Thursday, September 07, 2006

Port to Starboard

Well we finally made it back to ABQ NM. While we were away, the house outside faucet, leaked into the bedroom where rugs are not supposed to be wet. After working untill 12:30 Dark time, and sucking up a few gallons of water and turning on a fan to dry it fully, we are almost back to normal. I Changed the oil and filter and greased the new MH in preperation for the trip to North Padre Island later. Sounds like we like water doesn't it? The MH is getting a nautical decor. A ships wheel instead of a steering wheel, at least in appearance, a light house on the dash along with a Pelican on a post and big old brass telescope looking out over the ocean. I still need Port and Starboard running lights, is that legal? A bit of trivia...'Port' came from the left side of old Dutch freight carrying sail craft, pulling up to the dock (Port) with the left side because the right side had the rudder oar mounted there. It was called the 'Steer Board'. Saying that in Dutch and translated to English, sounded like 'Starboard'. How many people know that little fact? Isn't the internet fun?
Now the trip back from the 'Left' Coast was an adventure in mountain pass driving. I think we crossed at least 40 of them on the highway from Brookings Harbor Oregon, to Grand junction Colorado. That highway across Nevada and Utah

has the name of the 'Lonliest Highway in America'. We were happy to drive it one time because it is so awe inspiring. I cannot describe the panorama views using mere words. It has to be driven to be appreciated, but not more than once in a 35 foot MH. First gear was used a lot, up as well as down the 7,000 foot passes. The road from Grand Junction Colorado to Cortez Colorado is fascinating and has many historical sites including the water flume hanging on the wall of a canyon for the last hundred years. (and not to be driven again in the MH). The Colorado highway dept needs some lessons from other western states in highway maintance. The scenery is second to none on the entire trip across 4,000 miles of western USA. I woulld not trade our country for any other no matter what it's minor faults are magnified to be.


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