Sunday, October 29, 2006

Small DIY remodel

While waiting for the next 'Casting Call' I have to keep my wife happy. She has been looking at the same bathroom mirror for about 33 years. Finally she mentioned the fact she was beginning to dislike it. I also dislike it for what it has done to my reflection. We made a couple of trips to the local home improvement stores. After looking at the various models, we settled on one from Lowe's we both approved of. It was of the type with three fully mirrored doors and four internal shelves for storing the items kept on hand (but seldom used). After removing four mirror screws and the old light fixture, it was time to lift the heavy new unit into place. Failure at that caused me to screw two support screws in the lower part of the wall to rest the unit on, while my wife drilled in one top mounting screw. Yep, that held it in place enough to fasten the rest of the screws. Then after using double sided sticky tape, I fastened beveled mirror tiles, to cover the ugly, holed and unpainted wall, that was exposed after the old fixture was removed. I picked out a modern, free flowing rod, track light fixture with four little high intensity, focusable track lights. While attempting to adjust one of them, I touched my finger to the bulb...bad touch, burned a blister on my thumb. Now I touch anything and the blister puts a ball on it. Luckily I recalled a trick from some 'tip' journal, about immediatly holding ice against it for an hour or so. That was a good tip, no pain today or last night. I still look no better in the new mirror than the old one but my wife is happier.


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