Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yellowstone Park

Well this may work. The trip is going well. We are in Coeur d' alene Idaho at the Blackwell Island RV Resort on the wireless system. This is a great scenery rich environment. The lake itself is the centerpiece. These college students have a great ambience to surround them while studying and doing whatever students do. We have been on the trail for about a week now. Gas is at 2.88 here but was over 3.00 in Montana. The comfort food in Montana made it worthwhile though.
I got a call from Wildfire casting while traveling through Montana. I had to tell them I was not available. I did that with much remorse. Wildfire is a fun set to work. Maybe they will still need some 'Extra' work after my return.
Yellowstone is still there and just as intrigueing. Wife got soaked by a geyser that went off about three hours late and the spray got caught by the wind. It is a bigger spectacle than Old Faithful. By the way in unrelated happenings, did you know the Great Salt Lake is partitioned off from a very large body of fresh water known as Willard Bay? It is an engineering marvel and a recreation destination for many. It is held in place by a 6 mile dam across the eastern shore. Water skiing and fishing for 'Wiper' as well as Striper bass. A Wiper is a hybrid for that lake. A cross from the wide mouth and striper. Big and tasty they say with lots of fight.
Targhee National Forest is just west of the west gate of Yellowstone by about 28 miles. When we pulled in for our campsite a moose cow with two young calves walked in front of us. They called back and forth during the time we stayed. We got to drive around in the park for about 6 hours and saw lots of hot water being wasted on us tourists. A dozen Elk, one lonesome bison, were the extent of animal life on that day. During the cold weather the last time we were there, lots of different herds were seen close to the road. Snow was the difference due to the time of year being October that time.
tomorrow we head west again for the next horizon special to come into view. Adios till next blog. I hope you all get choice camera time while I'm gone.


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