Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sandia Mountain La Luz Trail

17 October 2007 Just returned from another afternoon trek in the Sandia Mountains East of Albuquerque New Mexico. The Lower La Luz Trail head at the North end of Tramway blvd, has a parking area with a 3 dollar permit and nice restrooms. Very smart to use the restrooms just before you are 100 yards up the trail and realize that you now have to go back down. Been There, Done that. This trail is rated as difficult due to it's length of 7.5 miles (12km) one way and 3,500 foot (1066m) climb in altitude.

Today I had started to head for the back (East) side of the mountain, for another go at the old Canberra RB-57 crash site. While driving along the roadway, I noticed a huge cloud cover on the mountain top. Between clouds, a ray of sunshine showed the top covered in snow and ice. I turned around and took the lower hike instead. Smart move don't you think?

The temperature was in the 60's when I started up the low trail at the North end of Tramway blvd, 3,500 feet (1,066m) below the Mountain Crest. Hot when climbing the trail though. I layer my clothing so I started to shed layers quickly. After about a mile on the trail, the junction with the lower tram trail popped into view at the head of the first canyon. After stopping and resting, reading my book about a few more trails in the area, I started back down.

I wanted to be back before 4 today. Tomorrow is a long day. Appaloosa the movie with Ed Harris, Renee Zellweger, and Viggo Mortensen is filming near Galisteo New Mexico. I have a featured part as the retired ship Captain building Ed and Renee's house. I can't afford to be worn out and blow my part. I have a few more days on that set.

'Hamlett II' casting called for me to be in tonights shoot. I told them I just cannot make that one because of the hours overlapping with 'Appaloosa'. They usually run for 12 or more hours. I was in the scene with Katherine Keener at the El Pinto Restaurant a couple of weeks ago, so I told them maybe I should only do 'deep background' for now.

They agreed so that put me out of work with them for a while. Sounded like fun. They are using the old Rail Station Area in dowtown Albuquerque tonight. My strawberry blonde 'Stand in' (for Keener) friend told me it was a really cool, 'mystic' looking scene with all of the lights. I'm really sorry not to have been in it. Oh well, feast or famine, flood or drought, that's life in the desert. By the way enjoy life, it's pretty short and you just never know?


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