Friday, September 08, 2006

Nano Technology

Today The agenda was to fill the tank on the MH for the next trip to the south. Fuel is priced at 2.47 so not bad as gasoline goes today. I used a lot of soap to get the busted bugs off the big front end. Did you know that a type of bee harvests the dead carcasses of bugs that are smashed on the grill? They did not like me to wash them off. After cleaning, I had to give it a quick wax job with my favorite Eagle One Nanowax. It is a fast liquid spray in a dark blue bottle. It lasts as long as any other waxes I have used and is a lot easier and faster. Nano technology is not new but is just now being exploited. A Nano is the size of one billionth of a meter. Small particles go into the surface to give a great long lasting shine. Check out the website for the company.
The university in Euclair Wisconsin is setting up a special education facility for advanced education in Nanotechnology, I have heard. This could revolutionize medical procedures as well as many other future operations tomorrow.
Tomorrow by the way is when I intend to contact the casting offices to find a background acting part. I have missed the roll as Film Extra since being on the road for the last 5 weeks. I hope something is happening in ABQ that needs my character to be seen. Some of the other background people I work with have been busy. Now that is what Keeps us driven. I wish all of you well and hope you had a great holiday. Now 'Get back to work ye sluggards' or 'Twill be the Lash fer Ye', "Keel Haulin will be too good fer Ye'


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