Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Celtic Woman, Beer for my Horses, CSI ABQ

Usually I don't 'Hyper' links into my text on blogger because 'Blogger' is an older version 'html' program and takes a few minutes, but this, along with all of the other, 'CELTIC WOMAN' is spectacular. "I Am The Voice" sung by a very pretty, Lisa Kelly, accompanied by Orchestra and of course the very talented Mairead Nesbit, one of the worlds most beautiful and accomplished 'dancing' violinist's. Pay special attention to the dueling 'Quasimodos' on the big drums. You can always return and read my next story.

"I Am The Voice"


Here is the latest interesting looking film to be 'shot' in New Mexico. Of course I like the sound of it already. It has 'Beer' and 'Horses' in it, the words anyway. You never know how these things come out, but Toby Keith is involved so just maybe?

“Beer for My Horses,” a feature film starring country music star Toby Keith (“Broken Bridges”), and Rodney Carrington (Rodney TV series) will be shot in New Mexico.

Multi-award winner Michael Saloman will direct. Toby Keith, Donald Zuckerman (“Not Forgotten” currently prepping in Santa Fe, “Broken Bridges”), local New Mexican Brent Morris (“Monster,” “Smoke Signals”) will produce the film. T.K. Kimbrell will be Executive Producer.

The film will be shot in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and other north central New Mexico locations from February 10 through March 13, 2008. The film expects to hire approximately 75 New Mexico crew members, 25 SAG principal roles and 350 background talent.

“Beer for My Horses” tells the story of two best friends that work together as deputies in a small town. The two defy the Sheriff and head off on an outrageous road trip to save the protagonist’s girlfriend from drug lord kidnappers.

This isn't the only film scheduled, but I like the sound of this one. I liked Toby Keth's song "Beer For My Horses" ("Whiskey For My Men"), as well. You may check on the highlited 'casting Calls' in the right sidebar for others you think may be interesting. They may be found, (click on) 'In Production' or 'for Locals' or 'Bulletin Board'. Let me know what you think?.

"CSI ALBUQUERQUE", Merry Christmas to Me?

On another happy note and surprise Christmas gift, as I consider it, My 9MM Smith and Wesson Semi automatic pistol. Out of our distaste for becoming 'Victim's, All cautious USA motorhomers are armed to the teeth, due to our Nomadic and Remote camping lifestyle. Of course neccesitated by our Liberal, lenient, US legalistic system of 'Catch and Release', for multiple repeat offenders. It was stolen out of our Motorhome in our driveway, the night before we left on a trip 3 years ago.

I received 2 form letters from our ABQ Police dept on the 21st of December (we at first thought it was a traffic notice), stating that the long lost weapon and it's spare 14 round clip, had been recovered. Will wonders never cease? I had long ago thought of it as totally lost. It was one of my favorite handguns of all time.

Well at one time I carried an extremely accurate Colt 357 magnum for personal and family security (yup, wife is a proficient gun handler also), Our weapons have never been used in anger on anyone of course. Maybe we don't look like we are going to be easy victims?

A friend needed a weapon for his new job in Bank Security. I reluctantly sold the 357to him. He recently retired without ever fireing it at anyone, over all of these years. I would suppose the knowledge that he would and could use it, prevented anyone from attempting to rob the many various banks he guarded. Untold Millions of legally owned handguns are never fired in anger.

Apparently the Police recovered it shortly thereafter and used it as evidence to bring the 'Perpetrators' to justice. Of course I will never really know. I spoke with Mariann at the Albuquerque Police Department ..'FORENSICS'.. Division. I love that name already. Mariann said that they would be staying open until noon on Christmas eve.

Following her explicit directions, I drove right down, found the impressive, secure looking building, walked to the door, pushed the call button, stated my mission, and started to enter the doors. Surprise, but not really, a guard stopped me between two barrier doors. Trapped like a mouse in a live trap. He asked if I was carrying a firearm? I told him no, that's the reason I was there,.. to retreive it. I was told to unload any metal objects in, or on my person. Happily, (for me anyway), no 'cavity' search.

