Monday, April 26, 2010

Census Enumerator Training

Looking for NM victims of Violence by Career, Repeat offenders? Gabe Nava? More?

  • For additional and current addendum's, scroll to bottom of this post.

    The ten year Census count is starting as of April 1st. The first being in 1790, there have been 23. As long as the occupancy of the household Unit was in place on april 1st, they Will be counted. After patiently wondering if my name was still on the 'roll' of Census Applicants, Voila, Patrice called. She is my dedicated (and also very attractive) Crew Leader.

    There are approximately 42,000 Enumerators now hired and working. If you notice the 'New employment figures' increasing in your gushing Daily Media, it is because of this rare and costly, taxpayer funded occurence. Part of the Largest peacetime roll of government hirings.

    First Day:
    We all met in the church building on Monday morning, April 26th of 2010. Several rooms and Crew Leaders with full classes, filled the church halls. I arrived at 8am just to be early and 're-con the situation'. It is an old habit of mine, even though we didn't have to be in attendance untill 8:30am.

    Eventually five of us showed up while Patrice gathered our Equipment Kits, laying them out at our tables. Surprising to find out from another source, that so many recruited, passed the test, then failed to show,even after agreeing to work on this job. One source mentioned that many are liking their government 'subsistance' funding better. They don't have to do any work for that money.

    A black bag lay in front of me, labled with the U.S. Census Logo, loaded with manuals and forms eventually weighing about five pounds. Patrice affirmed our intentions of becoming Federal Enumerators. She then had us raise our right hands and commenced with the official ceremony of 'Swearing In'.

    A neck lanyard with our Official I.D. and information cards, is mandatory wearing apparel, to be presented at time of a PI (personal Interview) while handing a copy of the reason for the PI to the Respondant or the 'Proxy' Respondant. Some modification was required to affix our name.

    Patrice had an idea, so I copied it and printed my name on my computer, cut it out and taped it to the name tag. Looks better than a signature. PII is personal identity information. Don't forget it :>) Everything you touch in the training room, every bit of paper with written words on it is PII. Don't let it lay around, Stash it or destroy it. Do not lose anything. If any PII is lost, an emergency will be declared and a team will come to investigate (theoretically).

    Manuals, Forms and their numerous code initials for every conceivable duty and situation we are to perform, were in our kit. The morning was spent reviewing each regulation, restriction and procedure, form by form. Patrice read each page of the process and had us fill out our many personal registration forms. "No errors allowed", according to a source with Homeland Security, who works on the accounting end in another state.

    A short 15 minute break and we were back at it. There is absolutely no way I will remember everything about this process. Hopefully repetition on the job will take hold and the information flow will become productive. Patrice is wonderful. Her attitude of happy and positive encouragement, is addictive and quickly spreads through this very intelligent group around me.

    Near the end of our first 1/2 day of Training, we were finger printed by two of our other members that were trained in that aspect. I also have been fingerprinted in obtaining my 'Concealed Carry Certification'. Now the 'Gummint' knows who I am and of course where I live. Did you know that Corn Huskers Lotion is an aid in 'plumping' the fingertips. It is also injected into the fingertips of Corpses to fingerprint for identity.

    Gather up all PII. Time of arrival at home was 1:30pm or so. We were also paid travel time with our work time of $11.50 per hour. Mileage must be accurately recorded (.50 per mile), as well as total hours spent each day. The term NO OVERTIME was repeated often by Patrice.

    Orders: Return tomorrow at 13:30hrs (1:30pm) for the rest of the 'first day' training. A total of four days will be spent on training alone, then it's "Hit the Road Jack". The amount of paper work is 'Governmental'. Just wait until you have to deal with the New Federal 'Health Care' Reform, you as Voters just implemented. You deserve it. Of course you may expire before you finish the paperwork. I think that is the actual plan.

    I accessed this Census website
  • and found out that NM is one of the lowest states in 'response by mail'. For some unexplained reason, a substantial portion of the household units never sent back their mailed forms with the information. Of the top 50 locations in the nation, some are in the range of over 84 to 86% response... Minnesota (Vikings), Wisconsin (Packers).

    NM (Lobos) is down around 62% with Bernalillo County (Albuquerque) at 70%. Latest figures show New Mexico down near the very bottom, #50 "The land of Manana" (tomorrow). Neighborhoods vary in response as well. Our job as 'NRFU Enumerators' is to contact the non-responders and verbally gather their information.

    The cost savings, if everyone mailed back their forms, would be approximately 1.5 Billion Dollars. Oh well it's only money, Taxpayers money. The 'responder' results overall were approximately the same as in the year 2000. I wonder how Ruby Ridge Idaho
  • responds to Federal Enumerators? No one left at this Famous 'Media Frenzy' Address
  • either. Never hear about Janet Reno anymore, she must be in seclusion after her other Famous International Incident
  • Glad I was not the Enumerator on this HU (housing unit, they would need the additional form).

    Second Day:
    "Siren" Patrice lured me from my home one more time. Today we got there at 1:30pm, the PC class of 1/2 men and women, started a little later due to a slight delay in lunch break. Now we have grown to twelve, with the two 'half day' classes synched. The time was spent going over the handbook and the workbook. This time a trial census form was filled out by the class. Patrice does a great job in keeping us enthused. Her local government background in Human Resources as a 'Trainer', keeps us trying hard to please her.

    At this time, I feel like the class Turtle in a cage filled with 'Geckos'. When the fast cricket is tossed in, guess who can't catch it. They are all highly intelligent and obviously from detail oriented backgrounds. They like to 'OFFICE'. I am the only 'mechanic' in the lot. It takes me a while to get up, after I change the oil on my trucks. Same feeling in classrooms.

    We ran through the forms with everyone around me competently clicking off the data and doing the workbook. Reading the map and finding the addresses that did not respond on the mailed forms, was our lesson. What the many codes and descriptions meant, were covered. Lost me there. I finally got the idea but much slower than the class of other quick thinkers in attendance.

    Now it is set up like an interview, with the person that answered the door.
    Patrice was our 'responder'. We read the questions, her answered details were documented in the correct lines and boxes. A portion of time was spent correcting a few loose ends from yesterday. In my case, more than 'a few'.

    I had to give a second set of finger prints, sign a form that missed a signature, then redo my green time form (D-308). This was only one of many times I botched that simple procedure. I have gone through so many forms it is wasteful. No wonder one of my classmates demanded we 're-cycle'. She apparently observed my process of repeatedly trashing paperwork into the 'burn' bag. Maybe I can catch on to this stuff, but so far it looks like I will need a lot of repitition before I will get it stuck in my old brain neurons (what's left of 'em).

    Patrice works another job as well. I have no idea how she juggles all of her responsibilities, she is amazing. Her background also crossed paths with an aquaintance of ours. Fun to meet a common link. One guy next to my station at the table, was in a film with me last year. He was a 'Stand In' during the filming of 'Crash', while I was a "Hand Double' for Dennis Hopper.

    More fun to find links in daily life. We all have to be back at it tomorrow, 8:30am. Guess I will try again, it can't get worse. A flashback of 'Valence' came into my thoughts during class today. In HS I dropped out of Chemistry because of the math involved in figuring Valence
  • It was all 'Greek' to me. Most of HS fit that category in my case. Needed to get back to the fields.

    Third Day:
    Patrice and her enthusiasm brought me back again. Arrival at 8:30am, The group is lively and questions were intelligent, as the lessons in filling out the 'EQ' Enumerator Questionair (11 inches tall, over 28 inches wide, tri fold) started to take hold. There are several other various types of forms. Each has it's own situational purpose. The rest of the class was busily assimilating the information as fast as Patrice read it from her manual. Patrice mentioned about the long hours. Her humorous assessment of "The Brain can only absorb what the 'Butt' can endure", is so true.

