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Il Vicino vs Global warming/Ice Age

Following the thanksgiving holiday was a tough act to come up with. So Saturday evening was spent at the famous 'Il Vicino' on Montgomery NE. When we arrived the tables were filled and the line was a little long. One of the managers that we know and love is Casandra. She came over and gave us both a big hug. We told her there were 5 in our party including my wifes 94 year old mother. Cassandra immediately made preparations for us, including a place for Mom-in-law to sit in the meantime. It is wonderful to be recognised in todays world, especially for a 'Geezer'. One of the young waiters (a young Val Kilmer,and a democrat that wants to some day own a bar in Santa Rosa California), refered to the NM Film Industry, told me he had recently checked with "The Phoenix Agency". He told me the cost for listing with them is $700 dollars.Also they take 20% of your pay..Hmm. I guess if they can find a person enough work to offset the cost, it is a good thing. I told 'Casandra' she should also answer the 'Calls'. All of the young people I have met at 'Il Vicino' (including the talented, Pizza throwing "Bubba",) work while attending college. How refreshing and hopeful for the future.
This evening (end of this week) My wife and I stopped in again at our favorite 'Il Vicino', "Bubba", (all of the kids love Bubba, he gives them a piece of dough to play with and even bakes it for them.) "Bubba" was in his usual fine form, spinning the pizzas and getting great 'Air' He informed me that the very big 'Lion' oven with the fascinating wood fire, indeed had a name. "CHEWY", of course everyone knows 'Chewbaca'. I never actually saw that critter chew any tobacco during flying the 'Millenium Falcon' (was he a Leutenant Col.?)
Last Saturday evening at 'Il Vicino', conversation with the Florida Bro-inlaw and his wife was a nice respite. The Bro-inlaw and myself actually discussed politics. No angry words or looks. The wives actually discussed things they are concerned with. No harsh words by either party, Nice evening.
Christmas shopping this year is very easy with no massive crowds, just a nice smooth steady orderly flow. We are anxiously looking forward to the rare fly-in of the Wisconsin family, (I hope all of the imams boycot Christmas flying) Our youngest son, his wife and two daughters, one only a few months old. It has been many years since they have been here for Christmas. Our weather seems like Wisconsin weather today. Temperature in the teens and some snow to get us in the mood for Christmas.
Has anyone read the recent intensive Russian Scientific study (now the 'Russians' should know a little about snow) predicting the 'beginning' of another 'Ice Age' in about 60 years. Now that will sure put a dent in 'Russias' (true) 'Ice breaker' tours of the North Pole. The snow keeps falling on the continent of Antarctica in record amounts, building thicker glaciers that will eventually (10's of thousands of yrs plus?) march to the sea which is getting colder and more storm tossed. Cold spells increasing around the globe... Now just who are we to blame about all that? We just can't seem to control the weather no matter who gets elected.
According to my scientific cousin in California it's that, "Thousands of years old problem", of "too hot/too cold". The newest political fight over the 'Office Thermostat'..."ICE AGE/GLOBAL WARMING"...Make up your mind and just set the world at a temperature we all like. Now that wasn't so hard was it?
If anyone wants to take the latest film on global warming as gospel, you might desire to also check the countless 'Wikipedia' (Link on right sidebar) The "Maunder Minimum" sunspot study is interesting. (see "sunspot activity" during the last 'Little Ice Age') I personally found interesting, linked websites on 'The Little Ice Age' (1450-1850). Also the extremely warm (much warmer than now) world temperatures around the year 1100 (ref. Grisda)("Tkachuck"?, an Eskimo should know,) (Grapes and wine production in England?..Really?) If you really want to look back, 'Wikipedia' the latest "Big Ice Age" when the 'Great Lakes' were plowed out by the "Glaciers" (no wheat from Canada?). Now wouldn't that cause a lot of 'Letters to the Editor', CNN would be 'Outraged' as the Associated Press (AP) demanded an 'investigation' (from an inside undisclosed source of course). "The Attorneys would be salivating in their Rolls Royces". Obviously Mr Gore never uses the same sites that I do in the wonderful tool he invented. (the internet) When President (2008) Bill Richardson gets me a Government job, working with the NM film industry, Al and I will discuss these things.
I just love the film industry I work in. "Creating the Illusion of fact" from a series of scenes set up with an "Agenda' in mind from the very start"... "ROLLING, ROLLING",..... "BACKGROUND, ACTION!"


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Well now if this doesn't beat all. Today I read in a scientific publication. Indications are that we are starting into a period of the most intense 'Solar Flares' (sun spots) in the last 50 years. Doesn't anyone realize that can't be a good thing, when we are trying to turn down the worlds 'Thermostat'. Added to that, the 'Methane' (remember the Pigs in "Return to Thunderball"?), that has been trapped in the 'Permafrost' since those nice 'balmy' warm years (pre 10,000 years ago,) (think..Wooly Mammoths eating [a lot] and doing what we all do after we eat) in 'Siberia' is starting to escape into the atmosphere. Now that is a big problem because it is 20 times as effective as CO2, in creating the 'Media Dreaded', 'Greenhouse Effect'. Now the first thing this newest upcoming Congress has to do, is address the Sunspot issue. Those pesky Solar Flares have got to be shut down. I believe it to be a Military issue and the Upcoming Democratic draft proposal will be the answer... "Well HELOOO"! doesn't any one know that a 'Draft' is cold.