The tray was slid out from below the bullet proof glass, to hold every item for inspection, similar to the airport check-in gates. As I walked foreward as the armed guard commanded, the metal detector beeped and he had me check for any other metal. My military belt buckle was the culprit. One more time through the 'now silent' metal detector. Now I was clear to enter the second, electricly controlled barrier door into 'The Inner Sanctum'..

As I entered the door across the hall, to 'Evidence', Mariann and her friend behind the counter, were eating a bowl of traditional 'Posole' and a plate of 'Tamales'. Now that's the way to enjoy Christmas, with a traditional New Mexican Holliday meal.

In order to recover my weapon, which I had owned for 20 years, I had to fill out a simple 'background check' form. Easy 'yes or no', questions that allow them to find out if I am a terrorist or felon that cannot legally own a firearm.

I would imagine that most felons and terrorists do not bother to ask if they can own one anyway. I would also imagine that they surely would not fill out a form. Mariann said that it could possibly take up to 8 weeks to process the form and my gun would be protected from 'disposal' for the duration. Of course being an internet savvy 'blogger' I wonder why it takes so long? Maybe the Hollidays have something to do with it?

Happy New Year is fast approaching. Of course many people with single digit IQ's, you know, people that think that a clip of bullets fired up into the air, is an acceptable way to 'Bang' in the New Year. Remember Iraq's Sadam Hussein firing clips of AK-47 rounds up into the air in his super crowded, Palace public displays of Machismo?

Mariann was very cordial, and sent her friend to retreive only my 'clip' from the evidence vault for now. When I said that I truly loved my 9MM Smith & Wesson, and had never used it in anger, She looked at me with 'That Look' and said "I surely hope not".

The experience was not nearly as stressful as I imagined it would be. These people are most likely avid weapons specialists themselves, at least I would hope so. As I left the building, retreiving my pocket knife from the tray in the trap as I left, I had a new appreciation for a little recognised, integral division, of our societies Law Enforcement System.

Mariann use your influence and get me a job doing something, anything, in that department. I know a little something about computers. I would love to have a little part time job in, "CSI ALBUQUERQUE". Other Readers, You would not understand, it's a 'Guy Thing', ARGH!!.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Christmas Story to remember

My wife and I were invited to attend a Christmas performance with our 8 year old Grandaughter doing a dialog and solo with group singing. Little did we realize nor did her parents, that our 'I can do anything, attitude', Grandaughter played two different parts.

She had gone into her room every evening, closed the door and played the CD over and over until she had, within 5 evenings, memorised the entire 1 hour program containing 20 children. When the distraught lady directing the program, at the last minute asked for a volunteer to please play yet another part for a child that had not shown up, our grandaughter, who already played two rolls, quickly shot up her hand. "The word Negative has never been in this young lady's vocabulary"

It turned out to be the hit of the evening, as she ran back and forth laughing happily, sometimes swapping her 'mop' wig and wardrobe, as a trio of singing Wisemen, for a hand held microphone to sing her other solo parts, sometimes a Shepperd wearing a blanket, sometimes a Wiseman wearing a long garment. The audience did not know at first what was happening. This went on throughout the entire show with her original first then her second roll 'dialogs', alternating with all of her group participation singing.

Everyone soon realized what was going on and started to laugh at the lively antics required for wardrobe change and position switching, to play all of the various rolls. It was wildly entertaining for sure. We are still laughing.

At one point she had no time to switch out the 'mop' wig, so she just leaned out from her position as a Wiseman, hanging onto her 'mop' wig and long Sheperds crook shaft, grabbed the microphone, sang the other persons solo part, then quickly plopped on the 'mop' wig and resumed her 'Wiseman' trio singing roll, laughing at times when she realised she had the mop wig still on for some other solo singing roll.

By this time she had the audience all laughing with her, so hard we could not stop. A standing ovation was endless. All in all, the very best performance of The Christmas Story that we ever attended. Kids and families are the greatest part of life.

