Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hwy 101 sights

"Crikey", I am thinking about Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter extradinaire. He did go out at the 'top of his Game' doing what he loved to do, as they say. We should all be so lucky. What a fantastic performer he was. I can't think of a replacement for him in the future.
Some performers are like that. The late great Glen Ford was one of them on screen as well as many others from the days of the 'Silver Screen'. Makes me want to watch old 'Fliks'.
Gasoline is still falling due to that old free market force of 'supply exceeding demand'. Friends just got back from Kansas and Oklahoma where they saw prices below 2.30 a gallon.
The Media always blamed someone when the prices were going up but they just can not give anyone credit when they start to come down.
Isn't that a common human trait? To admit that would discredit their 'All knowing' aura of the only source of true knowledge.
I did not call any casting offices today due to it being Saturday. Days seem to get blurred when traveling. Have you ever seen the clocks that have the day of the week instead of the hours and minutes? That is what I need from time to time.
One of the interesting things we watched on the coast of Oregon above Newport, was the performance put on by three guys on surfboards, being driven by big flying parasails, they controlled with two lines. Fast is putting it mildly. Endurance is necessary as well. Surfboarding takes skill. flying a parasail takes skill. Now combine them and do it for an hour endlessly out over a mile or so into the offshore fog, leaping through the waves and back in toward, but not touching, shore. Getting 'Big Air' over each curling wave crest.
Not all people are created equal. Some are definetly more 'equal' than others. Oh well maybe in another life.
The Harleys were running all up and down that 101 hiway along the coast. What a motorcycle drive to be enjoyed. 'Rice Burners' were also cruising the route, but not in the shear numbers as the 'all American' 'HOG'. They rode in groups of dozens or pairs or singles, They pulled tent trailers, had big pack racks or just carried only the neccesities.
There was something for everyones taste on that hiway.
A trip along the coast is recommended most surely. Don't rush it. Do it at a slow schedule, even if you have to do only a small part at a time. The 101 hiway is also a bicyclist's dream as well. I talked to a man in his forties that just decided to do it before he got 'too old', however 'old' that is.
A lot of people are from other countries, and have come a long distance for the experience of a lifetime. The little cafes along the route are a collage of nationalities. Some of the serious riders are dressed in the special clothing you will only see in magazines. Everything from Jeans to leathers to exotic new Kevlar padded racing suits. What a nation we own.
The world really loves to visit us and see all of the different mix of mountains, Oceans, Plains, swamps, forests, massive canyons, valleys, deserts, lakes, and whatever the earths fascinating, awe inspiring, features we are blessed with. The United States of America. We live in the greatest country the world has ever seen or known. Enjoy it while you can. Do not put it off until it's too late..


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