Friday, September 15, 2006

Kathy Brink's workshop

Now that the time is right for seeking re-employment in the career I have chosen lately, I called the casting directors to inform them of my availability for some 'background work. I am sure they were enthralled at the news that I have returned to 'Tamalewood". Now the waiting begins anew. In the meantime I called for a reservation to attend a workshop presented by the very attractive, famous and talented Casting Director, 'Kathy Brink'. At the workshop, we will be taught the basics in stage presentation. I will recieve a script two days before the workshop date. I will rehearse my part to the best of my abilities in that two days, which is a normal time frame for such work. We will then be placed in front of the camera to portray the individual we have rehearsed to be. At least that is the way I picture it happening, after my conversation with Kathy. I am taking this newfound career to the next level with this workshop. Sometimes we have to challenge ouselves to improve our mind and relieve our boredom...Oh yeah, like I'm bored.

The latest DIY in the Motorhome owners schedule, is to remove the bed frame lid, and line the machinery, (bedroom slideout), covered bottom with a Luan 1/4" thick panel covered with a light grade of felt. Now we have a place to store winter blankets and little used other light weight items. The lid was screwed in place but did have a piano hinge at the head end. Now the only items missing and to be installed, are the two 'Gas Struts' to assist in lifting the lid with the entire mattress and bedding in place. The next trip, to North Padre Island should be comfortable. I still would like to install Solar Collecters to maintain the 'coach' batteries during sunlight, so I do not have to run the generator as much. We park on a paved area at the North Padre Island National Seashore. There are no hookup facilities, so we must be totally self sufficient. Some people even park on the sand beach right at the seashore. We did that for two nights. The tide is slightly unpredictable, so the water, yearning for a taste of rubber, lapped at our tires. I preferred not to encounter that again, so we use the paved, elevated, area to preserve our coach for future trips. Preferable to letting the sea claim it as a prize to be photographed and shown on the front page of the Corpus Christi Newspaper. Emblazoned with the caption...Jackass...


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