We will always remember this Christmas performance and our 8 year old Grandaughters version of the Classic Christmas Story of Jesus Christ entering our world. He does not expect perfection. He just loves us all for playing a 'positive' part in it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Appaloosa Movie 2007, the Captain and Carpenter

The Gunnar's lived outside London on a modest estate. Decendants of Norsemen, their first child was born into a family of privilege. Cared for by his mothers widowed sister living with them, the boy showed promise early. An early ability for physical dexterity showed up.

His attentive eyes watched movement and shortly he rolled over, crawled, stood, and walked before his peers. His physical fitness and competitive nature drove him to excel at all competition with others. Leadership and Teamwork became readily apparent during Bird's early years.

'Bird', as he was called as a child, in lieu of his given name of Anthony, was tutored by his mothers sister. By the age of four, it became apparent that young 'Bird' could handle small problems easily. The Academy life away from home, as was common for the privileged, would be in his future.

By the age of ten, proficient in the use of words, mathematics and penmanship, as was expected after several years, living life away from home at the Academy, his father heard of an opportunity for an experience that would further train him for a life in the Gunnar family business, the management of others wealth. The Commodore dealing with young Birds father, was in need of a cabin boy for his heavily cannoned 'Ship of the Line'.

Setting sail for the open sea brought a new and exciting aspect to young Birds life. His abilities were immediately noticed and put to use. The Commodore would no longer have to oversee the Daily Log. Bird Gunnar's perfect penmanship put it in order promptly.

The attention to the navigation skills came early on, as well. His ability to know exactly the position of the ship, through the use and mastery of the timepiece, compass, astrolabe and log line, instilled confidence in everyone aboard the ship.
Young Bird's natural physical and coordination abilities came to be appreciated, as he could run up the lines to the highest mast, faster than the 'Able Seaman' with their years of experience.

His clear eyesight, uncommon in the 1800's due to birthing and sanitary conditions, was an appreciated asset. His ability to stand watch in the 'Top Mast' during poor visibility, saved the ship from embarrassment and disaster.
The ship became his playground. Learning each and every single aspect of his new found home, brought the realization that never again would he be satisfied working in his fathers business.

A life at sea was his future. Years of acquiring the skills required for survival at sea included battles and the complex ritual of firing a cannon became easy for him.
His natural ability to figure out trajectory, windage, and hit the target within crucial seconds, proved him an asset over and over again. The name 'Bird' was dropped forever and 'Gunner' took the place of his given name of Gunnar. Within years he aquired a reputation of competence.

Recognising his value to the Crown, the climb in rank and responsibility came fast. Soon a commission and his own command were rewarded. Many years of sea travel honed his skills to perfection. 'Gunner' learned each trade necessary to guaranty survival of a ship at sea, as everything else in his life.

The construction knowledge, and maintenance of his ship formed the basis for a trade in the future. Accurately measuring, cutting and replacement of timbers showed the others around him that he was more than their equal at everything needed to complete the voyage on his ship.

This ability allowed him to give orders without question by those under him in rank and was sometimes even accepted by those above. Gunner showed an uncommon trait of harsh critical orders when needed, and rewarding words when the immediate task was done well. These abilities gave him the unquestioned loyalty of his crew.

Years later when it became apparent that higher rank would never come, due to the system of Bloodlines having priority over ability, now aging, 'Captain Gunner' set out for another voyage around the 'Horn' of South America. Fortune have it to be, one last time on a mission for 'The Crown', He was able to acquire only the rank of Captain, in spite of his life's accomplishments at sea, in the service of his beloved Britannia.

The storms during that voyage were of such intensity, as only happens in cycles of hundreds of years. Weeks were spent trying to just stay afloat. The precious cannon were jettisoned to prevent sinking. The waves were easily coming over any free board. all of the crew thought that this time, they would meet their 'maker'.

Driven back by the wind, sometimes farther than they had progressed westward, depression set in with the relentless fatigue brought on by the endless battle to stay afloat. When the last strength of the crew was waning, a ray of sunlight came on the horizon.

The completion of the voyage to the, newly settled, West coast of the American Continent was now attainable.
The harbor of San Francisco was welcome but Gunners loss of the 24 cannon was not. Disgraced by the British Admiralty, Captain Gunner went into depression and hard drink became his refuge.

