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APPALOOSA Movie 2007 NOV21

Call Time: Wednesday, November 21

9 am Laundress Mrs Chin, Charlene Wives and townswoman, Doctor's Wife Nancy, Carol Train Passenger, townswoman, Sandy, Jennifer

9:30 am Doctor, Town Worker who Rides, Sign Shop Owner, Ranch Hand (Nathan Simmons) Cowboy on Horseback, New Businessman

10 am, Nick Townsman who rides, David Town worker, Tailor, Hotel Desk Clerk Michael, Carpenter Blogengeezer

These are our call times as posted by casting. 'The Carpenter' is due at a later time which means a later 'wrap time' usually but not in this case. The stories that each one of the featured 'background' wrote about their 'character', were for general distribution to give meaning to the movie 'APPALOOSA'.

Ed Harris desired a personal touch for his film. Each story would be an interesting blog post on it's own, maybe Elizabeth would email them to Da Geezer for Da Flikkers? Being in the film business, we all have vivid imaginations. How about it Elizabeth? If not that way, all background please pass the word and email me your stories. I will post them as I receive them, the world wants to know about about how your character came to be in 'Appaloosa' 125 years ago.

65 mi (105km) drive up to 'APPALOOSA' Base Camp, was in 44 F degree, clear weather this morning. Burrito and hot coffee, due to everything starting to be packed up in anticipation of breaking down the entire 'base camp'. Boxes and boxes of equipment and wardrobe, packed and ready to move on out. This will be an extremely long, very busy day for this dedicated crew.

Van to 'On set' holding, more large plastic boxes piled everywhere. Stories from more background actors, were easy for Blogengeezer to come by now. The word is out that Da Flikkers is a 'positive', conservative blog.

"Negativism is not a natural human trait, it is unfortunatly honed to sharp perfection by some humans, but most definetly not a pretty item when put on display"... 'Blogengeezerism'.

Chuck, described in a previous post, was 'on set' today with his beautiful daughter Jennifer, 'Townsgirl', also the girl that rode her very large horse in our movie 'Swing Vote' due out in 2008. Chuck thought he was 'wrapped' after our last day together, cut his hair and shaved his beard....Oh-Oh, now what. He is seen as a rider and cowboy and looks totally different. Maybe no one will notice? Send me your story in the comments Chuck, I will copy/paste it into the main post. Tell the others as well. I think they are all great.

Chuck also explained to us about the main 'props' in films. They are called 'The Hero' gun or knife or whatever item is on prominent display as the main 'prop' used by 'The Heros' in the films. Viggo Mortensen's and Ed Harris's weapons are the 'Hero' weapons in 'Appaloosa'. 'Hitch's, Viggo Mortensens very large, long barreled 8 ga shotgun stands alone and no one doubts about it's designation as the 'Hero' shotgun. It's huge prominence is displayed each time 'Hitch' fires it.

My favorite 'background wrangler' and casting assistant to Elizabeth, Rebecca is returned wearing her 'wet look' lip gloss. Bet you never saw that on a Blacksmith before. Now we will behave ourselves better and be quiet when she admonishes us in 'holding' during 'pictures up', 'Rolling', on set.

'Townswoman', Sandy actually teaches Physical Education in High School. Her daughter was in Swing Vote as a reporter and worked on that film with my friend Alisha, 'Townswoman' in Appaloosa, who also runs the 'Robert Horton Fan Club' website in links on my right sidebar, check it out, more film history.

Nick 'cowboy' from Minneapolis, was back, we talked about his scuba diving in old abandoned Northern iron mines with old forests submerged in them, ice skating and his falling through the ice and nearly freezing to death. Young, well educated Nick 'The Swede' still likes the frozen North land, Nicholas is a true Norseman.

Nathan Simmons, from 'New Mexico Actors' (Lively link in my right sidebar), is on set as the 'ranch hand', 20 years of film experience qualifies him for anything.

Ed 'The Doctor' has a wife today as in other days. Nancy is found at interiordesign.com and will teach her trade at UNM in 2008.

My friend David, the very unique looking Mexican Trader in 3:10 to Yuma (Russell Crowe) and historic 're-inactor', was also in Comanche Moon with me and pictured with my friend Judi, she was not in this film about Appaloosa, but is used in a majority of NM filming. Judi works at the State of NM legislature during sessions.

