Monday, September 25, 2006

Casting Call Line

Well the casting call went well. I'm on the roster, I made the cut, I aced the call. We start filming in late October, just in time for some cooler or cold weather to set in. I hope the wardrobe people have appropriate weather garments. The line had many of my former coworkers in it,, both Nathans included. Lots of fun people to do the background stuff with. My 'first day' lady from Comanche Moon was present. One conversation between the casting directors assistant and a beautiful young woman, well made up, with sparkling shoes and sparkling painted toenails, after looking at her perfect resume and very professional 8x10 glossy headshot, "Why do you want to be in a western"? She answered that it was something to do. He then said " We only need a couple of Prostitutes"...Next.... Now when I say blunt, I mean blunt.... My casting director assistant asked how well I ride. I told her mid level, nothing dazzling anymore. I rode bareback often when I was younger and we bought rundown starving horses from the 'Killers'. Every ride was an adventure and I envisioned myself as a rider in the old west. Ah to be in my twenties again. Back then I could ride like I meant it. During a conversation last evening with a friend from North Carolina, Ken mentioned he was in a film in 1963. Gallup NM was the site. He rode a McClellen army saddle. (the real hard one with the long hole down the center) After several days sitting that thing, he had a mega saddle sore in spite of several sets of underwear. The film starred Trevor Howard I believe. If I get a riding part I will take his experience seriously. Do they make padded Butt prosthetics? Maybe a butt falsie? How about memory foam? I just do not have a lot of natural padding back at the 'exhaust pipe'. If you have any suggestions, please comment. This film will have 1,500 people in it. The westerns of years past are seemingly returning. I may get to relive my younger years. Maybe I can master the look of Lee Van Cleef. Now that was a squinty eyed look to beat all. Clint Eastwood met his match in that look. I did save my little black cigar from Comanche Moon.

Today I removed the old front 'Wussy' shocks from the Motorhome. The new Bilsteins are awesome in comparison. Nitrogen Gas filled and 50/50 action. Now the blue and yellow color looks good as well. I also increased the front airbag pressure to 40 lbs from 20. Work like that is not easy at my young age. Ah the excitement of it though. I can just visualize the improvement. No more bounding along like an Australian Kangaroo. (Dam...I miss Steve Irwin.) The handling should be better. Thats important when driving along the narrow two lane highways while gawking at the scenery in the great Rocky Mountains of the west. The front tires bounced up off the road during the great leaps of before. Kind of like a basketball during full court press, driving in towards the net.
We have so little time before filming starts, I want it to be quality time. Texas is quality time. The Gulf is calling with it's warm balmy days and evenings in the fall. North Padre Island and Corpus Christi will be great after the Pacific Northwest and the fog. All of the USA is dazzling and an adventure. Come join us Ken, now that you have a new Motorhome, bring your wife away from her DNA work and lab stuff. times a'wastin. The whole Country is waiting. Live each day like it is your last and you will have fun, I guarantee.


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