Monday, March 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Ms Fluke

Guest Post:

By now everyone in the country knows that an African-centric youth (fraudulently depicted across national media, as a ten year old innocent little boy) was shot and killed by a non-African-centric because maybe the 6' 3" African-centric football player was beating down on the Non-African-centric...overweight Hispanic? Anyway the African-centric, Trayvon Martin, was shot (note: in self defense) and the African-centric crowd is up in arms, literally (note: as we often said 'back in the day'...Going Ape).

What you are sure to hear (?) from the Fairness and Equality-centric media, very soon, is that Saturday, in a suburb of Los Angeles, an African-centric walked into an electronics shop, put two bullets into the senior Honkey-centric's head, killing him.... then walked out with some electronics gear.

There was a customer that the honkey-centric was talking to at the time, video surveillance Positively identified the African-centric killer, who was apprehended with the stolen property. (note: racist security cameras?)

I'm sure any moment now, President Obama will be making a White House podium, impromptu statement, that the African-centric killer "looked like his son".... "if he had a son". I know that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Karen Bass and the rest of the Afro-centric community are on their way to Los Angeles airport, to conduct violent Demonstrations denouncing the killing of a senior Honkey by an Afro-centric kid.

I am certain that the 'new' Black Panthers are printing up "wanted dead or alive" posters for the Afro-centric killer. Of course the Afro-centric killer is captured, but hey, need to get the attention of 'their media'.

What? This story won't be in the headlines for weeks on end? Why is that? Just another day in the Hood? Afro-centric shoots Honkey cop. No demonstrations? Just anther day in the Hood? Honkey cops should 'stay out' of 'the Hood'. What, you didn't see this story? Why it was 'Barely' reported in LA CAL.

Yes! Prejudice, Racism, Vigilante justice, and Mob rule is alive and well in the U.S. Just ask the president of the United States and his lock step 'Liberal Leftist' supporters.

One more point about Sandra Fluke, the 30 year old law student who requires thousands of dollars in birth control devices (must be Really popular?), paid for by the tax Payers, while she finishes her three years of law school.

Ms. Fluke is a Socialist/Liberal/Progressive/Democrat activist... self admitted. So, remember, if you Pay taxes, when Ms. Fluke finishes law school, contraceptive devices or no contraceptive devices, you the tax payer are going to be screwed.
(Possibly why Kathleen Sebellus HHS, is offering Free Sterilizations?)

Michael Mann, famous author of Global Warming or Climate Change (take your pick of terms, depends on the whims of the authors for that day) and the famous Hockey Stick graph, that shows we as humans are all doomed unless we humans cease our existence and close down anything that creates CO2.

One of his credentials for the justification of his research, is He received a Nobel Peace Prize. I certainly wouldn't use that as justification for Any research study. Other prized winners include Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat, Al Gore, and Barack Obama.

I understand that certain banks give one out with every new account opened and that a local gas station gives one out with every truck fill up?

There may be a bit of 'record' warming in the States, though now it's 'record' Cooling in Northern Europe. The point is, will it be catastrophic and caused by trucks, as Mr. Mann and some of his colleagues believe?

Or is this just another 'Chicken Little' scare tactic, to keep the research dollars flowing and to appease the Eco/Enviro Nazi's, who contribute so much money to the Democratic Party? Of course you won't see The Great Messiah Ever driving a $39,000 Volt. Of course he is planning on giving $10,000 of Tax Payers money to 'Every' buyer?

I have a correction to make. I have accused the Enviro lobby and the EPA (it's the same), of banning light bulbs, and other devices. I was corrected, the EPA did not ban 'certain' light bulbs, they just set energy standards, as per the requirement in the U.S. Constitution? Requirements that the bulbs couldn't meet? What a concept! Why didn't I think of that?

We can solve our gas prices by demanding that ALL of the world's car manufacturer's build cars that get 50-75-100 miles per gallon of government formulated gasoline. All Obama has to do, is to sign the Mandate, 'miles per gallon law' becomes so. He could correct the high gas prices in 24 hours with just the signature of a writing instrument on an electronic document. He doesn't even have to be in Washington, he could be playing golf, campaigning, filling out his college basketball card, on vacation, or any other important activity.

What other problems do we have? Unemployment, just pass another law, sign it, 'Voila' unemployment Gone. War? pass a law outlawing (that) war, Obama sign it and no more War. Islamic terrorism? Pass a law and Obama sign it. Should have thought of this solution to the country's problems three years ago. We could be living in a worker's/welfare paradise by now. Pass a law mandating product requirements, behavior of Manufacturers and "Instant paradise". Oh, wait. He already did this. Well, just be patient, and the promised 'workers paradise' will come to you..... Unless you work and Pay Taxes.

Show me where I'm wrong.

