Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Call for 'Wildfire'

Aha! The phone just rang and the 'Casting call' just came in for me to be in the TV series 'Wildfire'...One day only, so far, but thats allright. I'll take it for now. I will be in the 'California Horse Auction' scene as a background Extra. I will be dressed in a suit or upscale casual. I need to bring three different wardrobes to be picked from.
Now that is what we 'Extras' look forward to. Hearing the phone ring and being asked if we are available to be in a film. I like the sound of my 'Characters appearance' already. I like horses anyway having owned a few, years ago. I did attend the auction's a few times myself. The same casting director that I worked with on 'Wild Hogs' called me for this. Now isn't that the greatest feeling. Being remembered by anyone is good, but to be remembered out of many other applicants is really a good feeling...Thank you 'D'


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