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I swear the news is giving more bad news about global warming. Now it's the worlds COWS that are the 'MAIN' problem. 1.5 billion of 'em. 'Methane' gas as was reported as being 20 times more damaging to the earths 'Ozone' than CO2.(thats what we humans exhale) The worlds cows are the biggest emitters of Methane. (remember the 'Wooly Mammoths'?) 18 percent of the ozone damaging greenhouse gases are attributed to the 'Cows'. Another 9 percent of the CO2 emmisions are attributed to the production of stuff the cows eat. Not only are we in trouble today, the problem will double by the year 2050 as the population of the world demands more meat and milk. The always credible, 'UN' just completed this study. check out this site .

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Not that we need to at this time but...lets add more fuel to the fire. Ha!

The United Nations recently released this study of their own accord, not bothering to ask future friend, (when I get my future gov. job from my friend, Bill Richardson) Al Gore, about how it will affect his newfound "film career". the "Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change" (IPCC for short) basically said that if we kill off half of all the planets cows, we might slow down the inevitable 'global warming' that takes place in 1,500 year cycles due to 'Solar' activity...whats new? Back to the year 1100 when greenland was lush with vegetables, before it's 3000 inhabitants got 'glaciered' and frozen off the the island, during the last little 'Ice Age'. (no solar flares to speak of) the years 1450 to 1850 or so. We been gettin' warmer ever since those 'pesky sunspots' started up again. One of the largest ever recorded has just recently started.

18,000 years ago (the "last Great Ice Age") the worlds sea level was 400 feet lower than today, The Great Lakes as well as a huge portion of the midwest and eastern seaboard was under glacial ice.
Al says the sea will rise by "20 feet" by year 2100. Al likes to get his science lessons by watching movies. Then he likes to make more movies based on what he learned in the ones he watched. UN world scientists say 17" is more realistic. Thats inches Al, not feet. Poor Al. I like films also but they are 'Illusions' Al, we all know that....Don't we?
Read the book 'Unstoppable global Warming' 'every 1,500 years' by Singer...Al hates him. He eats popcorn while Al is trying to watch the movie.

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Solar flares or no solar flares, too much heat, too little heat. Come on, some body just set that 'earth temperature' to a nice balmy greenhouse atmosphere where the world was like the garden of Eden. I can deal with that. Florida has had that kind of climate from time to time, as has Texas and southern California. The 'La Brea' tar pits in Los Angeles California, cover a period of time from 40,000 years ago to today and still recording. Over all of those years only about one 'large' animal a year was trapped. I can see the 'Media' reporting on the horrors of 40,000 'large' animals entrapped in this environmental toxic spill and demanding that the government do something. Paying a commision of attorneys to study it of course before enacting a program of hundreds of guards, with full benefits of course, to watch the slowly creeping asphalt while it comes to the surface. I find it interesting that only one person was ever discovered entombed, a woman..her skull was cracked, sounds like things haven't changed in LA.

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The most common animal found in the La Brea tar pits is, the Dire Wolf. Thousands of them so far. Larger than the big 'Timber Wolf' of today. A full grown 'Dire Wolf' could weigh from 159 to over 200 lbs. Now thats a 'big dog'. they had shorter legs so running very fast was not their 'forte'. The brain was smaller as well. those reasons alone, may be why so many of them got stuck in the 'tar'. Sabre Tooth cats are prevelent as well. A ground 'Sloth' the size of a large bull? Now wouldn't that be a fun time to be on earth? The 'La Brea Exhibit' travels from city to city. The next time you have a chance to see it, definetly do not miss this fascinating record of history.
This earth has a long history in which 'Man' plays an infintisimal part. the Grand Canyon visitor museum has a big clock on the wall showing the age of our Earth. 'Man' has squated on it for a mere few seconds of time. Never fall into the trap of human 'narcissism' (super -ego) that somehow 'Man' can control this wonderful 'Creation'.

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Milankovitch Cycles are interesting things to study. check out my link to Wikipedia in the right sidebar. It seems we are in 100,000 year cycles of major Ice ages. One of those puppies was a humdinger. The resultant 'Snoball Earth' had glaciers all the way to the equator. Now that would interfere with our everyday life. The smaller 20,000 year and 40,000 year cycles are easir to deal with. Earth is still coming out of the last one since about 10,000 years ago. Almost time to start back into the next 'Little Ice Age' like those pesky russians beleive. After all they do have the Antarctic 'Vostok' research station drilling down about 450,000 years in history.

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