    I, being a 'Hardware' kind of guy, and of course not having a background in 'Documentation' (Office) of any sort, stumbled and eventually crawled through the day. I was still trying to find the forms while the rest of the intelligent class, familiar with 'forms' and not suffering from A.D.D, Were already completing the documentation. Patrice being nearby, pointed them out to me :>)

    The letters and codes were to be printed legibly in each little box. No marks outside the boxes. Only a #2 pencil was to be used. In school, remember the classroom pencil sharpener, on the wall in front of the room? Boys liked it when the girls twirled the little crank. They shook their butts to the turns of the crank. Well forget it, we all had our own little 'twisty' type in this class.
    Periodically Dale our boss (FOS), stopped in to pick up completed forms, drop off others and offer new information.

    The forms deal with each and every situation the Enumerator will encounter. The person at the door will spend about ten minutes answering the questions on the 'Basic' non response form. The easiest way to be counted in the Census, is to send in the mailed form after filling it out at home. The 'question and answer at the door in person' is the least desireable. Keep that in mind ten years from now. Judging by the workbook the enumerators have seen and heard every excuse, including total 'refusal', from the persons being interviewed.

    The enumerator is not allowed to enter the 'housing unit' during the questions, due to liabilities. In the case of female enumerators, their safety could be an issue. Apartment managers will be busy. The various forms cover such things as race (btw Hispanic is NOT a race), country of origin, sex (as of April 1st) and date of birth, and age. A 'Proxy' respondent if used, is anyone not directly related, or a neighbor willing to 'get involved'.

    A different official numbered form is used for each situation. In the case of a large family in residence, an additional form is used to collect each of their personal data. If a home is vacant, the exact reason must be documented on yet another form. Details of an unsuccessful trip, due to vacancy of a structure in case of fire or other reasons, require yet another form. No sticky notes or bits of paper. Everything requires a special numbered 'form'.

    For most of my life I was employed as a technical field engineer for multi-national corporations. Later with another company I helped start, I was offered a position as Service Manager over the technical crew I helped build, worked with and supervised. I saw the paperwork involved, and turned down the lucrative office 'desk job'. Before I was married, I only carried cash and did not even have a bank account. My brilliant 'accountant' wife has kept our books and has overseen our investments ever since.

    My career was as a field engineer on machinery and hardware, communications and data equipment. I at one time, could fix most highly technical machines with thousands of moving parts. Even now, I still can replace a garbage disposal unit, faucet assembly, sprinkler heads and valve control systems. Most vehicle maintenance I do myself. I Pilot a 55' 28,000 lb Motor Coach 'rig' across the country and go on mountain hikes without getting lost. :>)

    I was an Agriculture employee, worked with an inventor, field engineering his inventions. I sold cars, and worked construction. This paperwork and filling in the little squares, is not my 'thing' (obviously). I will stick around until the end of the four day training class for the experience and gather some knowledge of the Census.

    I am surprised I was able to get this far. Oh well I took the test for this job three times to raise the final score. I don't think they will allow me to take this training course three times though. I have learned my "limitations", as Dirty Harry mentioned to one of his 'Targets'. :>)

    Maybe return to parking lot security at the Mall? Maybe the Census people have a job as 'Courier'? I can handle that part, as long as there is not a lot of various forms with many little boxes requiring several 'codes' and scripts. I am now Finger Printed, Security Background Checked and can fill out the D-308. :>)

    BTW have you all seen the immense list of new 'Bureaus' that were magically created with the passage of the New Health Care Bill? It is phenominal the number of New 'Gummint Jobs' now out there. Lots of 'OFFICE' for everyone.

    Day Four:
    Leave home at 8:15am, drive 3 1/2 miles to the meeting site for another day of 'forms orientation'. Patrice is a great trainer. The absolute best I have ever met. She has the patience of 'Job' (the biblical one). Views everything with a positive, happy attitude that is contagious. She is the only thing that has kept me at the task at hand. If not for her, I would have left after the first four hours.

    On arrival we did a few fast corrections and my own 'trashing' of even more 'time and pay' forms. Quickly we were into yet more situations and the forms required. The use of WHOHU's, HUI's and about a dozen more 'extra' codes to be printed into the little boxes on the forms, to describe conditions encountered and dealt with.

    After a bit of 'role playing' by one more of our highly competent Enumerator trainees, and we went through the manual reading the 'situations' an Enumerator could face. Everything from Not carrying guns or Mace, to Dog Bites and the recommended wearing of 'Running Shoes'. Situations in the past have gotten a bit 'dicey' for the Enumerators.

    When Patrice mentioned the 'pairing up' for our first hours of actual 'in field' experience, I reluctantly told her of my decision to get out of the way, and let this great group of people do their new job. The small pairs of Enumerators, using their actual AA Binders (with forms of Non-Responders), will have enough to concern them without a 'tag along' slowing them down. This job is important for many reasons, not the least of which is 'Representation' and Federal Revenue Sharing.

    I am now assured, after observing and participating in the training process, the job is in competent hands. Lunch break and my announcement to the class, ended our little 'get together'. Thank you for the experience my friends. It was a fun little 'Office' affair for a definetly Physical kind of guy (BASS PRO OUTDOORS and Cabela's).

    Patrice, if you are reading this, My heartfelt gratitude is offered. I hope I wasted no one's time, or hindered their efforts by being in attendance. Your Professionalism and Personal Magnetism was 'the key' to making this one of my more memorable life experiences. You will NOT be forgotten. btw, I Hope you enjoy your new water heater. We, being very resourceful, will find another way to get to Oregon :>)

    Addendum June 20, 2010:
    Violence on an unprecedented scale, greeted many Census workers. 379... reported 'so far', with 3 weeks to go in this 2010 Census, vs only 101 total in 2000. Vicious hatred against the Government inquiring into citizens lives, is being displayed. The Official Government office spokesperson says, "No problemo, nothing unusual". Washington Post' journalist, June 20 2010, Carol Morello, in her report, "Census Workers weren't counting on Trouble", seems to disagree

  • Dogs being sent onto attack, Crossbows used in a threatening manor, Weapons brandished... and used. A metal patio table thrown in anger at the woman Census worker, at the mention of 'The Census'. Baltimore Crew Leader shot seven times, murdered while sitting in his car. Robbery at knifepoint in Richmond Virginia. Carjacking in Connecticut. Wisconsin Census taker fought off an attacker, pulling her into his apartment. Fingers crippled for life by vicious Pitbulls released to attack. Baseball bats, pickaxes and hammers used in attacks. Most non-partipants, voiced hatred against Obama, and viewed the Census takers, as his emmissaries.

    Hostility and Violence is unprecedented this year, and it's still got 3 weeks to go. Census takers say "It's not worth your life". Many have droped out of the program after being attacked. Many want to carry weapons for self defense....If they ever do it again. One man in our neighborhood, attacked our Census taker, chasing him with a baseball bat. Maybe I didn't miss out on the fun afterall?

    Update 22 June 2010:
    Hah...The Census called and asked if I wanted some more training. Of course I said Sure, what is it for? Can I get Patrice to train me? The guy said 'Follow up' and some of the same crews will be used.

