Monday, December 11, 2006

Illusionist, Comanche Moon, ..This is a very interesting performance televised in French. A different art form by an Illusionist, and is about 5 minutes in length. You will have to cut and paste it in your browser line. Blogger doesn't seem to let me transfer it today for some reason.

I recently read about the February TV showing of "Comanche Moon", Larry McMurtry's prequel to "Lonesome Dove", with many stars including Val Kilmer. "Cowboys and Indians" is the publication at the magazine rack. Val Kilmer is sitting in a blue car on the cover photo. The Indians from the Blackfoot tribe in Montana (next to Glacier Nat Park, on the Canadian border) are the real stars. They were all super to work with. Their fantastic riding left no room for error. They painted themselves and their horses. They looked very 'in character', to say the least. Several were hurt on the first day. The horses were a little on the wild side themselves. I described the eight days we worked on my first 'Blog' in June. The numerous comments are all about the daily filming, as much as I was involved. More information about "Comanche Moon" filming along with a few pictures are on the "New Mexico Actors" site, 'link' in my right sidebar. Check it out. "Cowboys and Indians" magazine gave Comanche Moon a very good rating. I hope everyone likes it as much as all of us liked working in the filming.

I recommend the video starring "Robert Redford", "Morgan Freeman", "Jennifer Lopez", "Josh Lucas", Damian Lewis and young Becca Gardner. Best of all is the acting done by "Bart" the bear. .."An Unfinished Life".. Filmed in Wyoming in 2005 for 30 mil. (Comanche Moon was only 27 mil.) Robert Redford probably got most of the 30 mil. He played the part of a very negative, to say the least, man who had lost his only son to an auto accident years before. After watching the video, I had to learn how to program our new 23" flat screen monitor/TV. The experience made me want to move to Wyoming and live a nice simple life on horseback with "Bart" the bear patrolling the ranch.

Another video to see if you like Intrigue, action, and a little romance with a major complication, is "Sentinel", starring Michael Douglas, Kieffer Sutherland, Eva Longoria. The plot is about the Presidents protectors, 'The Secret Service' and his personal agent, Michael Douglas, who years earlier survived the attempt to assassinate Reagan. I was not able to sleep even a few winks during this action packed film. I give it a thumbs up all around.


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