His story being told around the port, then heard by an old friend from his years at sea, Lt Diggle soon located Captain Gunner in a shanty on the docks of San Francisco. Cleaned up and sobered up, gunner was taken to meet a famous wealthy Robert Dunsmuir, coal mining magnate of British columbia.

The men formed a bond, sharing in the profits, and Captain Gunner was rewarded with the command of a freighter moving supplies from San Francisco to British Columbia where it was loaded with coal for the energy hungry, San Francisco. Within a short time, now financially secure, Captain Gunner found the rigors of life at sea were a physical hardship.

Resigning his command, Captain Gunner headed to shore as a 'landsman' for the remainder of his life. Now over 60 years of age, eyesight somewhat fading, leaving the dampness of a life at sea behind. Captain Gunner headed inland, with his skills and his memories of his years of unequaled service to 'The Crown'.

Captain Gunner's journey led deeper into the harshness of the raw, lawless, western interior and found temporary respite in a little town in the New Mexican Territory, called Appaloosa.

Racked by destruction from devastating Indian raids, Gunner found his minor skill as a 'ships Carpenter' come into appreciation in the little town called Appaloosa. The citizens of Appaloosa had little of monetary value, but were generous with trade for living needs.

Captain Gunner's 'carpentry' skills, learned while working feverishly along side his crew, to keep his ships afloat during warfare and heavy seas, were more than welcome to help in the resurrection of Appaloosa.

The story gets interesting as the eloquence of Abner Raines in the Appaloosa town meeting, brings attention to the latest scientific discovery of the century. With the forthcoming reopening of the copper mines by the young couple from Chicago, prosperity starts to come to appaloosa.

As in life, prosperity comes at a cost. Force is finally required to restore order in the little, beaten down town. The arrival of Cole and Hitch drastically changes the future for Appaloosa.

When the new Marshall decided that he would settle down in this little town to a life he desperately wanted, a proper home needed to be built. Who else but the local Carpenter, with his legendary skills and eye for perfection....

See, I told you we had vivid imaginations. My 'Avitar' gets to actually, physically act out his part while in wardrobe. No 'virtual' anything for this 'Captain'.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

APPALOOSA Movie 2007 Nancy Ann

I salute my little fan in the UK, You just hit the magic '100' mark. I have been watching you climb up through the other returning readers for quite some time now. May I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas? You truly deserve it for such patience with this variable posting author.

Nancy Ann is now on line.

Nancy Ann

She will most likely post a link to the 'Stories' associated with the Background characters. She Skis often this year so It could be a little later for her to shake the snow out of her hair. The Doctors Wife, in Character on set of Appaloosa December 07
Called back for another day Thank You Nancy Ann

Blogengeezer will leave this post on top for a time, due to continuing interest from around the world. As interest fades, reflected in 'hit' count, I will post new titles, still in draft stage.

The current Hollywood writers strike will undoubtedly have some influence on bigger productions waiting for filming in the USA. Of course the current WGA strike gives an excellent 'opportunity' for International productions wishing to gain a greater influence in the Digital filming World.

I have been reading the independant news blogs that are discussing the Writers Strike. What I am seeing, is the opinion that the writers better start paying attention to what the viewers want instead of trying to push their own agendas down the viewers throat. Only on the internet can you get the real news. That report is extremely rare from the mainstream news media.

Have you heard 'feedback' coming from an amplified sound system then back into the microphone? It continues to build in volume until it is a roar. Maybe that is what is occuring in Hollywood and their media? They are hearing their own noise and think its from a reliable source?

Watch for the increase of creative 'Indies' or Independant films, it should get interesting if the WGA stays out for a while.

'Casting Calls for NM locals' link in my right sidebar, gives a list of New Mexico opportunities available. What do you think I should apply for next? Which films look interesting to you?

What do you think about 'Love Ranch' with Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci?
Elizabeth Gabel will do the casting. I would get to again work with her and my dear Rebecca...I wonder if they would want Blogengeezer reporting on the 'Action' and behind the scenes, human interest stories found in 'Background holding'?