Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Call,Horse, Party, turtles, DSL

The casting call is still in my mind. Now I have to practise mounting a horse again. It helps to be able to swing aboard with ease, especially when you tell the directors you can still ride. The knees don't function the same as a few years back. The local Santa Fe NM 'Movie Sets' of years past are showing their age as well. The film and construction crews will deal with that, as they did with the Comanche Moon set. It looked very good when they got through with it. Amazing when you think about what they are trying to project to the viewing audience. The time frame even felt historically correct to us during that 1860 Austin Texas scene. Austin did not even have a thousand residents during those days. Who would have imagined?

Today was glorious, bright sunshine with no major heat. The turtles came to the door for snacks. The cat was waiting for breakfast when I walked out for my two mile walk at 6AM. The wife had ordered cheese danish from the local bakery. I picked up that order of 8 for her brunch group. My daughter-in-law held a jewelry party at our house this morning. I left before the guests arrived. After a little browsing in my favorite stores, the time passed enough for me to return. There was some chow left over so that was lunch.

Last night we switched over to DSL. We set the system up ourselves. Only a few problems arose. Pay attention to the instructions and where the wire plugs are supposed to go. It is definetly faster but I miss some of my old easy to use features. Everything is a trade-off today. Probably always was, Just never noticed it due to faster thinking in previous years. The film clips are now worth opening. No hour long downloads. Good bye dialup. The History icon seems to have disapeared from the screen. Oh well, I'll find it another time. History is past anyway. The future is where the action is.


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