Larry McMurtry's prequel to the 'Lonesome Dove' series, 'Comanche Moon' will be aired as a series starting on CBS TV, January 13Th 2008, as an 1860's era Western, the prequel to the 'Lonesome Dove' TV series of a few years back. Comanche Moon (with Val Kilmer) portrays the violent historic Indian raids on newly established Austin Texas. Our 'Blackfoot Indian' horseback riders in graphic 'warpaint', from Montana were fantastic.

Watch 'Comanche Moon' for the very big black horse ridden by the expert indian bareback rider. It thundered past at full gallup with all four hooves off the ground, within inches (cm's) of Blogengeezer at one time. Look for white bearded Blogengeezer in a long black 'Frock' coat, tall black tophat, walking around town with different ladies, running around Austin in suspenders after the Indian raid and even riding in a black carriage with Shani, using the 'Banker' as my 'driver'. Dennis is a horseman and also a two horse team carriage driver here in Appaloosa. Background knows no boundaries. Don't miss the 'Comanche Moon' series on CBS TV January 13Th 2008, if you like western movies with 'Hero's.

Now for Michael the 'Hotel Desk Clerk'. Michael was inspired to be a cartoonist by 'Woody Woodpecker' when he was in 5Th grade, and a ventriloquist later. When he went into the Navy, they turned him into a 'medical corpsman' and he ended up in the nuclear field. He worked as a medical assistant for 25 years with 38 years total medical background. Now for the part I liked, Michael spent 5 years, some training people in Chad how to infiltrate, using camels that are capable of carrying 700 pounds of equipment...as a CIA operative.

Needless to say, Michael traveled and lived in, the 'difficult' parts of the world and now 'truly' apreciates his beloved USA. He also became a private pilot and nearly lost his life in a thunderstorm over Arizona's mountains. With advancing eye problems, he retired from flying soon after. These days Michael operates 'Beau Jesters', a magic and novelty store in Bernalillo New Mexico that is also online beaujesters.net which imports 'magic trick' items from 'Tenyo Magic' in Japan. He says they are the best in the world. You will see him as well as many of the others in the hotel scenes of course.

Mabel Chin, her real name, also speaks 'Toishan' Chinese dialect fluently. Mabel portrays Mr chins mother and is with her actual laundry family in business. Fiction and reality completely blur lines in her case. 'Toishan' was the province where the chinese rail workers primarily came from during the construction of the Western half of the US Intercontinental railroad in the 1800's as well as the mining industry.

Charlene was 2 different, 'with wardrobe variation', wives in Appaloosa and sat with Renee Zellweger 'Allie' or Allison, in the courtroom scene.

Pretty, dark haired Carol was the train passenger on her way to 'Yaqui', looking out the window while Renee Zellweger was being held hostage below the train trestle. She also was in the, on train, 'prisoner' scene with the guy from 'CSI Miami' acting as an officer transporting the prisoner.

Viggo and ED (Hitch and Cole) are in this scene with her. The Couger on the rock, is Casey or KC, whichever you prefer. He is trained to be without a leash and was hungry enough to hang around waiting for his food. He did not realize that New Mexico is truly Couger and Bobcat country. Carol really liked him. Carol is also later in the movie, seen on the right side porch with 'Amazon' Elizabeth 'Printers Widow' tonight on the right boardwalk as Viggo 'Hitch' walks in the front door of the Hotel.

'Hitch', Viggo, is involved in a confrontation with 'Bragg', Jeremy Irons, while Carol is in the background. She is a homemaker in real life, a beautiful mother of four and a local girl. Carol 44, looks about in her late 2o's, trim, fit and enjoys the film business. I hope to see her back on other sets. 'Background holding' is a treasure trove of talent, sitting around between filming, waiting to be called to the 'live set'.

A scene that Rebecca delivered us to, was in front of the Assayer's office building on the side street across from the blacksmith shop. Michael was coming out of the office while the Carpenter waited outside. We walked down the steps and away from the camera, over to cowboys Nathan and Nick, the 'Swede'.

The camera was mounted about 1/4Th mi (402m) away on the Eastern horizon. Tom 'the painter', walking in the street with a woman while a wagon rolled past, jokingly called it the 'Hubble' satelite shot. They are actually called 'Plate shots' of the town of Appaloosa, while approaching from a great distance.

Rebecca 'wrangled' us into the van back to base camp, dinner was great including prime rib and lobster even though pretty blond Deidre, Dirk and the other caterers were still packing up, a quick meal and back to the set by van.

