Friday, August 18, 2006

Pacific Coast HWY 101

Still traveling and enjoying this great nation. We are parked with the front of the MH overlooking the bay at Brighton Marina. Wireless is operating. We had fresh caught live crab and steamers for last evenings meal. We are now spoiled forever. Nothing will ever compare to that flavor. Today we traveled back up the coast in the Jeep to a few small villages. Why any one would leave this country to see elsewhere in the world is beyond me. We have it all right here. These beaches are a sight to see from the tops of the cliffs or from the shoreline, every curve in the hiway 101 is 'super scope' to the max.
The fact we were shut out of travel from Anacortes Washington (named for 'Cortez' wife Anna), to Victoria British Columbia by the terrorist plot, was a blessing in disguise. We had no passports or birth certificates, so they said it would be a problem from now on. Oh well some problems are good in the end results.
I hear that Beerfest cast has a party going on. I am sorry to miss out.. Enjoy it all of you lucky people. My son works in Wisconsin and all of his friends are raving about Beerfest and the fact his Geezer Dad is in it somewhere doing the chicken dance! I am right behind and to the left of the chicken..(I hope)
This coast trip is a real treat. We stay at National and State Parks all along the way if possible. Sometimes Marinas work out. This little one is great. The ocean is relatively calm at this time of year. The Maritime Museum at Astoria Oregon shows films and has live transcripts of past rescues playing out. It is really a good one. The Coast Guard is busy at the mouth of the Columbia due to the outflowing river and the incoming tide causing a river 'bar' second to none. Thousands of ships have met their demise there. It is known as the Graveyard of the Pacific for that reason. After seeing the storys about the river pilots having to leap from boat to ship during storms to bring in the ships, I have great respect for those people.
The parks, excellent in layout, are at the oceans edge on prime real estate. The roar of the surf is ever present and lulls me to sleep. During our last visit three years ago, the waves were at heights that exceeded 45 feet on the bar. Wild scenes were played out including a large fishing boat of over 90 feet being put on top of the 'Chetco' river Jetty, by a massive wave. The Captain reversed power and pulled it off just in time or it would have been sunk right in the harbor. I still have the photo of that from the Chetco news paper. This coast is volcanic Lava rock that flowed here from near the Idaho border (long ago of course). The big Seamounts called 'Haystacks' are all along this area and are remnants of the ancient coastline. Oregon is not lacking in tourist sights. I even aquired a very large heavy old compass at an antique store. always needed one of those. Now I can really know what direction my life is taking me.


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