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Celtic Woman, Beer for my Horses, CSI ABQ

Usually I don't 'Hyper' links into my text on blogger because 'Blogger' is an older version 'html' program and takes a few minutes, but this, along with all of the other, 'CELTIC WOMAN' is spectacular. "I Am The Voice" sung by a very pretty, Lisa Kelly, accompanied by Orchestra and of course the very talented Mairead Nesbit, one of the worlds most beautiful and accomplished 'dancing' violinist's. Pay special attention to the dueling 'Quasimodos' on the big drums. You can always return and read my next story.

"I Am The Voice"


Here is the latest interesting looking film to be 'shot' in New Mexico. Of course I like the sound of it already. It has 'Beer' and 'Horses' in it, the words anyway. You never know how these things come out, but Toby Keith is involved so just maybe?

“Beer for My Horses,” a feature film starring country music star Toby Keith (“Broken Bridges”), and Rodney Carrington (Rodney TV series) will be shot in New Mexico.

Multi-award winner Michael Saloman will direct. Toby Keith, Donald Zuckerman (“Not Forgotten” currently prepping in Santa Fe, “Broken Bridges”), local New Mexican Brent Morris (“Monster,” “Smoke Signals”) will produce the film. T.K. Kimbrell will be Executive Producer.

The film will be shot in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and other north central New Mexico locations from February 10 through March 13, 2008. The film expects to hire approximately 75 New Mexico crew members, 25 SAG principal roles and 350 background talent.

“Beer for My Horses” tells the story of two best friends that work together as deputies in a small town. The two defy the Sheriff and head off on an outrageous road trip to save the protagonist’s girlfriend from drug lord kidnappers.

This isn't the only film scheduled, but I like the sound of this one. I liked Toby Keth's song "Beer For My Horses" ("Whiskey For My Men"), as well. You may check on the highlited 'casting Calls' in the right sidebar for others you think may be interesting. They may be found, (click on) 'In Production' or 'for Locals' or 'Bulletin Board'. Let me know what you think?.

"CSI ALBUQUERQUE", Merry Christmas to Me?

On another happy note and surprise Christmas gift, as I consider it, My 9MM Smith and Wesson Semi automatic pistol. Out of our distaste for becoming 'Victim's, All cautious USA motorhomers are armed to the teeth, due to our Nomadic and Remote camping lifestyle. Of course neccesitated by our Liberal, lenient, US legalistic system of 'Catch and Release', for multiple repeat offenders. It was stolen out of our Motorhome in our driveway, the night before we left on a trip 3 years ago.

I received 2 form letters from our ABQ Police dept on the 21st of December (we at first thought it was a traffic notice), stating that the long lost weapon and it's spare 14 round clip, had been recovered. Will wonders never cease? I had long ago thought of it as totally lost. It was one of my favorite handguns of all time.

Well at one time I carried an extremely accurate Colt 357 magnum for personal and family security (yup, wife is a proficient gun handler also), Our weapons have never been used in anger on anyone of course. Maybe we don't look like we are going to be easy victims?

A friend needed a weapon for his new job in Bank Security. I reluctantly sold the 357to him. He recently retired without ever fireing it at anyone, over all of these years. I would suppose the knowledge that he would and could use it, prevented anyone from attempting to rob the many various banks he guarded. Untold Millions of legally owned handguns are never fired in anger.

Apparently the Police recovered it shortly thereafter and used it as evidence to bring the 'Perpetrators' to justice. Of course I will never really know. I spoke with Mariann at the Albuquerque Police Department ..'FORENSICS'.. Division. I love that name already. Mariann said that they would be staying open until noon on Christmas eve.

Following her explicit directions, I drove right down, found the impressive, secure looking building, walked to the door, pushed the call button, stated my mission, and started to enter the doors. Surprise, but not really, a guard stopped me between two barrier doors. Trapped like a mouse in a live trap. He asked if I was carrying a firearm? I told him no, that's the reason I was there,.. to retreive it. I was told to unload any metal objects in, or on my person. Happily, (for me anyway), no 'cavity' search.

The tray was slid out from below the bullet proof glass, to hold every item for inspection, similar to the airport check-in gates. As I walked foreward as the armed guard commanded, the metal detector beeped and he had me check for any other metal. My military belt buckle was the culprit. One more time through the 'now silent' metal detector. Now I was clear to enter the second, electricly controlled barrier door into 'The Inner Sanctum'..

As I entered the door across the hall, to 'Evidence', Mariann and her friend behind the counter, were eating a bowl of traditional 'Posole' and a plate of 'Tamales'. Now that's the way to enjoy Christmas, with a traditional New Mexican Holliday meal.

In order to recover my weapon, which I had owned for 20 years, I had to fill out a simple 'background check' form. Easy 'yes or no', questions that allow them to find out if I am a terrorist or felon that cannot legally own a firearm.

I would imagine that most felons and terrorists do not bother to ask if they can own one anyway. I would also imagine that they surely would not fill out a form. Mariann said that it could possibly take up to 8 weeks to process the form and my gun would be protected from 'disposal' for the duration. Of course being an internet savvy 'blogger' I wonder why it takes so long? Maybe the Hollidays have something to do with it?

Happy New Year is fast approaching. Of course many people with single digit IQ's, you know, people that think that a clip of bullets fired up into the air, is an acceptable way to 'Bang' in the New Year. Remember Iraq's Sadam Hussein firing clips of AK-47 rounds up into the air in his super crowded, Palace public displays of Machismo?

Mariann was very cordial, and sent her friend to retreive only my 'clip' from the evidence vault for now. When I said that I truly loved my 9MM Smith & Wesson, and had never used it in anger, She looked at me with 'That Look' and said "I surely hope not".

The experience was not nearly as stressful as I imagined it would be. These people are most likely avid weapons specialists themselves, at least I would hope so. As I left the building, retreiving my pocket knife from the tray in the trap as I left, I had a new appreciation for a little recognised, integral division, of our societies Law Enforcement System.

Mariann use your influence and get me a job doing something, anything, in that department. I know a little something about computers. I would love to have a little part time job in, "CSI ALBUQUERQUE". Other Readers, You would not understand, it's a 'Guy Thing', ARGH!!.


Blogger Blogengeezer said...

Christine from APD evidence just called and I can pick up my 9mm S&W Semi-automatic tomorrow at 9. How nice. That did not take nearly as long as the estimate of up to 8 weeks to be 'background checked'. Now I will not feel 'Nekkid' as the old Gunslingers often said when they were not 'Well Heeled'.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Blogengeezer said...

I got to the 'Evidence' department of the 'CSI' albuquerque before 9am this morning. Recalling the metal detector routine, I left all metal in the car and removed my belt buckle before going through the detector. No problem this time.

My friend Marianne was on station and checked out my ID. No problem so far. She was away for a few minutes then returned with my 9mm. It looked in surprisingly good condition.

It had been used a lot by the appearance of the barrel. When I had it previously, only a couple of clips had been fired, so it was virtually new. The 'bad guys' (usually multi-multi, repeat offenders because of 'catch and release') thouroughly tested it. Hopefully not on any real people. I most likely would not have gotten it back if that were the case.

After signing the little pad screen, Marianne told me she would carry it outside and hand it to me. We walked out the door into the 30 degree cool weather, she shivered a little and gave me my long lost 9mm.

I gave her a card with this blogs URL and told her to read about herself some time. Thank You Marianne. Keep me in mind if your department ever needs a Geezer to shuffle papers or something. 'CSI' has a nice little ring to it. Now that would be a great business card.

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