Viggo fans, are you ready? I mean really ready. We heard 45 caliber single action pistol gunfire all of today as well as the last two days as The big finale was being 'shot' over and over to get all perfect and accepted by Ed Harris. Our 'on set holding' in the Hay Grain and feed store, was alive with curiousity.

From now on you will probably wonder which building in a movie is 'holding' the 'background' waiting for their 'Starring' roles. Some of us clandestinely take pictures of each other while in holding. We have been chastised because the camera flashes appear in the windows from outside during the filming sometimes.

We took turns at the cracks and knotholes, watching the endless different outcomes to each 'finale'. Different camera angles, Different outcomes, different reactions by the 'Principles' during each 'action' scene. This was done for three days to get the exact effect desired by the Directors.

I will not tell the outcome, You will have to go and see the movie. This is an important scene in the street in front of the Hotel. The crew sweeps away all traces of wheels and modern treaded footprints. This ritual goes on endlessly in each scene before 'cameras up! The dust is ground to a fine powder by this critical attention to it's appearance.

Tom said that this next scene could not "Go off without a 'Hitch"
During the evening just before the bigger (there are several) confrontations with Bragg, Viggo walks intently toward the front steps leading up to Bragg's Boston House Hotel, turns his head slightly and nods to the 'Sign shop owner' and the 'Carpenter' standing near the ladder.

Paul (a crew member now dressed in period wardrobe) is up the ladder painting the new sign. While the sign shop owner and the carpenter stand talking. Viggo confidently climbs the stairs with his very big 8 ga shotgun craddled in his left arm. This is a night scene with burning torches out side the hotel.

Rebecca noticed us looking cold, ran into the back room of the hotel, grabbed my coat, returned, also opened and gave to me, two little packaged 'hand warmers', then as we were alerted to 'Cameras up', ran back in with my coat, to her station inside. You gotta Love that girl.

Viggo once again strides meaningfully, from an angle directly across the street. A horse drawn wagon passes, He enters the front doors. This scene is the immediate 'prequel' to the scene that the Painter and the Carpenter did the other cold night, while being blown by the 27 degree wind as Hitch enters the etched glass front doors of Bragg's Boston House Hotel's, main entrance.

That chilly night, it took hours because of the numbers of background and several camera relocations set up in the different rooms. Tonight with 3 cameras and their myriad of equipment in the street in back of us, one 'Chapman' dolly rolled forward on a carefully set up, railed track, looking right at us and also 'Hitch' Viggo's back, as he walks toward the Boston House..

The Doctor and his wife are walking in the street, Carol and Elizabeth on the walkway near the door and others in the street with horses tied to railings and pulling a wagon, it took one practice walk by Viggo, one quick rehersal, two actual 'Cameras up! 'Rolling! Action! filming runs, a finish with 'Cut! 'Checking the gate! and 'IT's A WRAP! all within one hour. That 'my friends' is quality in overall performance and directing.

Ed Harris, who had been running back and forth in his orange baseball cap to get the action perfect, was obviously extremely excited and ran over to Viggo Mortensen, grabbed him and hugged him in gratitude, thanking him for a great performance in their great 1880's Western film 'APPALOOSA'. Everyone on the set started applauding and cheering in the brightly lit night street scene, cake was served all around.

'The Carpenter' was standing in the middle of the dusty street, watching the happy filmakers, Ed Harris turns, walks over to 'The Carpenter', reaches out, gives him a hearty handshake and says "Thank you very much for your help", 'The Carpenter' replied, "I Thank you sir, it was an honor" and I truly meant it.

While standing in the middle of the street, waiting for orders, the 'Carpenter' turned around to see Viggo Mortensen in his wide, rolled brim, flat top brown hat, tall brown muddy boots with spurs and long Green coat, standing two feet (60cm) away from me. Viggo standing, while two production crew removed all of the 'Hero' weapons from the brown 'quick crossdraw' holster'd belt.

Carefully removing the blued steel 45 colt revolver which they told me, is an actual 1871 model rebuilt to spec. They were already holding the Colt 8 ga double barreled shotgun which was also rebuilt to spec using 12 ga shotgun shells in the chambers, and which punched Viggo back each time it fired using 'smoky' black powder. The large 'production' man in control of the 'Hero' weapons carefully showed me the double hammer'd receiver, 12 ga chambers, while 'breaking' the action on the very big, blued steel shotgun.