    From what I recall, the Follow Up people, go to the homes of the non-responders that did respond in person, and maybe even the mail-in responders, then ask if 'they were satisfied with the Census... Hah. That is a Hoot. I wonder if the female Census worker in Wisconsin will return to the apt of the guy that tried to drag her inside? Maybe ask him if he was satisfied with her last visit? :>)

    Is this sort of like:
    "Did You enjoy your shopping experience with us today? Would you return to shop another day? Were our prices reasonable? Was the quality of the merchandise as expected? Was the clerk pleasant and did they thank you for your business? Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey. Please accept this coupon for one Free visit on your next Census. :>)

    At least I will not be asked to go to do battle with the Axe and Hammer swinging, Bat clubing, Crossbow Hunters with Pit Bulls... If so, I will just quit, and ask to be re-trained for some other 'safer' cushy 'Government' job.

    What purpose does that serve? I will get paid for my training time ...again. Mileage...again. I think I will just endlessly apply for government jobs, Attend training courses, but never do any of the actual work. :>)

    I may have found my Niche. Of course with government of today, millions of people are doing just that. I wonder where they post these Government 'Training Seminars'? I think I am getting the hang of being a 'Gummint Employee'.

    This is most intrigueing. To train, quit, then get asked if I want to train some more.

    No wonder the experts are predicting double digit inflation within the next two years. I wonder if they will 'fingerprint' me all over again? Got to keep the Fingerprint people employed.. After watching all of the CSI's, the more Fingerprints, the better. How about some nice DNA? Maybe I can apply to get that job?

    Inez, who has a Ministry in a more dependant part of Albuquerque, called to verify my attendance at her class. She sounds very nice. I told her sure, I will be there. Monday eight of us showed up at the H.S. on Candelaria, to find out what this NRFU VDC plan was. My entire previous class was there (minus a couple). Within a few hours I realized it was more of the same 'detail' work I was reluctant to do last time. This time it is even a little more intensive.

    My 308 was the same form to account for time and mileage. My friend Patrice, sat in front of me, and verified my little boxes for accuracy. Good thing, I didn't want to throw away another single one of those things. Inez started the class with several posters outlining the latest codes to be filled into the little boxes. Inez is extremely upbeat and quite attractive. This is one of the perks, get to meet nice people.

    The crew told their memorable experiences from the past few weeks. Everyone survived the rigors of the job. The posters Inez hung on the wall, told of several points to follow. Kind of a visual quick reference in itself. Questions again were answered intelligently and with minor points covered.

    Inez kept up her smiles during the questioning and commets. This crew is quite intelligent and very quick witted. They apparently do their job correctly. Inez mentioned only two former members of another crew, that were a bit difficult.

    Patrice was appointed as assistant Crew Leader (ACL) this time, and Very well received by the crew (her same crew last time). We were informed that Six times is the supposed limit for contact with some of the more difficult 'Non-Responders' Phone calls were saved for last resort.

    If hostile confrontation occured, the rules state, that same Enumerator would never see that particular address again. It would be given to an Enumerator with more experience and persuasion talent (a 'closer':>) Many ways to address the reluctance of the hostile 'non-responders' were listed in our Enumerator Manual. Our Job aid manual gave the page by page directions for locating the proper response to each agument.

    Maintain enthusiasm, always smiling and friendly, works better than an authoritarian approach (Enumerators don't really have any power anyway). Staying Calm and Listening patiently to all of the objections, then knowing the correct response to each, is tantamount to success in this job.

    Many people have those quality traits in this crew I have had the priviledge to associate with (twice now:>). Ice Breaker comments are a good way of starting off on the right tone at the door. Like the 'Hit on' comments made at the Bar? No, not that kind :>) Maybe compliment the dog?

    After realizing this phase of the Census is slightly more intense than the other actual 'Enumerating' phase, I declined to continue. Inez did grade my answers. She said, with five points off, it was not bad for my only working from memory on the test...yes Test.

    I turned in my new bag and manuals with no pen or pencil marks on the pages. I turned in my new badge and all PII. Yep I recalled that directive from the last class. No Personal Information is to be divulged. Experienced Darcy the FOS, stopped by to leave some comments. One was that the office had 'overhired'. I then had little remorse to leave the program. The rest of this dedicated crew, could then put to good use, the extra hours..

    Maybe one of these times the Census will call, and the job will be 'Just Right'. I was looking forward to this job as being only verifying 'Vacancy locations'. Not quite that simple, as I found out. Details are better handled by 'Detail Oriented' people. Possibly with a government employee past? Oh well, I have not ever been 'fired' :>)

    One fun note: Attractive Patrice is interested in answering a few 'Casting Calls'. We may work together 'On Set' some time :>)

    After all, this is still The United States of America, "One Nation Under God"
  • Bee's Swarming

    I had built a couple of very large Flikker, Hawk and Owl houses out of our old 'Jemez Mountain' barn wood a few years ago. One Son put one high in a tree. It was used by a family of Hawks one year. He has Hawks often looking around for a home. I may have to build him another one, seeing as the Bees have occupied his original. We have the other 'Hawk Hive'. Both are prolific 'Bee Colonies' presently. These 'Hawk Hives' produce swarms quite often.

    Yesterday a 'Bee' man (Jim Hess) came and rescued two swarms from a tree near our 'Hawk Hive'. He was happy to get them, his first swarms for the year. They are really nice little Bees. We were happy to save their lives. When I called the county extension service, she told us who to call. As a young 'Buck', working with my connon sense (rare today), multi-talented, French-Canadian Grandfather, I had helped harvest honey from his Bee Hives.

    Three days after our present Bee colony swarmed, the weather got really cold here in New Mexico. (under 40 degrees) Windy and rainy, just as they finished their 'Swarm' (deciding who goes with which Queen) they formed into two 'Bee Balls'. Their 'scouts' went out and could not find a desireable cavity to move into. Without a home, they started to build a small 'comb' of intricately designed 'bee's wax', right on the tree branch (visable in above image, at 1 o'clock). They most likely would have all died while their swarm was blown apart, and if Jim didn't get them into proper hives. It snowed again on our mountain last night.

    Fun to watch the Bee man capture his new swarms. He climbed the ladder, held a cardboard box under the 'Bee Ball' and bounced their branch down on the box.

    They all dropped into the box in one clump, he taped it shut and the box was a 'buzzin'. The second swarm was a little more difficult. Higher in the tree, they sort of missed the box and fell all around him and the tree. Apparently the Queen got in though. He taped all openings, but one small thumb sized hole where the Queen's Pherimone (smell) could waft out. Within about 20 minutes, the rest of the Bees (well most of them) all flew into the little hole and joined the queen. "They will live happily ever after". :>)

    The larger eyed Drones (slightly larger and 'buffed out') live and fly but one time, to Mate with the Queen (slightly longer) on her only 'Wedding flight'. Drones can not even feed themselves upon maturity and die soon after their 'Sex'.

    The loud buzzing frenzy during the formation of the two swarms, was what attracted me to the yard during their 'Orgy'. I stood in among them with no threats, amazed by the clouds of fuzzy little airborne bodies. Drones can not sting. They and all of the other swarm, are interested in one thing only..Sex and it's outcome. The Queen stores their 'fertilyzer' in chambers for use in her lifetime career, the egg laying process. If she is not really good at it, another queen is fed 'Royal Jelly' and created by the workers (females). The 'daughter' will then seek out and kill her 'Queen Mother' and take over the hive. Sort of like some Historical families?

    'Dadant' online, sells Bee Hives
  • even for do it yourselfers. They are $115 for the starter 'Garden Hive'. The 'Do it yourself' hive assembly kit is $59 and you can put it together in your garage. Looks like a person handy with tools, could earn a few dollars. This site also among other interesting things, has kits for Mead (honey beer) soap and candles. Bees are having trouble at this time. They can be perfectly healthy, and within two weeks, their population can all 'collapse'. Help Bees prosper at every opportunity, Our lives depend on Them to pollinate our crops...
    Never ever kill or wreck havoc on a swarm. Call your County Extension Agency.

