Thursday, September 14, 2006

Newest Grandaughter

Last night my youngest son called to inform me that we were the proud grandparents of another grandaughter. She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and is the most beautiful latest grand child in the whole world (what else did you expect?) We now have five and they are all girls? Funny because all three of our kids are boys. They live in the midwest so she will have to learn how to dress warm in winter and cool in summer. She will have to learn about mosquitos. Her two year old sister was asked if she wanted to talk to the new baby. She said no, but do you want to hear 'me' whistle? I guess she is feeling as if her castle and servants are going to be shared now. Life will never be the same for her. Being an only child is like being in Paradise I guess.
The day was spent doing everything but what needs to be done. The new MH is slowly getting all of it's upgrades installed. The technician is slow and old, forgets where he puts things, bloodys his fingers, drops his tools, but does good work, and is real cheap. The reserve water expansion tank worked just as I expected, and only had a small fitting leak which I fixed quickly. (well, slowly) The alarm light is installed and the new Bilstein shock absorbers are ordered. Four days from now I will crawl around under the 'Belly of the Beast' (it really likes it) and wrench off the others (skinned knuckles?) and install the Bilsteins. Maybe the Beast will calm down to acceptable levels of great leaping bounds when it encounters wavvy sections of highway. The previous owner installed aftermarket airbags but that seems to make it a bit more bouncy. Bilsteins are the latest and greatest. (I hope) The internet is filled with good suggestions. (and bad) Phone calls to the dealers seem to help somewhat.
Yesterday we brought home a Pentax mini-digital-camera-video blah-blah-blah. My wife, who tries to read about and figure out anything, gave up on the user friendlyness of this little one. It goes back to the store tomorrow. The new Verizon phone was whipped by her in no time, one or two days. The camera? not so easily. Oh well we have not the time to watch life over again after we have lived it once. The cabinet is filled with old VHS and 8mm tapes we recorded years ago. No one seems to want to watch them.
'Well Duh! Soon the machine that is needed to view that stuff, will no longer exist. Just live life this time around and enjoy it to the fullest...AMEN.


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