Tuesday, July 25, 2006

'Wildfire' set, with 'Dana Hee'

Tuesday came fast this week due to the casting call for the made for TV third season series 'Wildfire' that I received from 'D'... She really showed up and I got to meet her. She is prettier in person than even on the phone. (thank you 'D' as well as your very competant and helpful associates) Now this was a fun day. The waiting, for time on the set was a little long , but the afternoon camera time was worth every hour of wait. Only about 6 or 8 people got bit by the ants that we shared the floor with. A little powder fixed the problem quickly. The ants went to bed early on this day. The 'holding' tent was then ant free.
A lot of friends from previous films were present. Oom-Pa-Pa Mau-Mau was there. As a matter of fact I turned in the wrong road and she honked her horn to get me to follow her to the correct road...Isn't she sweet? She was sitting next to the Auctioneer, as his very attractive assistant. Several of the people from Comanche Moon, Wild Hogs, and even Bierfest II were there. During the filming of Comanche Moon, 'Curly' killed an Indian several times after he was dead, we joked about it while we had a reunion of sorts under the big old cottonwood near the extras holding tent, at Algodones NM North of Bernalillo. The Horse farm was real and had grass with a small amount of mud instead of blowing dirt. Now that is even better. We got to stay clean.
I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a very beautiful, tall, blond, young school teacher that lived in Gallup for a couple of years. She decided to try the acting business for a change of pace. She will do just fine. She seemed to like the 'trade' and will probably become famous some day. Look for her at the auction ring next to a tall dashing young man, wealthy young Patrons no doubt. I wish you well my young friend and hope to see you again on many more future film sets.

Now for the treat of the day. If you Google 'Dana Hee' you will find another beautiful young fiery redhead actress, stunt woman extraordiaire'. I had the once in a lifetime priviledge of being alongside her during one of her stunts. During the 'Wildfire' Auction scene, Dana reached out to touch the beautiful talented black horse named 'Taz' as it pranced past us. She was accordingly, 'quite tipsy' as the old films described it. She flawlessly executed a dramatic tumble into the path of the passing black horse. She did this many times to get everything exactly correct for this 'incident' She is a professional through and through. It was my extreme pleasure to have worked with you 'Dana', Have a great and wonderful career. I sense that you already enjoy life to the fullest. Keep it up, you are a doll.
The black horse can do a lot of tricks and seems to really enjoy the performing. He even reared up and tapped his hoof on the table of the arena Patrons, sending all running. Again, that was done several times to perfect the image for the camera. Watch for the scene when Dana's action sets off the chain of events causing the Stars to put on a great performance trying to calm the horse. (actually the horse even has a double) The announcer was repeating "Mr Ritter, please control your horse". Matt Ritter as well as Pablo, Charlotte and John sipping his wine and remaining calm, "ride 'em Cowboy" was his line, are all involved in this scene. The other background actors ran and did the fine acting that followed. Cameron Diaz was present as well. Another Honor. I was priviledged to observe all of this action while being with the 'Perp' Dana. The day ended all to soon. I look forward to seeing all of my new friends on another film set some time...Now honestly, isn't this business fun?


Blogger camiam said...

Ernie it was a pleasure visiting with you on the Wildfire set. If not for the ants biting our toes we could have visited all day inside of that tent. It was my first time doing extra work and I felt welcomed by regular experts such as yourself and Curly. Hope to see you again soon.

7:53 PM  
Blogger blogengeezer said...

This posted Blog will be the last one untill September due to another project. If all works out I may possibly get to squeak in a couple more in August. Keep checking once aweek or so. No promises but it is possible. Thank you so much for your comment 'Camiam'. I really enjoy this stuff and truly want to get back to it as soon as I can. If this project works, the blog should be interesting. One more thing about us being 'Experts' Hah, we are all petty amateurs compared to stunt woman 'Dana Hee'. That horse isn't too shabby either. Of course he had a stunt double that did the tricks. All actors except for a few old timers had them. John Wayne had Yakima Knute. John Travolta's is just the right personality for his stunt double. I had the pleasure of meeting both of them on two different occasions, now isn't that a coincidence? I very much look forward to my return and the pleasure of seeing you again on a set, stay in touch.
Thursday 27 July 06

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