    During a quick pass through a Goodwill store (one of my passtimes), I found a large hinged (easy to clean out) wooden box of the same shape and size of our 'Hawk Hive'. I stopped in at Lowe's and bought an 8' x 12" x 3/4" pine board to complete the enclosure using stainless steel screws, a sloping roof with overhang. Now to quickly finish this other Hawk Hive and hang it in another remote area of the yard.

    I also used Linseed Oil on the outside of the other one, and the Bees didn't seem to mind. Hopefully a few bees swarming, will send out their 'scouts'. They will recognize their ancestral Hawk Hive configuration and start a New Colony. Creating 'Swarms' is a fun way to help Bees. :>)
    In The United States of America, our "One Nation Under GOD"
  • Monday, April 12, 2010

    Texas Touring, Camping Holiday Rambler

    The Holiday Rambler motor coach was sitting suspended on it's 'landing gear' in the back yard, for the last 6 months. After returning from the last trip to Oregon Coast

  • it had deserved a rest. Stored it for winter, filled with fuel and treatment. The Camping World 'ADCO' RV cover, 'sun rotted' away after about two seasons (less than 12 months total) in the always harsh UV of the NM sunshine. The 'CLASSIC' cover with white double layer top panels is/was sold online Walmart. It lasted far better. Not covering for storage, leads to rapid degradation of finish and seams, where panels join, start to separate from the heat expansion. The slide out awnings suffer from the sun and rot away where exposed (did a report on restoring the awnings, earlier). Covers cost a bit, but save much more.

    Changed the oil (should have done it on return, but weather wasn't pleasant). Anyone tried the New (Pep Boys) Purolator 'Gold' Oil Filters? Great construction, gritted texture outside with 'red silicone' gasket, AND anti-drainback valve as well. NAPA also has similar 'Gold' series. It holds 1/2 qt more oil. I have been using that type for the last few trips with great success. I tried the even larger NAPA 2 qt series, but found too late, it had No Anti-Drainback valve. No problem on a long trip, with short periods of stand down, but if in storage, it would surely allow the upper lube system of block, to drain down.

    Moly-Grease (withstands high pressure) all of the numerous fittings (13) in the drive line and steering linkage. Fill the 60 gallon water tank, adding a cup of Clorox (we do not drink the water from that tank). Fresh water tank is used for washing, shower and flushing purposes. Bottled water, refilled with sturdier clear plastic gallon containers from the Dollar Store (the common milk container type breaks with flexing, during mountainous elevation changes common in western state touring), tastes far better, with less hassle and extravagant wastefulness of fresh water, while attempting to thoroughly flush the entire system.

    Test the water heater on both LP and AC. Test the auto-switching refrigerator on AC and LP. Amazing, all systems came alive on 'power up'. Even the 5500 watt generator started with only a few spins. One quart of Marvel Mystery Oil poured during fill of the 75 gallon fuel tank seems to help as does a periodic additive CD2 (higher viscosity type) fuel injector cleaner.

    Wipe down and Teflon/silicone (DuPont) spray the extended struts of the landing gear before retracting. The seals will last longer without a coating of dirt being ingested during retraction. Same DuPont spray on slide arms and joints of Blue Ox Towbar. Thoroughly test and recheck tail light connector assy's mounted on towed vehicle. Cleaning the connector pins, saves frustration of following vehicle drivers.

    Carry out enough clothing of various predetermined weather variance. Shoes to allow for a few cactus and rock canyon hikes. Texas has a bit of that. After a Prayer to protect the house left in the hands of an alert neighbor, we started our 'Take Off Roll'. The Wind was along the Southern half of the state, so we headed due East this trip. Nice traveling along the I-40 Interstate to Clines Corners, where we then turned South to Roswell NM, over 100 miles away. The touring 'Alien' fans were in abundance as usual, visiting and touring the local museum and items related to the 1947 'Crash site'. Those crashing UFO's leave a real mess :>)

    The Sam's club/Walmart lot north end of town, was our evening campsite. We stocked up with many food and supply items still required. A quiet evening, a hike around the area, and slept well. Morning wake up, and departure for Big Spring Texas. The Oil Fields were busy. The price of Oil is around $80 US dollars a barrel, so the well service crews are all working.

    According to a friend I met at the Walmart fuel station in Big Spring, The yearly well service is now worth doing at $80 U.S. a barrel. Pulling casings in some wells, replacing the pump workings and motors in others. New Sucker rod in others. Acid treatment to open the fractured access to the oil pool and they are good for another year of pumping.

    My 'fuel friend' is working in Louisiana on a gas well at 12,000 feet (many go down to over 20,000 feet). Tricky with horizontal drilling using 'mud motors' to achieve the right angle turns into 'porosity', where casing is not used. The collector bores (often through pre-historic coal seams) are left open and explosive fractured for the gas to work it's way to the casing for retrieval. Some of them have many horizontal bores all collecting natural gas to feed up through the single or multiple casings.

    The price of natural gas is not high enough for a profit at this time. The oil profits are subsidizing the drilling work for now.
    When they hit a fault line, the bit rides up or or dives under the 'porosity'. This consumes time and money, reinserting the surface oriented 'mud motors' to find the 'porosity' strata once again.

    Nice to see thousands of oil wells, mixed among the heavily 'Tax' subsidized, imported wind turbines scattered among the cotton fields. Texas (a Republic) is resourceful and survives when other states are paralyzed by any setback in economy. Texas controls their Tax structure to keep industry operating while welcoming more companies from other highly taxed and regulated, restrictive states. Other states feed off high taxes and suppress their own funding, You would think other states (incl federal govt) would figure out, NOT to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs..

    Leaving Big Spring, after a nice quiet evening camped in Walmart lot, fuel fill at their pumps (San Angelo Sam's Club is cheaper, if possible to go the extra distance), evening Deli meal from Walmart (Furr's Cafeteria is also option), Dollar Tree, water gallons restock, McDonald's sausage biscuits and coffee for breakfast, and away we go. Heading South for eight miles. Wife's joint pains were too much for her to tolerate, so we turned around and headed home. One hundred and sixteen miles later, and several phone calls, she found out that no doctors would see her for several weeks.

    Yup.. decided to turn back around once again and spend the time on our Texas tour instead. You never know the reason for delays like this. It may have saved us from some unforeseen disaster. This time we only stopped in for a few gallons at Walmart fuel in Big Spring, continue on to San Angelo.

    The San Angelo City Park at $12 a night, is a really nice quiet place to spend the sunset gilded evening camping (fishing with license) within feet of a channel of beautiful Lake Nasworthy.

    Not many people there yet. Friday night slowly brought in more weekend 'over nighters' though. No 'party animals' yet. Matter of fact no animals other than Turkey Vultures this trip. Usually Feral Hogs (Texas has millions of 'em, bring your guns, ranchers let you shoot 'em). Lake Nasworthy is also home to Turkey Vultures, Turkeys, Peacocks. One time we watched a somewhat rare 'White' Peacock spread its beautiful tail. He was just across this channel from our campsite. Even Llamas and a donkey over there, along with lots of other birds. One trip I looked down into a 6" pipe hole I thought might contain a waste tank 'dump' connection.

    Deep in the bottom was a hopelessly trapped baby Black Rock Squirrel. After putting on a pair of leather gloves, I reached into the deep hole. The baby squirrel bit the glove and grabbed hold while pulling him out. He was dehydrated, so I poured water down the trunk of a nearby tree where I set him. He lapped it up and eventually ran off to find his mother. I placed a large rock over the open pipe. Grey and other types of squirrels are also abundant, along with a few 'Fire Ants' to keep you hoppin'..

