Monday, July 24, 2006

'Ray Tracer' to 'Raster'

Well today is Monday about 5 AM. Walking the two miles round trip to the nearest Mc Don's is on 'My Agenda'. (more about that later) Their new coffee is really good and a lot more reasonable than Starbucks. Mc Don's is 50 cents for seniors. They open at 6 AM so no rush. I can do the mile in about 10 minutes. Obviously no speed record. The Dawn comes a little latter each morning now as the days shorten on the morning end. A grocery store opens in the area at 6 AM as well. The Magazine rack has a few new publications to peruse while sipping my coffee. A man from Singapore gets torqued at my 'reading without buying' method. I do buy when I find a good issue like the Scientific American has at times.
It seems each publication no matter what it is, has an ..'Agenda' ..We all do of course. Now the thing that is difficult is to sort out the ones that agree with your own. We shall call them ..'Us'..the ones that do not agree with our own we shall call ..They'.. Sometimes refered to as ''They Say'', said with a disgusted look on our faces. What is your 'Agenda' ? I for one, have changed my 'Agenda' several times in my life depending on my Faith, beliefs and observations of the world. The influence for change is aquired by reading the facts woven into the 'Agendas' of others. None of us can know with any surety, what is correct to do at any given time. All we can do is draw on our lifes experience and History, which has documented the experience of others.
Some people paid dearly to make their mark in 'History'. Others have gained fame and notoriety in History by doing something that paid off in the long run against all odds. Abraham Lincoln ......'was' .....the most hated President in History...Enough said?
Only 'History' will tell. I am talking about long term, not the next few years. I am not even sure hundreds will do. Some things do not change for hundreds of years.
The Technology field is the only one I am aware of, that changes every few months. The film industry is slowly changing from 'Film' to digital. The new availability of massive amounts of memory and the speed of processors is bringing about this change. The older 'Raster' technology is being replaced by 'Ray Tracer'. The extremely prosperous video gaming industry is the driving force behind it. Better and better graphics is the result, as any 'Gamer' can tell you, (if they want to).
We will be better served in the airline industry by the availability of cockpit terrain videos that are true 3 D images of the mountains surrounding the ends of the runways. The pilots will see in real time a terrain that looks clear and real, even in total darkness or fog and storms. Some pilots in the past paid dearly for not knowing what ly ahead during takeoff and landing. Gulfstream is one of the manufacturers that is placing some of this new technology in front of their pilots. John Travolta owns a Gulfstream. (trivia) The possibilities are endless for this newest of imagery. The medical field will be totaly revolutionized. The doctors will be able to see inside without cutting open and looking around at the exposed parts. Star Trek is happening Doc!


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29 July 06. Another bit of trivia is in order. As some people know ABQ is the home of The Eclipse business jet. It just was certified for flight and sale. The price started at below one million dollars which makes it the cheapest in that category of twin engine aircraft. The new current price is 1.3 million, still the lowest price for that type plane. Through a frind employed at the manufacturing facility, we have found out that John Travolta is one of the original order placers. The new design uses fewer rivets than the other planes. The technology is called spin or friction welding. The aluminum skin is fabricated much faster and at a lower cost by doing it this way. stronger and lighter than rivets and more reliable, it shows promise for the future manufacture of many things. It has been used in plastics for years. Packaging straps on shipping containers have used this for a long time. I maintained the machines that did this. Handling equipment for bundles of cash from the bank vaults were the friction strapping units I maintained. As well as counterfit detection and cash, coin, check and card processing equipment in the southwestern USA. Mostly the financial industry but transitioning to the medical and Gaming industry as required. Technology is moving faster and faster ahead exponentially. Isn't life exciting and full of promise. The decision to keep up or fall behind. It's one of lifes many important choices.

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