They removed all of the bullets from Viggo Mortensen's belts while he held the 'long green coat' back and high with both of his hands. The many blank shotgun shells in a black loop belt, as well as the 45 caliber pistol shells loaded with lead but no powder, were carefully pulled one at a time, from each individual loop on Viggo's brown belt. I asked Viggo about the interesting white handled knife mounted right next to the holster, he removed it from it's sheath, displayed it, then replied to me, "It's a Mexican Knife". The extremely sharp looking blade was bigger than the white handle and it looked more like a very deadly 'steak knife' on closer examination.

Before Viggo Mortensen turned away in the brightly lit, night street of APPALOOSA, he unexpectedly reached out, grabbed my hand, looked directly into my eyes and said, "Thank You Very Much for your help". 'The Carpenter' gratefully replied, "Thank you sir, it is an Honor having worked with you". Viggo Mortensen smiled, then slowly turned to walk to his 'ride'.....and it truly was an Honor, thats no lie. the Carpenter stood motionless and completely in shock, as Viggo Mortensen, the Film Star, walked away down the dusty street of APPALOOSA.

You know the ritual by now, Rebecca walked up to me, "Van to Base Camp", change in 26 degree weather to our own clothes in the tent, wardrobe for turn in, and pick up pay voucher in return, Rebecca signed us out, hugged Rebecca a lot (Thomas are you reading this?) Hugged Elizabeth, our casting director and finished our historic film work on the set of Appaloosa while the crew worked feverishly into the brightly lit night, loading up our Base Camp into the many large white trucks and trailers. The drive back to 'the house' began. Instant Replays were running through my thoughts. The time was 9:13pm on Wednesday night before our 'Day of Thanksgiving' in the United States of America.

No longer will the worlds faithful Viggo Mortensen fans, of viggo-works.com return to Da Flikkers, unless of course Viggo Mortensen returns to New Mexico for another film. Then Da 'Blogengeezer' will repeat the process all over again. Until that time, Viggo Mortensen fans, "Hasta La Vista, Baby". "It's been a great ride". And always remember,

"Eagles May Soar..but Weasels don't Get Sucked Into Jet Engines" :>)

Most importantly to the rest of 'Background', thank you for your memories. We all wished each other well as we walked away from 'APPALOOSA' base camp for the last time. We will most certainly see each other again some time. The long 'open casting call' lines, with thousands of 'background hopefuls', are great meeting places. The best by far though, are at 'Base Camp' of the latest film that we all 'Star' in.

We enjoy the company of each other, doing what we love, for minimum wage, in all sorts of weather and conditions. We do it for, as was sung in Renee Zellweger's 'Chicago'..... "ALL THAT JAZZ"..., in the USA, the Greatest Democracy and Freedom loving Nation that the world Has Ever Known. 'The United States of America', "One Nation Under GOD"


Blogger ColetteHera said...

Wonderfull the way you write Bloggengeezer,it feels almost like being there with all of you I will really be looking out for you aswell ,when I see the moovie.

The actor Chuck ,write to me a few days ago,that his moovie( where he is in ) Comanche Moon has premiere the 30 Dec .

When ever you feel like visit Bloggengeezer ,you are velcome to my page aswell.

Take care ,and real many thanks again.

I think Ed Harris would enjoy to read your post here,you must tell him.

Warm Greetings from Colette



11:44 AM  
Blogger Abby said...

Oh WOW! I am blown away!!!

Now you see why we love him (Viggo) so much, Blogengeezer. He's just that kinda guy!

Thank you again for your lovely, lovely reports! This will make watching the film so much more exciting!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

Dear Blogengeezer,

Can you tell me why you put "Viggo's 'ride'" in quotation marks?

Also, is this the PA he was playing soccer with?


Please email your answers to me and rest assured they will remain confidential.

Thank you so very much!

12:04 PM  
Blogger romarie said...

I only would say a big thanks you for your wanderfull report and wish you the best for your carier.
Thanks from Italy by me and my friends of El Alma de Viggo (site and forum), to would be so nice to share with we all in the world so many about Appaloosa....sorry for my bad english.
And if you allow a "bit" of Spanish: "Gracias para todos y que te vaia bien."

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To our favorite film-extra and blogger:

On behalf of some very grateful Viggo fans at www.allthingsviggo.com, I'd just like to send our many thanks for all the detailed and first-hand accounts you've so kindly posted in your blog.

You even managed to provide all those details without giving too much of the movie away.

It's been exciting to read about your adventures as a film-extra and certainly has given an interesting glimpse into the long hours and hard work that goes into filming scenes in a movie.

