Friday, July 21, 2006

Duke City Shootout

Today started at 2 am when I woke up to a revelation from my first years of life. I started a blog but lost it due to not being fully awake. I recieved a notice of another casting call from my friend (first Lady of the day) during Comanche Moon. We met at the 'Satelite Cafe' on central to exchange Resumes with one of the casting people for the Duke City Shootout, the 48 hour filming to be done this weekend. Of course we mildly inflated our lifes (this years) work in the industry. Now what would you call a resume like that? 'Dreamworks'? No, that is a real production company..I may have to think about this a little longer, enough to get some more film experience. Of course then I will be worth more... and will then be too expensive...Then I will not be able to find work...Just what we need, another out of work actor. Maybe I will stick to just having fun and enjoying this film stuff..Whadda Ya Thank?


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