wonderful USA, it's a little pricey but worth every dollar..


Blogger blogengeezer said...

29 July 06. Yesterday I bought a new toilet from Camping World for the MH. After driving for 20 miles due to taking a wrong turn onto the freeway, I was able to make it back to the dealership. No turning around in the Media strip you know. The new toilet was bigger and taller, therefore more comfortable. My wife really likes that feature. I had to turn it at an angle to install it due to the bolt pattern being changed from 4 bolt to 2 bolt. It actually works out very well with more legroom and gives the bathroom more space visually. Slowly but surely we are getting prepared for our next adventure to see this great nation of ours. I have no idea why more people don't look around our own country before going to see others. It will take me a whole lifetime to see this one if I drive fast. If we stop to 'smell the roses' it takes longer.

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