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Dealing with Companies online

The phones are not ringing to announce the desire of the casting offices for my services. My character is not in demand lately. The calls are posted on and none of those posted are my character. Oh well it is the time of 'The Beautiful People', We Geezers will have our chance some day soon, I'm sure of it.
Halloween was a blast. I dressed as my 'Old Sea Dog' character, complete with black Greek fishermans hat, black turtle necked sweater, 'drop stemmed' pipe clenched in my teeth, 40 foot length of 3/4" rope hanging strung over my shoulder, pants tucked into my black boots.
The kids loved it but were a bit intimidated by my 'growly' voice asking "AYE!..Are Ye from the 'Black Pearle'? did Captain Jack Sparrow send Ye"? "Did ye come to be strung from thee Yardarms"? "Do Ye want to be Keel Hauled"? "How many in yer crew"? As they departed I growled after them, "Have a good Voyage now Ye Heah". My beard is fitting for the scenes integrity. One kid asked "how do you talk like that? another kid pointed at another one and said "Look, at this guy, He's Jack Sparrow" Sure enough the other kid was dressed in Jack Sparrows outfit. I said to him "Ye lost a couple of feet since I last saw ye Jack", They all started talking to me at once telling me they saw both films and their reactions. They did not want to leave until the parents in the street called them. I heard a Mom, and I immediatly yelled out, "Do I heah a Wench"? I desire a Wench fer me Quarters, Me 'Black Diamond' Sails at Midnight". A roar erupted from the gaggle of parents in the street.

In the meantime I have entered into the world of dealing with companies online to resolve matters with products that have not performed as well as I thought they were represented to perform.
The first time we used our latest 2004 Holiday Rambler class A motorhome, the day/night shades did not block any of the outside light, as they are required to do. This is real important while parked overnight in the various high class (superstore) Walmart parking lots, during travel to other States Campgrounds.
The Quality of the originals were sorely lacking due to the fact they were made from fabric known as 'Pelon', (it turns to fuzz) which is not a true shade fabric.
A few e mail's later with full descriptions a'plenty from me, referring to the quality of the shades, Quickly resulted in the people at Monaco Coach, Walking up to the plate, picking up the 'Heavy' bat, driving a long home run, and sending me a complete new set of the new improved quality shades (5)for the total sum of $180 dollars. I accepted that offer, now I am waiting for them to show up at my door.
Needless to say Holiday Rambler or any Monaco products, looks like the coach to buy for our next unit. They, as is said, "Earned my Business". thank you Monaco Coach.

The next item was a top of the line, Class A full coach cover, ordered from Campers Choice in Red Bay Alabama, for $313 dollars in Oct of 2004. The cover was 'drop shipped' from Classic Accessories in Kent, Washington. For the last two years I have had numerous phone calls, many e mails and have recieved a total of three covers in exchanges from 'Classic' in Washington. Every time I called, I went into great detail about the covers being 'Mini-skirts' on my motorhome. Every call, I was assured that the next cover would fix my problem. All three were the same, way too short and did not cover the bottom 12 inches of the coach. Seemingly endless conversations (including measurements), with Classic, (Walmarts Supplier) all ended the same. finally I was informed they did make a taller version but I was never offered it in exchange. I paid for return shipping for the two previous returns. I felt exasperated to say the least.

I now have approached by e mail and phone, 'CAMPING WORLD', (the Co. that bought Campers Choice mail order division) about my total of three Classic 'mini-skirt' Class A MH covers. Quickly The 'CAMPING WORLD' folks ('AARON',a Manager in Albuquerque NM) stepped up to the plate, picked up the same 'heavy' bat and hit another Home Run. CAMPING WORLD immediatly offered me a full refund with no shipping charges, in exchange for my latest Classic 'Mini'-cover. I intend to now buy a new, top of the line, CAMPING WORLD, 'ADCO=Tyvex' cover from 'CAMPING WORLD' in Albuquerque New Mexico, to replace Classic's 'mini'. Classic taught me a lesson, I should have known better and stuck with the folks at CAMPING WORLD. They know the difference between 'winning the battle' and 'winning the War'. Thank you CAMPING WORLD. note: Holidy Rambler, Monaco Coach and CAMPING WORLD, are all owned by 'AFFINITY GROUP. I see a 'serious dedication to customer service' being their priorty. Free enterprise and competition are alive and well in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. I love this country....


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The newest cover that I got from CAMPING WORLD on Saturday was pretty close to the correct height from top to bottom. Only a couple of inches of the motor home are still hanging out. Oh well it's far better than the last three from Classic. If anyone gets one from Wallmart, be sure to measure, measure, measure. Apparently the only one to get is the tallest at 126". At least at Wallmart you can return it with little or no problem. I actually liked the Classic better than the Adco, it was easier to put on and access the compartments and doors. The white top was not quite as demse a weave as the Adco has. The Classic has a rope tie down system that I found easier to use as well as the corner zippers that make it easier to install.

Did everyone vote? I was at the polling place at 20 minutes before 7 this morning. While on my morning walk, I found myself close to the school where it is located. Minor waiting for that time in the morning. My wife went at 10 AM and found no line at all. SWEET...49% of the people in the USA will not be happy tomorrow morning. Thats the way a civil War is fought in a Democracy. Sure beats the rest of the worlds civil wars. Whatever the outcome, it is exactly what we deserve. No more no less. Blogengeezer 08 Nov 06

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