Wednesday, September 20, 2006

3:10 To Yuma

Now today is a great day. The website tells of a casting call to be the most wonderful of late. Starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale no less. Cast of over 1,500, Extras a'plenty no doubt... "3:10 TO YUMA"..The 24th of September 'Casting Call' is going to have to take precedence over the 'Workshop' I had planned to attend. I did leave Kathy a message cancelling, as soon as I was aware of this excellent opportunity to work in our NM 'Filming Industry' again. I really like westerns and that is what this is going to be. Maybe. The building of 'The Transcontinental Railroad' no less, is the story line. Ah, I can see it now...A Cast of Thousands, like C.B. Demille was fond of saying. Maybe I should re-read the site. My imagination gets the best of me at times. I really have no idea what the end result wiil be. Beerfest was one of them. As a background actor, the final showing looks so much different than what we see during filming. My anticipation of the Casting Call is going to keep me awake nights until Sunday. My plan is to be at the call before , as we said in the military, "0 Dark 30", Now that 'is' early. I may need a flashlight. Even then, the call is not untill 11:00 AM
Am I dedicated to this life? "You bet your sweet Bippy" as Rowan, or was it Martin? used to say. Remember 'Laugh In' the best fun TV show of all time?, many years ago, before most of todays fast food servers were born.

Today (dollar day) my wife and I went to our annual outing of the NM State Fair. Years ago they had fun stuff like the 'Diving Mules', really, they loved to dive in the water. They got all excited because the weather was a little hot and the water was cool. Sometimes a Mule was left behind and had a fit because the others got to 'Dive'. As happens a little too often today, a group of 'Save the Mules from water diving' put a stop to it. It was, in their words "Inhumane", Gag! Now all we can do at the fair is launch those people into the air with big 'Bungees'. Hopefully some day with no 'Bungees' to bring them back down. We also ate our favorite 'Indian Taco' which is, to the unknowing in the crowd, a flour 'frybread' covered in beans, cheese, meat, red chile, onions and last but not least, lettuce. I have been told by my son, who lives in the state of Wisconsin, in the midwest, the term used for our Indian Frybread is, get this, 'Elephant Ears'. Our Indians have not seen too many elephants in the wilds of our state. That means they have no actual reference to it's ears. I could have understood calling them 'buffalo ears'.
The other sideshow was 'Wildlife Wendy's Bird Show. Birds that talk and do funny things, as seen on the Jay Leno show. The rest of the fair used to be about Agriculture and the fall Harvest. At that time of year the weather was a bit cooler than the cities residents liked, so the Fair Commission moved the date forward to stay warmer and enhance revenue. Now the harvests do not understand and the crops are not going along with the program. We are now a, more or less, city carnival. Not near as many Cowboy hats, boots, jeans, colorful shirts and livestock. Oh well, there still are big County Fairs to take care of that stuff. Too bad. State Fair, and Oklahoma are two great films from my past. They will have to do for my memory of those times.

We are getting rain often now, and that is bringing our long term drought to an end. A local Sandia Labs scientist did a 3000 year study of climate in the southwestern US. It showed that we are in a 300 year period of wetter than average. This happens only four times in the past 3000 years. So much for todays popular News theories on global climate causes. Most people only think of 'History' as pertaining to their own lifetime. The famous claim on the News..."It is 'the Worst Period of (whatever blah-blah-blah) in History, said with a glaring 'all-knowing' stare by "The Anchor" (who is nothing more than an actor or actoress). We fall for this nonsense and repeat it to everyone we meet, as if we had just attended a seminar by the top scientists 'all in agreement' (which never happens) about whatever scientific wonder they imagined. Ah the human species is so gullible.
Our sand dunes never did lose the green overgrowth that they picked up since I arrived here in the mid 60's. Hence, they are no longer real sand dunes, like the type we raced motorcycles over, back many years ago. This drought was never as intense as the earlier ones in the 30's and 50's. Maybe we will become a tropical Savanah in the future, the way things are generally headed, the forest will bring the treeline lower each ten years or so. Maybe we will also get to see more of the old Mountain Lions of years past. Ah the good old days..


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