Friday, November 17, 2006

Family party and a 'Call'

Ah, finally a casting 'Call'. Check out my 'new link' in the right sidebar, 'NM Film'. In the 'Locals' category, you will find the latest casting call is for a film working with none other than... 'Steven Segal'. Now doesn't that sound like fun? I will be at the Embasy Suites before 10:00 am on Sunday. It sounds like many background 'Extras' are needed. A friend 'background Extra' gave me a heads up on this one. Thank you my friend.

I have been busy inserting links in my format template. It's about time. The program I hand typed in, was not paragraphing properly. I then placed an 'em' to my contact on the east coast. Her brilliant young son, is an international computer 'Guru' of the '10th power'. He immediatly diagnosed the problem from the relay of my description. I needed paragraph tags, in my program. Of course the 'Blogengeezer' could have eventually figured it out...If I lived to about 101. Now everything is in a ..."Nice Orderly Military Fashion"... (Clint Eastwood, Heartbreak Ridge). To show my extreme gratitude I gave their company a glorious 'link'. Be sure to check out ..'The St. Petersburg Collection'... Fascinating stuff, I own a few of their finely detailed miniatures (their little eyes look at you as if they are actual living creatures). I also own both of their outstanding full color, glossy, Publications. The two books, latest of which, ("Grasshopper", Remember the tv series 'Kung Fu'?)'Guru' traveled from his job in Japan, to China, to oversee. The Chinese hotel desk clerk slipped him some of those wonderful 'North Korean', (USA counterfit currency) 'Super notes' in currency. 'Now' Grasshopper is very aware of Chinese hospitality. He really loves working in Japan. "Ahh-So!, 'Grasshopper' Guru". Most of his past travels have been to Russia to keep on top of the family business of 'Miniatures'. A Lot of his time is spent on the US side of the oceans, doing miniature military 'Soldier Shows'. He also has a 'real' job on top of it all, and is going back to College soon. His father is also the Historian and CEO. The 'Mom' holds down the 'Fort' in the office. This is one, only one, of thousands of stories of business success available to everyone in our Great Nation, the United States of America. When you Vote for our nations leaders, be sure you do not ever 'Destroy' this very unique, free enterprise, system in the USA. It pays the dollar price of 'Your' Freedom. Our highly intelligent, 'always amazing', dedicated and professional troops, pay the 'Sweat and Blood' price.

A 10th birthday of one of our five wonderful grandaughters was celebrated at our home last night. Only the three local cousins and we, 'the grandparents as well as one Great grand parent', attended. A festive table was set with my wifes finest tableware. Sparkling cider was poured, always popular, Spaghetti was served. The girls made their own banana splits. I never knew they could make them that big. The girls keep their three, special, American Girl dolls at our home. This gives them a special option for their time with us. They spread their sleeping bags on the floor of the den, then played with the dolls, watched DVD's, then again played with their dolls, and watched DVD's, until the wee hours. This morning after watching a video of the actual birth of the latest of the two, Wisconsin cousins, (one of todays marvels) we all went to the neighborhood Mc Donalds for breakfast complete with the three girls climbing around in the tubes. We all take this for granted 'as always available'. Please remember that they grow up rapidly, so never, ever, take these times for granted. They will be only mere memories in a lightning flash of time.


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The Embasy Suites on Lomas and I-25 was the scene of the 'Casting call' 19 nov 06, for 'Once upon a time in the Hood' with Steven Segal. Evryone was excited. Many old friends from other films were present of course. Nathan, tom, another Nathan, Judi, Curly. Darlene, Anthony and Robert were doing the casting. We all chatted and 'rumored' about 'rumors', discussed our latest parts and how well we did in them. 'Rumored' some more, then left to get back to the real world. See you all on set! blogengeezer

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