Having the background actors write their own story was an inventive idea and should help give some added meaning to the film. All the stories would be an interesting read...

Since you've been there for the filming, once it comes out we look forward to reading your take on the finished film.

I think you've built yourself quite a little following and I'm pretty sure many faithful Viggo fans will be returning to Da Flikkers to read about your future adventures.

P.S. I also enjoyed reading your Appaloosa Review on www.movieweb.com

3:45 PM  
Blogger blogengeezer said...

Nothing special about his 'Ride'. It usually is not the same van we ride in, except for that one time. An SUV is sometimes waiting for Viggo or ED. A lincoln waited for Renee one day. Everyone has a 'ride' of some sort. I tend to use ' ' often for some reason that only the right side of my brain understands. I will ask it some day, let me know what it says..OK? As for the PA, nothing but kicking the ball around, she does that often with whomever will kick it back. We lived sort of like in the 1800's and not much relative to todays society is around during those times. We all use acting for an escape of sorts. We all have a vivid imagination.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

Dear Blogengeezer,

Here is a new comment from IMDB that I thought you may be interested in.

Re: Appaloosa Extra's blog
by SparklingShiraz 43 minutes ago (Thu Nov 22 2007 16:02:58)

Excellent, excellent, excellent......except RZ didn't sing "All That Jazz" in Chicago. Tsk!

I think he spent too much time researching Viggo.

Can't wait for this to be released. It will be fun to focus on the extras when we get the DVD. Not the DVD extras thsi time but the film extras.

Wishing you the best, truly...

4:47 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

Thank you for your answers!

I was thinking, perhaps, that his "ride" was his horse! LOL!

And, as for the other question, I was just being a bit too nosey I guess. (I'm a bit embarassed) Thanks again for your answers!

I can't wait to read the review Kumru mentions as well!

You're the best, Blogengeezer, and
I do hope your new wife is not the jealous type, we will try not to take up too much of your time, and I'm sure she knows she has found a man with a truly kind heart. :-)


4:56 PM  
Blogger Abby said...


Is this what it felt like when Viggo shook your hand?

"I know exactly what Blogengeezer was feeling when Viggo turned to him, shook his hand and said "Thank you". It felt like his eyes were burning right through him. And he was paralyzed by the force of all that energy pinpointed directly on him. It's a strange feeling."

5:18 PM  
Blogger blogengeezer said...

Only research Da Geezer did on Viggo was watching him on set. Only saw Chicago one time when it came out. Actually forgot who all sang but did know RZ was thereabouts somewhere. Da Geez is not much into films and knows very little about the Stars. We don't kick back, smoke stogy's, toss down a brewsky or hike the mountains or beaches together. In other words Da Geez is sort of a recluse of sorts in comparison. They are welcome to join me anytime though. The few I have met are seemingly great folks. "Y'all come back now, Ya Hear?"

5:19 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

OK Enough said for now. I hope you had a great Turkey Day, and thank you for adding a little interesting reading to mine as well!

Ta Ta For Now!

5:27 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

Dear Blogengeezer,

Please consider posting this review or a link to it...It is very informative and interesting as well! Thank you!

Appaloosa Review:

Great Westerns with Heros and Anti-Heros to show these differences to society, are welcome. Role models are strangely absent from most films today. Hopefully Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen will bring some of this back to the Big Screen.

Posted November 6th, 2007

APPALOOSA, 2007 movie, 'Blogengeezer' is cast by Ed Harris as a Featured Extra, 'The Carpenter', a retired Sea Captain, building Cole's (Ed's) new house. Blogengeezer describes his days 'on set' near Santa Fe New Mexico, in daily (as he works) comments on his website http://daflikkers.blogspot.com/ (URL it). The Go-Stats 'hit' counter went ballistic as soon as Viggo Mortensen was mentioned. Blogengeezer loves to work Westerns for the reasons described in the 'overall Quote'. Other films from the past couple of years (in archives) are described from the perspective as an Extra, sitting in 'Holding', working at the role as a 'Featured Extra' as well as a regular 'Background Actor'. Wild Hogs with John Travolta was also fun to work. Hopefully Ed Harris's attention to detail will show up in this film. The town of Appaloosa is the same 'movie set' used in '3:10 To Yuma'. The buildings are not just storefront. We are 'holding' in the Hay Grain and Feed store, during the 'shooting' of scenes. The 8 guage (most likely a 10ga) shotgun carried by Everitt Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) is real and fires often during it's 'starring roles'. Viggo is personable and always working for perfection in everything on set. Ed Harris watches each performance on the monitor to see where improvements are required. Hopefully Blogengeezer will be asked to return often for more film work with this entire crew. The days are enjoyable and move fast. Commanche Moon was the last 'Western' he worked and will be a new release, TV prequel series to the 'Lonesome Dove' from years past. Watch for it at 07 years end or January 08.