    Crossing the Texas countryside and making only one 20 mile farm road detour across remote rural farmland, the scenery is always interesting. Agile Goats, climbing on top of every structure and into trees, are in abundance, as well as cattle of every description, even 'Longhorns' like on the old historic Chisholm Trail.

    Interesting about the 'Chisholm Trail', it was used for many years, but was only viable for about ten years, and started declining in the 1870's. By the late 1880's it was over with. The public wanted a better quality of Beef, among many other factors.

    Spain lost control of the South Texas region in the early 1800's. Their 'imported' Spanish Andalusian cattle left to roam wild, accumulated and evolved into the countless millions of 'Longhorns'. The ranchers had a joke. The poverty of a rancher could be assessed by the number of cattle he owned.

    Jesse Chisholm was an Indian trader. Not to be confused with Texas cattle ranchers named 'Chisum'. He blazed a set of trails from south Texas to the Northern Indian Territory. When Kansas and Missouri acquired railroad terminals and stockyards, Jesse Chisholm's trails were the ticket North to sell the cattle.

    A cowboy was not really graduated from 'Cowboy School' until he had ridden the trail drives at least once. One in three 'cowboys' were black or Mexican, with even a few women posing as boys or in rare cases, owning their own herds. The Mexican terminology stuck. Lariat, Chaps, Lasso, Remuda, Bandana and Mustang are used even today.

    Barbed wire was the main invention that curtailed the 'Open Range' so necessary for cattle 'driving'. The Longhorn 'Texas Fever' forced the rail terminals to move ever more West, so as to avoid the settlers not wanting the tick infested Longhorns crossing their land. Eventually the railroads came into Texas and the long cattle drives were no longer needed.

    The Trail Boss led and scouted the trail ahead, the Camp Cook (Coosie) was the second in command and was always ahead of the herd with his Chuck wagon. Breakfast was bread or biscuits and coffee. Lunch was chili or stew, bread, water or coffee (always Ink black). Supper was steak with beans, potatoes with gravy, biscuits, water or coffee.

    Most herds, depending on size, had various Riders interchanging as Point, Swing, Flank and Drag. The Wrangler was an expert horseman that maintained the Remuda of mounts for the cowboys. Stampedes were always a danger. One large herd of 15,000 Longhorns, lost thousands of cattle to a lightning storm near Waco. They ran off a bluff into a deep ravine. The herds, which started in Spring, moved 10 to 12 miles a day depending on water and grass. Several Months later they arrived at the rail head stockyard.

    Branding Irons are still used today to identify the ownership of cattle and horses. Ranch Entrance Gates are apparently a status symbol. Many are massive, intricate mechanisms and very ornate.

    Fredericksburg is one German part of the 'Hill Country' in Texas. Quaint and popular with tourists, it is always busy. The Museum of the Pacific War Theater, Admiral Nimitz home town and lots of little shops with sidewalk cafes to keep anyone lost for hours (take 'walkie talkies'). Quiet hours spent near back of Walmart lot for the night and a few hikes for exploration and provisions. We lifted off for bustling San Antonio in the morning.

    Bass 'Outdoor' Pro Shops and their great attached seafood restaurant, are always interesting for a little stopover, My wife even likes that store. She usually finds gifts for the family there. We ate near the huge salt water aquarium. The friendly manager stopped by our table, showed his recent gulf fishing pics on his cellphone, and explained that the restaurant's inside display tank water, is kept lower temperature to control algae, inter-species aggression and breeding. Hmmm, seems like one workable solution for humanity..

    Traffic was not bad around San Antonio, due to the weekend. Usually we hit it full rush hour, so this was a change for the rig and stress level in the cab. One night at the San Antonio 'Alamo' KOA and a morning side trip in the Jeep
    to 'Sea Island seafood restaurant', with a stop at Costco for blueberries for my breakfast. ('Dog Food' as my wife and grand children refer to my concoction of blueberries, chopped apple, raw oatmeal, raw rolled  rye, walnuts and plain Yogurt and cinnamon. Back to San Antonio KOA for another night.

    This trip, the Muscovy Ducks are nesting on eggs.
    They sit on about 15 at a time, no wonder they are so prolific at this campground. Two fearless 'sitting ducks' were right by the office door and camper deck near the office. Time for an evening beer outside, contemplating the ambiance. Me, not the ducks.          Note: on trip of Oct 2012 (see post), the Ducks once plentiful, were nowhere as numerous (saw only One). The Duck oasis office flower box pictured, is now removed as KOA 'improvements' are made. West Nile virus (another International 'Import') is now rampant in Texas, with the Mosquito population on the rise. Treasure this image, it is all that remains until the Duck population restores itself. 
    The little stream flowing along the edge of this KOA park, often has very large Alligator Gar, sloshed in from flooding. Mostly the fishing line gets broken from large soft shell Turtles. I recommend a slightly heavier line and a net for retrieval if you want to save your lures and hooks.

    Following day, made a Jeep trip to New Braunfels and 'Camping World'. Found a great priced and wonderful to use, dial type pressure gauge for the big high pressure coach tires (110 psi) It was only $9 U.S. and ranged up to 160 psi. Needed a small black plastic 'raising' gear for the Winegard Antenna. Seems that Holiday Rambler techs left off two important screws when mounting the 'Antenna Up' sensor magnet switch. The alarm never lit or sounded (I had added a Radio Shack buzzer). We drove for about 200 miles from Roswell with it in the raised position. It was only saved from total destruction, by a concerned 'Guardian Angel' that walked over and told us about it, just as we were about to drive into a covered fuel station at Big Springs Walmart.

    The raising gear was broken and only a bit of my rooftop bouncing of the antenna, while co-pilot nursed the 'in coach' crank back down, saved the winged 'Winegard' TV antenna. One more night at KOA in the rain and we left for the Prime Outlet and Tanger Mall complex near San Marcos on the next day.

    After a little shopping, sharing a delicious Starbucks Frozen Mocha Latte, we drove on to the nearby little Lockhart State Park (CCC built in the 1930's) for two nights. Golfers love this little park. It also has a nice big family swimming pool. Texas 'prisoners' wearing black and white striped clothing like in the old movies, maintain the entire complex.

    The park ranger told us about recently stocking over 1,200 Large mouth Bass in the stream. I caught three feisty Bass and one plump Catfish on cut pieces of raw shrip from the grocery store. None were of acceptable length of 14 inches. More rain, we left for the next stop at the new Cabela's Sporting Goods, near Buda Texas. Now Cabela's is my kind of store. Their 'Animal displays' are magnificent on the indoor mountain. I could spend an entire day in there.

    Co-pilot patiently waited in the coach reading her book, and doing her Sudoku, so I did not do a long visit. Lots of guns and ammo in stock. The shortage must be diminishing, at least in well armed, safe and peaceful Texas. Everybody is polite in Texas. Lots of Please, Thank You, Pardon me, Yes sir, No sir. Fair and equal Texas is partly due to countless thousands of 'Certified Concealed Carry' Citizens in among the general population. Their education system is not too shabby either. :>)

    Next day, after more rain, we drove on to one of our favorites, 'Inks Lake State Park'. This chain of lakes are U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 'Dam' controlled, and vary by approximately one foot each day (still flood occasionally). Last year Buchanon Lake was really low. I hiked part way across the bottom. This years rain is slowly filling it again, only ten feet low now behind the interesting 'Buttressed' Buchanon Dam. Rain and more rain along with co-pilot's aches and pains, dictated a short trip. Met friendly campers at every night's camping site, this was no exception. Too bad the visit was cut short.

