Tuesday, October 23, 2007

APPALOOSA Movie 2007 Oct 19

19 October 2007

Got up at 4:00am, prepped for the day, drove up toward the freeway, merged into the sparse traffic and noticed a neon lite dashboard that looked all too familiar. The 1962 Dodge dart rolled into my headlights. Of course I knew those dash lights. Frank from Wild Hogs and other films we have worked, was also heading up to Cerro Pelon for a day on the set. Frank spent time as a radio announcer and met his wife that way (she called in a request). They have been married for 14 years. See what I mean about old friends?

Arrived at the base camp 15 minutes early, signed in with Elizabeth (she works very long hours and just loves Westerns) I chowed down on some 'Good Gedunk', eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy with coffee. We get two 'squares a day'. Hair and makeup gets their shot on making us dirty. Karen talked 'Dirty' and then dabbed it all over our faces and hands. We all finished getting 'swarthy' then loaded into the van for 'on set holding' where we spend a lot of time in the Hay, Grain and Feed building, talking way too loudly. (Rebecca says) By the way she finally found someone to fix our door and window. It took 4 days and 15 people, but finally she did it. Bob from yesterday was back on set. Bob needed the restroom. Bob headed on out.

Rebecca chased Bob. Rebecca eventually caught Bob. Rebecca chewed Bob out (just a little) for not telling her where he was going. (she might have needed him quickly for a scene) I tried to help him out, but Rebecca, using her highly honed 'Police Skills' inherited from her Dad, saw right through my ploy. Rebecca is a little 'Fox'.

Finally we 'all' got to do a scene. The 'Carpenter' (myself) sat on a small barrel of mollases in front of the Hay, Grain and Feed store, about a block down the street from the action with Renee in a buckboard. The 'new in town', cowboys were being warned about the town rules, then Renee was whisked on around the corner with the 2 horse hitch. By the way 'Hitch' is also Viggo Mortensens film characters name, 'Cole' is Ed Harris's.

We did that scene various ways for about an hour or more. Finally "Check'n the Gate", then Loudly came the words, "It's a Wrap". We walked through this little fairy tale 'Old West' town, to the vans, trucked on back to base camp, dusted off and changed into our 'civies', turned in our wardrobe, checked out with Elizabeth, who was dressed just like Olivia Newton John 'Neutron Bomb' from the movie 'Grease', in her black tight fitting outfit. "One that I want...Whoo, Whoo, Whoo"!


Rebecca said that she wants to read this blog about herself...I am not sure if I should send her the 'lank'WhaddayaThank?

See how much fun we have in New Mexico, The Greatest State, in The Greatest Country, The United States of America, One Nation Under God.


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