Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wildfire @NMST. Fairgrounds

While motorhoming through Abilene, returning from the Texas Gulf Coast, driven out by the Red Tide, I got a 'Call' from Anthony for a background job at the set of the popular, made for TV series 'Wildfire', now in it's third season. I have not worked on the 'Wildfire' set since the 'Auction' scene in Algodones. On this day I arrived before 5 am, call time was 5:30 am. After a nice breakfast buffet, then being walked to the set, we were watching the racing horses we bought, from the grandstand. I was in the area of 'The Davis Racing Farm', Box. It was a great position right behind "Pablo", one of the stars. At least we were inside and watched the sun rise over the mountains through the huge glass enclosed grandstand. My first 'Wife' of the day was "Lynda". She mentioned that, "The entire scene we were part of, in the pre-dawn minutes, were a 'Memory' to be savored for all time". How poetic... The 'Davis Racing Farm' is 'well off' financially, so we were part of the wealthly crowd. I liked that concept.
After working that scene for a few hours, a select group of us were chosen to take part in the 'Winners Circle' scene. That is where I met two very beautiful 'Patrons'. Heather, a beautiful brunette and Jill a stunning platinum blonde from Wisconsin and of Norway ancestry. My 1st wife of the morning was nowhere to be found. I suspect she was having an 'Affair' with our 'Trainer'. While standing in position at the rail I happened to strike up an aquaintance with the talented 'Alicia Williams'. 'Alicia' does the 'Website' for "Wagon Train', starring "Robert Horton", as well as 'his' website. She is one busy lady, and fun to work with as well. Alicia said Robert Horton is physically fit and working out at 82 years of age. Wagon Train was a classic TV Western of the 50's and 60's. Now those were super prime time family shows, that took on many issues for the day. Alicia made it through our scenes without losing one of her nice leather gloves. That alone is remarkable talent.
After a nice lunch break we were called upon to gather around the horse arena. For this deep background scene I had another 'Wife'. The tall attractive "PJ" (Paula Jean) who actually used to work at this track as a groom and workout rider. We had another very attractive friend 'Gena' (Regina). Her husband greeted us warmly and we parted company to walk a couple of stalls to see a horse. It took us an hour or so to get it just right with the timing of the horses being walked around the arena.
While waiting for set changes, the time was spent inside the betting ticket area. There and in 'Extras Holding', We renewed old friendships. The ever-vibrant "Elvira" was there with her friend "Petra" from Germany. Petra has worked in our little industry for a couple of years while only being in The USA for 5 years. She worked in many films such as 'Employee of the Month', 'Wild Hogs' and many others.
The last scenes of the day, were in the arena parking area. Those of us with later model cars were paid ten dollars to park our cars in the scene. At last my first wife of the day and I, were together again. Walking happily hand in hand toward the arena as "Micah" one of the stars came toward us. That took about 4 'resets' to perfect. Lynda was in great form after just returning from her affair. She had a certain 'spring' in her step...We were finishing the pass and final shoot, Micah was returning to his old Mustang to discover a flat tire which enraged him to no end. The tire iron was to be thrown but our cars were in the path so it didn't play out in that fashion. After several takes of that scene it was time to end our fun at the NM State Fairground Race Track. Driving home at dusk, was a time to think over the long days fun...What a great career to have in retirement. What a fun country to live in. Every day is a Gift. Enjoy each and every one.


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