© Blogengeezer

Link: http://www.movieweb.com/review/REr76ruArxNwux

8:30 AM  
Blogger blogengeezer said...

Abby thank you for the 'Heads Up'. It is an amazing thing this Internet. Information of interest to others is going around the world within minutes.

The Go Stats counter 'hit's on Da flikkers are showing flags of all nations, hundreds of times daily.

On some days the US is rarely seen on the list. The Internet is bringing people of the entire world together like no other Medium in history. Thank all of you for your interest.

10:06 AM  
Blogger summerflu said...

BG, you have this Viggofan for life, and I don't think I am alone. You are permanently bookmarked as one of my "favorites" and I am anxiously awaiting your next adventure. Keep us posted, and have a wonderful holiday season.

8:23 PM  
Blogger blogengeezer said...

I find this very interesting. This is the most current monthly list of countries that are interested in Da Flikkers live reporting (US is understandable). It changes from time to time. Keep it up 'world', you are doing great.
United States 3198 (72.09%)
Japan 188 (4.24%)
United Kingdom 182 (4.10%)
Canada 175 (3.94%)
Australia 106 (2.39%)
Germany 76 (1.71%)
Netherlands 49 (1.10%)
France 47 (1.06%)
Spain 47 (1.06%)
Italy 37 (0.83%)
Argentina 21 (0.47%)
Denmark 17 (0.38%)
Sweden 16 (0.36%)
Switzerland 16 (0.36%)
Romania 15 (0.34%)
India 14 (0.32%)
Belgium 12 (0.27%)
China 11 (0.25%)
Czech Republic 11 (0.25%)
Brazil 10 (0.23%)

10:45 AM  
Blogger blogengeezer said...

Heres another surprising record from my data base. Turkish? They seem to like us a lot, Thank's guys, we like you too.

← previous next →
1 2 3 4
Language Count
English (United States) 15904 (47.33%)
English 6171 (18.37%)
Turkish 4472 (13.31%)
English (United Kingdom) 1435 (4.27%)
Dutch (Netherlands) 1111 (3.31%)
French (France) 1048 (3.12%)
German (Germany) 1000 (2.98%)
Bulgarian 533 (1.59%)
Japanese 384 (1.14%)
Russian 219 (0.65%)
Chinese (PRC) 189 (0.56%)
English (Canada) 136 (0.40%)
Italian (Italy) 127 (0.38%)
English (Australia) 105 (0.31%)
Swedish 101 (0.30%)
Spanish (Modern Sort) 89 (0.26%)
Farsi 52 (0.15%)
Danish 49 (0.15%)
German (Switzerland) 48 (0.14%)
German (Austria) 32 (0.10%)

1:27 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Like everyone else, I really enjoyed reading about movie-making from such a unique perspective. Thank you!
So, do you have anything lined up, or are you taking some time off?
Don't be surprised if Da Flikkers lives on, whether Viggo is in the movie or not. He may have brought the attention to you, but you're the one who kept us coming back for more. That's entertainment!
Take care, friend. Enjoy your life and keep posting!

4:31 PM  
Blogger blogengeezer said...

Well Veronica, as you can see from the last post on Nov 24 2007, this 'ride' is not quite over yet. Our friends in 'holding' have a few more surprises as you can see. Enjoy

4:36 PM  
Blogger A. said...

Once again, your words left me feeling with such awe and wonder, as if I was there with you, witnessing the last day on the set. Thanks for bringing a fragment of Viggo's life a little closer to me.

You truly are amazing writer. I'd like to also post Viggo's soccer photo on my blog, if you don't mind. I will be checking in with your blog from time to time, to see what adventure you are up to next.


5:00 PM  
Blogger D. Colby Rumback said...

Nice blog. I am also an RVer. Hope you will stop by at http://suncityrv-newsletter.blogspot.com/

9:57 AM  
Blogger J. Nathan said...

What's happening BlogMaster, Yes I agree that you write very well and it takes me back to set :) Looking forward to the next time we cross paths , Have a great one.
J. Nathan Simmons

10:50 PM  

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