Monday, December 04, 2006


P-47 footage


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The "Republic P-47 Thunderbolt", known as 'The Jug' was mass-produced from 1942 until 1945, went out of service in 1955 with the ANG. (Read more at "Wikipedia" link at right). One of my sons gave me a model of this fantastic fighter. It is in a display case and I look at it often. My Uncle Harry, hand built, with sticks and paper, a blue model of this type plane. the model sat on the shelf at my grandparents home for years, waiting for his return from WWII Navy service. He joined the Navy immediatly after Pearl Harbor as a 17 year old boy. My Grandfather signed for him. It was something he just had to do. I always was fascinated by that model as well as the little red white and blue, with gold fringe, flag, with one star that proudly hung in my Grandparents front window throughout the war. He returned a real Hero in the eyes of the Nation. He was bigger than life to me.

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