    We could not get another nights reservation at Ink's, due to solid weekend bookings. If you desire uncomplicated evenings, make reservations at most Texas State Park. They are in demand at all times. They also have many cabins for those visitors without campers or tents. Remember that No fishing licenses are required when staying in the well stocked Texas State Park system.

    The next morning, after co-pilot having a painful night and wanting to go home, we disconnected from facilities and pulled out for our home base. Only after traveling for a hundred miles did I notice my Jeep keys were lost. Probably in the grass at the campsite. Called and left message at the park. Hopefully the little AAA tag will help them find home. Only an intelligent finder will realize to send them to AAA. One can only hope and Pray. The remote 'smart key' is expensive and troublesome to replace.

    Working our way back to Big Spring Walmart for the night, while driving into the wind, was slow going. More rain and wind on this trip than previous. After a McDonald's breakfast nearby, we mossied North against more wind and rain. A long four Hundred mile day, brought us home. Fuel economy was non-existent against the incessant wind. The hundreds of wind turbines around Big Spring were happily spinning in the 19mph wind.

    Last time we traveled through, oil was too low and the 'oil patch' was not even operating. This time is different and even the cotton is planted early in some fields. The large wheeled irrigation systems were parked at the edges of the fields. They all have the 'low sprinkler' heads that conserve water. Colorado seems to not have caught on about those water saving devices.

    With all of this wet weather, this years crops should be excellent, like in the past. A Good combination, Oil Patch in the cotton fields, with 'Gummint' subsidized Wind Turbines for extra income. Now that's my kind of business. Texas is doing great, San Antonio is booming. Urban sprawl is in progress, new highway construction of a 37 mile by-pass is under way, just as the beautiful past projects are winding down.

    As we drove along this highway North from Roswell, we recalled helping the old man stranded without gas along this desolate stretch of highway last trip. He was traveling on Faith alone. No money, no gas just waiting for anyone kind enough to stop and add fuel to the tank on the old Ford Camper.

    Wind and more wind. Fuel gauge kept dropping, but estimate enough to arrive in ABQ at 5:30pm. Costco fill up, then home to spend a little time at Son and Daughter-in law's for a nice baked chicken strip meal. Now to wash the filthy Jeep and Motor Coach. The front lawn grass likes the wash water.

    Unloading is a project. The refrigerator kept going into failure mode on this trip, due to wet weather. I stopped frequently, ran the generator and used a small hair dryer to restart the circuit board out of 'fail' mode. It is mounted within the outside access panel. I am installing a screen on the inside of the panel door, maybe that will help a little on future wet weather trips.

    The fact that Holiday Rambler technicians failed to use little screws to hold the automatic magnetic safety switches in place on the antenna and also on the step re-tractors (had to replace the entire retractable step assembly), have resulted in unnecessary, very expensive problems. Sticky tape just doesn't 'cut it' guys. Smarten up. Good thing you are not 'Aircraft Technicians'.

    Previous trips blogged, were far more extensive than this little one of over 1,800 miles through only 'The Hill Country' of Texas (big isn't it?:>) Too short of a trip this spring, never got to really stop and smell these prolific roadside 'Bluebonnets'. This year was a bumper crop. This picture shows a little of the carpet of flowers, that covers most of the Hill Country this time of year.

    Arrived home, unloaded and the next day, parked the rig in the grass, Washed it from the roof down. Noticed lots of loose fittings and vent covers to be repaired on the roof. The awning over the slide out room, started to rip again on the corners. The wind 'rattles' it to death when parked camping, with 'slides out'.

    Climbed and moved the ladder about 50 times working alone, removing the awning cover, removing tension, and sewing and restoring the awning fit. To retain the fabric, Inserted black 1/4 inch irrigation tubing into both ends. Inserted long screws into both ends of channel to retain the tubing. Both ends of the clear tubing supplied by the awning repair company, had shrunk back.

    Later I will do a nice, fast easy 'Eagle One' Spray Wax, the wash/wax will have to suffice for now. One other 'tip' is to buy a foam 'noodle' from the dollar store. Cut it in half and slice one side. Slide it under the wiper part of the windshield wiper blades, to protect them from the UV of the sun. They will last far longer stored within the protection of 'the noodle' while at rest on the windshield.

    As soon as my co-pilot gets over her health affliction, we hope to get away a little more, after my new 'Career' with the U.S. Census. I start the job training on the 27th of April and tentatively work for 11 weeks. I definitely will blog that little 'Gummint Employment' stage in my life, whether I complete it or not :>)

    There is a new 'Western' film being done in NM ( I have signed on for consideration as 'Background' in that one (I like Westerns). Also is always looking for 'talent'. :>) Times are now tough in NM filming. In the past, in spite of my age, I worked very often in the film industry, 44 films were working in NM at any given time. Now no more than 17, and I am rarely considered due to budget constraints. This OBAMA administration, with full support from the voting Un-knowledgeable, is shutting down the Freedom based economy of the USA with insurmountable debt and predictable taxation. Day by day, executive order by executive order, This sitting International president is striving for world 'equality' ...with Zimbabwe.

    Travel for enjoyment combined with Education, Enjoy life and opportunity in the United States of America. The greatest and most Freedom based nation the world has ever known. "One Nation Under GOD".
  • Thursday, April 01, 2010

    New Mexico Victims of Violence

    Every one of these research-able incidents I am about to tell in these following stories, occurred in the state of New Mexico over the past 30 plus years. My focused interest allowed me to realize the Evil Propensities of mankind. As You may ascertain, I am not a lover of 'Anti-Gun' activists... I hold Them responsible..

    I view anti-gun activists as 'society programmed', Emotional, wanna believers, in a dream state of their own created Utopia. Sorry to disillusion them... but, 'Reality' is Not a show on TV. But This sure is... AMW TV

  • Also is the fact that Our U.S. Government will NOT defend Our borders. Here are just a few of the cases in point

  • I plead for women to consider taking the course in Certified Concealed Carry, whether young or old. College age women are especially attractive to the male with an all too Human, Behavioral problem. Gee, Never would have guessed that...

    In most all cases of violence, 'He' (attacker is rarely female) has had numerous 'conflicts' with law abiding society. Most noticeable, is the purposeful legal hiding of his juvenile record. The Word ..NO.. is one they 'can not' deal with. It follows them throughout life and a trail of devastated innocent lives is constantly found in it's wake. Sexual deviancy and violence is Never Programmed out.

    Pray that your life is shielded from these 'Behavior Challenged' individuals. I guarantee that IF You ever cross one of them, Your life, if you survive, WILL be forever 'altered'.

    As is often said, "The best Defense is a good Offense".
    'Certified Concealed Carry' courses are ongoing in every city and state. avail Yourself of the knowledge. In itself, it is power. Defend Your 2ND amendment Right. Your life may depend on it one day. Now read these story's about just a few of 'The VICTIMS' of Career, Violence Prone Repeat Offenders, encouraged to roam among Law Abiding Citizens in the State of New Mexico alone. Don't feel smug, your own state has far more than you can imagine.

    I have endlessly heard people remark.."What are you afraid of. Why do you carry a gun"?

    Well 'Fear' is not the reason, Self preservation is. It isn't hard to figure out, when every day you read about a legal system encouraged, Career, Violence Prone, Repeat Offenders, Violently changing an innocent Law Abiding Citizens entire life...forever.

