Friday, November 10, 2006

Motorhome stuff

A search of a series of interesting rolls in the NM film industry. ranging from war survivors to immigrants and even a radio show. None of them fit my characters description. The 'Geezer' will have to fall back on his pastime of fixing up the motor home for it's next adventure.

The 'shades' that were promised to me by Monaco Coach, (see previous 'blog post from 11-03) arrived on Tuesday. Inspection revealed they were much improved over the originals, as I was told by the nice people at Monaco. After a learning curve of about two hours to get the first shade replaced, I found a pattern of procedures that seemed to do the job.
The easiest way to do the replacement, was to remove the screws retaining the valence frame. Usually about four to five screws that were accessed by contorting the upper body into a stance like a person in intense pain. Cramps followed the position needed to see the top screws under the top overhang. The sofa and dinette helped to cushion the knees.
The entire first frame fell out of it's place on to my head, when I removed the last screw...DUH. The following frames were supported by a stick until I let them down. Much smarter than the 'fall down' method.
With the frame laying on the table, the removal of the shade was much easier. The new replacement was screwed into place and tied to hold it from flopping all over. Now the entire valence frame was lifted and proped in place by the stick. The lower, easiest screws were installed first, followed by the 'contortionist accessable' screws up under the valence. Repeat that procedure five times and the day/night shades are all in place.
The difference is like...well, day/night. Now we can sleep till dawn without the glare of the big parking lot lights of the 24 hr super Wallmarts. We really only use that as an evening stopping and shopping point as we are travelling to far more exotic destinations.

At one Wallmart in Grants Pass Oregon the drug dealers were so busy it gave us an opportunity to watch that lifestyle from our motorhome. The sad thing was the family (they all lived in their big loaded down car) used the kids to do the transactions. (minor legal infraction for the kids) What a sorry pastime for our nation to go through.
The first signs of this becoming a lifestyle for some folks in our nation, was in the 60's as some (adults?) were touting the benefits of this 'so called' mind expanding, stimulating chemical lifestyle. I saw it as a future blight on our entire society, and I was young. Oh well history has it's own way of remedy for every problem man can conceive.
The days are bright and sunny with the temperatures in the high forties at night and the high seventies during the day, here in the sunshine city of albuquerque New Mexico.
The autumn colors are still bright because the wind has not blown away all of the leaves ...yet. The paper says that seniors are coming here to live because the prices for homes are lower than other parts of the nation with similiar weather.
We really do have four seasons and even more if you want to drive up to the mountains which are just a half hour drive from town. Now isn't that convenient for us city dwellers.
Breakfast in the sun on the veranda, Ski for a couple of hours then return to the city to watch the sun set. The local ski scene has not been as good for a few years as the drought has taken it's toll of the snowfall. Maybe this year will be better, like the 70's and 80's when the snow covered the tallest trees on some runs. We did have a great summer 'Monsoon' season with record rainfall this year. I look forward to the fresh 'Powder' snow being 'Snorkle' deep again, as it was during the years my three excited sons (and their friends) and I, loaded up the van in the pre-dawn morning darkness, drove to the days or weekends (motels and pizza), Ski area choice. Each day we endlessly roamed the ski slopes of NM and Colorado in search of 'The Perfect Run'.


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