Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Turtles are quite the best pet you can have in the back yard, according to my wife of 38 years. Turtles only come to the backdoor to eat the food (canned catfood with a shot of cod liver oil) as well as a couple of Superworms (like the ones 'people' eat on Fear Factor) Papiya and Apricots, when the snail supply gets scarce.
You do not have a monthly Vet bill. No one in the neighborhood needs know that you have an unregisterd pet. They do not kill the neighbors cat. (Some neighbors get a little upset at that sort of pet).
They do not 'bark' at night (at least not that I can hear), We can go on vacation without leaving them in someones care. They are not destructive. Turtles mate pretty quietly. No loud carrying on like other species. (Cats)
A few turtles we have, respond to my wife calling them, That is fact, I have seen it from time to time. They also look at you when the food given them is gone, as if to say 'More'?
The Superworms give a fair amount of fight, that seems to excite the turtles, carnivores/omnivores, that they are. 'Prehistoric', is the look they have.
Now isn't that fun to save something 'Prehistoric' in your own (Jurasic Park) back yard?


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Hi Ernie,

Did the Duke City Shoot out....was in the western one.

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