    New Mexico had our own local 'OJ'. We had an 'incident' years ago. Pretty university cheerleader and her escort a popular Sports Star, stopped in at the local University area Pub, really busy popular place.

    They parked a distance away. Left early, walking through the alley to their car. A local, Career, Violent, Repeat Offender, casually walked toward them. One fast 'Slash' to his throat, and our university star was pumping out blood, gagging and choking on the ground for his life.

    The Violence Prone, Career Offender then turned his attention to HER. according to one source, Picking her up and hanging her on the alley fence, he violently raped her for an extended time. added note: the rape according to other sources, was not consummated.

    The popular star died writhing on the pavement. It only made the news because of the Star Player Gabe Nava, not because of Her Rape.

    Good thing we didn't have legal 'CCW' (concealed carry weapon) at that time a 'GUN' might have been involved. The Career Offender would not have been still in prison (possible parole now imminent). The News Media, all too predictably would have attacked the 'star player' for using a 'Gun' in that alley.

    Whew... things could have gotten Bad..
  • Added note correction. Gabe's sister informed his throat was Not slashed and the rape was Not consummated.

    Yet another for you 'deniers'. I know how you hate 'Firearms', so gnarl on this one for a while. Pretty College student arrived home from grocery store to fix a turkey dinner for her fiance.

    She had been followed, dragged from the driveway of her home, and disappeared into the population of the city. Police were called to the apparent crime scene of groceries scattered about, her car door open.

    Her ATM card was used. Camera showed a young man and vehicle in background. Intense citywide search was on. Weeks later, vehicle was finally identified, Search warrant issued.

    As Predictable, social misfits Career, Violence Prone Repeat Offenders were brought in for questioning.
    One 'Toadie' (always seems to be at least one) told the story. The young beautiful woman was to be sold into the Porn trade, 'after' being totally demoralized in the 'Sex' aspect.

    Things went against their (4 of them) plan so they finished up with her many days of extended 'Body workout' at their apt. The trip to the mountains was filled with her pleading '"I won't Tell", "I won't tell"! Her tortured body of that 'once beautiful' young woman, was dragged, kicking and screaming, to a lonely side road, killed and stuffed into a cold frozen culvert.

    Toadie pleaded states evidence for his own release, took officers to her frozen corpse. Reportedly committed suicide later. Evidence linking him to murder was 'misplaced'... He was released back into society.

    Her fiance, devastated by the description of her terror filled final weeks, worked out his utter frustration, by becoming fully trained in the 'Deadly' martial Arts, becoming a 'Combat' firearms expert, and btw, he is not... 'Anti-Gun.

    Women, please reconsider your 'Programed' aversion to firearms. Consider taking the Certified Concealed Carry course.
    The amount of despair You will leave behind, would be unbearable to Your family.
    New Mexico Serial Killer:
    One more local story for you 'sports fans'. Several years ago young local women began disappearing randomly. Yep.. University town Albuquerque New Mexico.

    Yep they were involved in some unsavory practices. Last year a dog was running around the mesa and brought a bone to it's owner. Well the police started digging. About 9 months later using forensics, all 11 sets of female remains were identified.

    Seems it all ended at about the time an 'escort' waiting for his 'fiance' to come out from her 'date's home. The escort saw the guy actually stuffing her strangled body into the trunk of his car.

    Naturally the 'escort' pulled his Concealed weapon and permanently 'offed' the Bad date. The disappearances stopped..mysterious wasn't it. Police surmise that 'date' was the 'Serial Strangler. Gotta hand it to em there.. they also still suspect a local nearby Interstate truck stop as a possible staging area as well.

    911 works, they show up and chalk and tape the scene. Too bad none of the other girls 'carried'. This Bad Behavior might have been ended before it began..

    Now pray tell us again, about 'civilized' society not needing a weapon for self defense.....
    Hollywood Video Slaughter:
    How about another one? Border states along Interstate highways are quite 'lively', what with Transients and all. Young people closing up the local Hollywood Video. One young man's Grandparents were waiting for them to close up, waiting to give their grandson a ride home.

    Career Violent Repeat Offenders, say where have we seen that phenomenon before? got in and lingered until closing.

    'Violent Killer Dude' and his Career Druggie 'girlfriend', then forced everyone to the back of the store, opened the safe, laid everyone on the floor and executed all but the grandparents. Made them drive to the nearby mountains and executed them as well. Body bags... five or more.. if memory serves me.

    I Sure wish the grandparents or store manager was 'armed' on that night. Odds would have been a little more even..
    New Mexico was not 'CCW' legal back then...Tis now.. nearly 20,000 Law Abiding Citizens as of today..

    Las Cruces Bowling Lanes:
    Got one more from a NM border city on an Interstate Hwy. The Las Cruces Bowling alley was just opening. The machine guy and his little daughter had arrived. Gradually the restaurant mgr and the alley mgr all got there, with family helpers.

    The two dark complexioned guys that showed up about then, were definitely not friendly. They grabbed what little cash they could, executed everyone including the little girl.

    One lady faked death and dragged herself to put out the evidence burning fire, set by the 'Bad Boys' as they left. Evidence sketchy, No other witnesses. Never solved in spite of AMW TV. Body bags..about five. Happened 'before' CCW legal in the state. No one there (except the Bad Boys) 'carried', because it was against the law. Kinda like a 'Gun Free Zone'?

    Legislators passed 'CCW' after that little fiasco and a couple more. No way to know how many unarmed, missing victims are dead and buried along the desolate highways of the great South West.

    'CCW' has surely slowed that 'Bad Behavior' thing in our state of New Mexico. Now if only the government legal system, would do something about the 'Career Violence Prone, Repeat Offenders, we might have a fighting chance in this uniquely Lawyer infested Country.

    BTW heard that CALIFORNIA recently turned loose about 5,000 prisoners, not really bad they say..
    Get Your Certified CCW. Vote for the lawmakers that protect Your second Amendment Right. Your Life and those of Your loved ones, depends on it..

    Address the Behavior, not the Device...

    Tara leigh Calico;
    Story time....Again... I can use her name now. College student Tara Calico was offering promise for the future, brilliant, honors student, physical fitness buff, absolutely Gorgeous young woman. Often during the week, Tara was seen riding her bicycle a short distance from her home, on a quiet nearby highway.

    One afternoon she did not return. Tara's parents went in search of her,.... before notifying local Sheriff's dept. Of course 'they (Sheriff's dept)' were adamant she would return .....eventually, maybe 'after' 24 hours.

    After an enraged community that knew her, pressured an investigation, along with a group of searchers, the scene of the beginning of her terror filled ordeal was discovered.

    The tracks of Tara's bicycle led off the pavement, to a fence. Particles of thread indicated she attempted to climb over the fence, but was dragged back to a waiting vehicle. The bicycle had also been removed. Police suspected a pair of local Career, Violent Repeat Offenders, but as usual, had no hard evidence to do a legal search.

    Within a year, a mysterious photograph showed Florida, thousands of miles from her NM home. Her parents tentatively identified her in the back of a van, bound and gagged, with terror in her eyes, along side a young boy also tied.

    John Walsh of America's Most Wanted, did Tara's story. Case never solved. Parents both died, living a thoroughly devastated life...after moving to Florida where the photograph was found..

    Good thing Tara was living a safe 'Gun Free' life, and attending a 'Gun Free' School. Local police seemed to know who did it, but no solid evidence was found to bring a case to trial. They pulled it off, roaming free. Some say they died during their lives of violence, some say they are still around..

  •  BTW That same 'Gun Free School' just had another 'Throat slashing'.

    A 41 year old female student walking to her car, is alive only because of the students in a nearby classroom knowing radical first aid. She is now secluded and fearful of returning to UNM. If she, as well as Tara, had been allowed to 'Carry' she might have been equally as strong as her attacker, but not in a..... 'Gun Free Zone'..

    I find it difficult to think of Beautiful Tara Calico today, what she might have been.. I will tell Her story for the rest of my life.. Just to cause people to think, rather than 'Emote' their feelings 'against' Gun ownership.

    Women, and the men that care for you, take the Certified Concealed Carry course, even if You never intend to Carry.
    The education alone could Change Your life...
  • Katie Sepich:
    Like those other ones? thought not..well here's another one to twist your undies. Pretty college student with a promising future, left a party early. College town, Mexico border city of Las Cruces New Mexico on Interstate hwy I-10.

    Never arrived at her apartment. Her family, always used to her calls, notified friends, search was begun friends. Police will not respond for many, many hours.. all girls are considered as 'runaways' for 24 hours.

    Local Dump site 'lovers park', finally checked. Burned beyond description, was the remains of that beautiful college student. Time passes, with life long painful, sleepless nights. devastated family members wondering Why...Who?

    Eventually enough evidence gathered to make an arrest of guess what..Career, Violence Prone, Repeat Offender. That night, filled with Terror, Violence, Torture and of Course a night of loving, extended, repeated Rape.

    Naturally with an 'anti-Gun' atmosphere on most every College campus, this beautiful young woman was safely 'unarmed'. According to predictable Hysteria of emotional News Media driving the agenda, she was much 'safer' that way.

    Latest note: 'Katie Sepich's mother has worked endlessly to get the U.S. Congress to enact legislation requiring arrested 'Felons' to be DNA registered. The U.S. House of Reps has passed it. It is known as 'Katies Law'
  • That was the key to finding her daughter's killer.... three years later btw.

    He testified that he saw her walking home, tried to get her into his car, turned around, followed her and caught her at the side window of her home. Raped and strangled her there, before 'dumping' and Burning her body soaked in alcohol. His Excuse, he "Just Lost It", Oh well..... The Worthless piece of CR-P.... He will eventually be released from prison. Are 'YOU' ready to meet him... some night? BTW this was not his 'First Rodeo'. Read the link. This is one Bad 'Illegal Immigrant' being perpetually supported by the US tax PAYERS...

    He also is a 'Career', Repeat, violent Offender that 'assaults others' for entertainment. Now.. what state is enforcing their U.S. Constitutional laws, to check upon arrest, for 'Illegal' Immigrant status? ARIZONA Governor Jan Brewer as well as Sheriff Joe Arpaio are being attacked in the Leftist Liberal Media (it restricts the 'Voters' for Liberal Leftists). This administration is actually 'Suing' Sheriff Joe. If possible support Sheriff Joe. National Support Center, PO Box 8897, Pueblo Colorado, 81008-8897

    This Present U.S. Administration is getting twisted undies and joking (on You Tube)
  • over that new Arizona Anti-Crime Immigration law, signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, sign up for her moral support
  • Could it be that this current 'Pres' (the Joker) himself would be hard pressed to prove his own legal 'status'. His own mystery qualifications for being a US President?
    He sure loves to cuddle up to El Presidente Calderon of Mexico, while berating 'Our' U.S. Congress and Arizona. 2012 can not come soon enough for the sanity of the Voters in the USA. Time to press the 'Flush' lever.________________________________________________________
  •  Susan Johanna Hill: (pen name)
  • Here is another one for your bed time stories..
    The attractive young woman, 26 years of age, was traveling in a cross country caravan, became lost and turned off Interstate 40 onto East Central. Near midnight, tired and low on cash, she stopped in at a Circle K for a quick snack. A young man the clerk described as a regular, started a conversation, gave the woman his local business card (bouncer at nearby BJ's lounge), and offered to pay 10 dollars for a ride to his apt complex.

    Within minutes she realized how grave that mistake was..... After the Violent Rape in a nearby vacant lot, and 'board' bashing in of her skull, he left her lifeless body laying in the vacant dirt lot. She miraculously survived his brutal attack of final 'devastation', and crawled for help.

    With her detailed mental notes of her attacker, and prayers for her survival, she managed to recover. Her description of the attacker, resulted in his arrest. DNA was not allowed in Albuquerque at that time. Her testimony and the evidence gathered at the scene, 'his sperm in her vomit', resulted in his conviction. Her attack resulted in DNA being a necessary tool for all ensuing cases.

    She is now writing a book on her near death experience n 1988. 'Susan Joanna Hill' is her pen name. This crime perpetrated by a Career, Violent Repeat Offender, (he had done a similar crime when he was only 16) was carried out 'before' the States had begun Certified Concealed Carry Certification. Much devastation to innocent law abiding citizenry, has been encouraged by the Liberal court systems. Certified CCW is one way to discourage this Violent Repeat behavior.
    Acception of Destruction of your life, is one option.....without it.


  • UNM...again. Young Woman... Victim:
  • Another young woman returning to school to improve her education, moving into her small apartment not far from the college, was intensely observed by two teenaged 'Boys' from nearby apartments. They struck up a 'friendly' conversation and helped her to move her belongings. During the 'helping' they became sexually 'aroused'. Huh, who would have thought? Naturally, boys being boys (some are far more 'in-sertive' than others), they decided to 'Insert' themselves into her..Life. These were Not nice boys from a Traditional Family. 'Feral' Families being the source of approximately half the children born today across the USA, their Dysfunctional Dependency Addicted home situation is now considered 'normal'? 
  • They slashed her throat, while forcibly Inserting themselves 'into' her life. Being a fighter and not particularly enjoying their company, she died violently.... as they Raped her repeatedly. Being considered 'Children', by the "It's For the Children" court system, they served minimal time and are back out circulating among innocent law abiding society, enjoying great 'hunting'. Now doesn't that give you a warm fuzzy feeling? Kind of makes me wish she had been armed, but that's just me, an old romantic. Added note: Of course she would have faced racial agenda driven, anti-gun media fanned charges, just as George Zimmerman has. The UN would probably get involved and her life would be ruined. Gee, things could have gone Bad...
    More Victims of this Nation and the World's Most Wanted

  • These are just a few of the New Mexico State Police 'Unsolved' cases

  • Please Women, forget what the 'anti-gun' Men say, they like you Weak, the more helpless you are, the better...'for them'. Please attend a Certified Concealed Carry Course
  • whether You ever intend to Carry or not. The education alone is worth every dollar.

    Protect Your 2ND amendment Right. It not only protects the 1st, it will one day protect society.... Your society.. Join and support the NRA it is Your Voice against the Anti-Gun, Control obsessed, segment of society.

    BTW the United Nations (Useless UN) is attempting through 'UN Treaty' to Disarm the citizens of the United States of America (good luck fools). I recently read on Reuters, that 'HILLARY CLINTON' signed this piece of worthless CR-P?. BTW In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and´╗┐ exterminated. Ready for that, U.S. Citizens? I thought Not..

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million 'Armenians', unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    Once prosperous Rhodesia became Bloodthirsty ZIMBABWE with the guise of 'Firearm Control' Socialism under Totalitarinism with Robert Mugabe.

    There are 100's of these 'Anti-Gun' examples in history. With an avowed Anti-Gun U.S. President, his administration and Secretary of State, in dealings with UN officials...Be aware, vote wisely, your family's life and FREEDOM depends on it.

    Be confident, be safe, BE ARMED, enjoy Your life of Freedom in these United States of America, One Nation Under God.
  • The comment below is described in many links. This is just one news broadcast on You Tube. GARY and LINDA HASS