The Robo of CALI

Added note by Blogengeezer:
Breaking News, according to NAGR, Hillary Clinton just 'Signed' the UN 'Small Arms Ban'. The type of weapons owned by 80% of the Law Abiding US Citizens are to be 'Banned'. History records prove that a 'Fast and Furious' Eric Holder type 'Confiscation' will certainly follow, After a few political Gymnastics of course. Only a Democrat Senate Majority confirmation, 'OR' a signature by the 'Executive Order' In Chief' will formally Mandate this unprecedented, Forced 'Disarmament' of the Law Abiding USA Citizenry.

The United States of America's Constitution, Your Bill of Rights and Your 2nd Amendment, are now relegated to the Trash Bin of History. Only the liberal Leftists, the 'Progressives' of National Socialism, rejoice in this unprecedented, 'Revolutionary' turn of events.

This related document, Unprecedented in it's scope in US History, is indicative of what the word... POWER... means in real terms. Note the date of signing: Executive Order 'signed' 16 Mar 2012

  • Added note: The UN is now 'Involved' in the Agenda Driven Political Fiasco of Divisive Race baiting and Disarmament of the US Law Abiding Citizenry. Their DEMAND for Perorations for the Travon Martin shooting is totally Unprecedented in our sovereign nation. Once Sovereign...before Obama mysteriously came into POWER. What can happen next? Time will tell. Progressive News Media, 'Newsweek' and 'TIME' will surely lead you...down the dismal road they led Rhodesia.

    Just be sure that if you do nothing but Vote, VOTE Like YOUR Life Depends on it.
    ..It Does.
    Believe In YOUR United States of America,
    "One Nation Under God".
  • Monday, March 19, 2012

    Chicago Shootings ...and others

    In answer to the latest MSNBC comment thread on the reasons for the recent Chicago shootings, followed by the comments that we just are NOT Throwing Enough Money at the problem? I submitted my own comment... in utter disgust.

    The expected results of 'The War on Poverty' intertwined with 'The Great Society'. How many Trillions of US 'printed' dollars have we, as a caring nation of Producers, thrown down the bottomless rat hole of 'Poverty Infested' humanity in the USA? It has predictably resulted in abnormally outrageous numbers of illegitimate children from Totally Dysfunctional, Non-traditional, Dependency Addicted ...'Families.?.. and I use that govt mandated word with disdain. In the Dependency Addicted Class, as among a running pack of feral dogs, their term 'family', has absolutely No meaning.

    In the name of compassion, we have created an overwhelming amount of 'Free Time' for the predictable Spawn (more kids, the more Free money) to 'Entertain' themselves at the Deadly expense of others. Illegitimacy now outnumbers conventional Traditional Family births in this present time USA. This present US President (himself a product of a Dysfunctional Family) was definitely elected by his Peers. Do you ever wonder why he carries so much deeply hidden hatred for the Traditional Family?.

    His own Peers now outnumber the Traditional Voters, by enough to Elect the president of this USA. The US Welfare state is also attracting the scourges en-mass from the entire world. After all, they can Vote to take ever more asset wealth away from the 'producers'. How many can the remaining productive class support? Time will be the judge. In the meantime, practice extreme OMEGA self defense and preservation. As the funding predictably drys up, life will get 'dicey'.... to say the least..

    The Progressive Liberal Left USA, awash in Dysfunctional, Federal and state funded Welfare, including housing subsidies, EBT Cards, Forced educational grant 'Cash' in the pretense of Rehabilitation, and taxpayer funded legal fees including perpetual 'Counseling', has multiplied the numbers of Career Repeat Offenders into the stratospheric category of history.

    The monstrously bloated US Welfare Class, has now caused even South America to be devoured into the bottomless pit of the insatiable US Drug trade (they are the major suppliers, in case you have not heard) Every US Dollar of it, afforded and distributed by, the 'Time on their hands' Dysfunctional Class of US Citizens (and now increasing 'Illegals'). After all, they do Vote... to receive ever more Funding.

    This purposeful Devastation of a once prosperous and Free society, is unprecedented in history, unless you consider the European encouragement of the Opium thrown at China, to subdue their people a hundred or so years ago. Is this a plan? Destroy the USA's historically productive... 'Traditional Family'... structure? If so, it couldn't be more 'PROGRESSIVE'.

    In a city and state well known among Law Abiding Citizens for it's Total Intolerance for firearms in the hands of the Law Abiding, this outcome is easily realized. Do you actually think that the UN, by forcing laws (ref: 'National League of Cities') to register, then confiscate, then destroy firearms ('Small Arms' confiscation under Hillary Clinton and Obama's endorsement), is going to stop deadly violence?

    If so, maybe the Congo or Sudan is the place to learn how it really functions. Zimbabwe was the poster nation for disarming the Productive class (now dead) under the blessings of National Socialist Robert Mugabe (blessed by the National Socialistic UN) in his Fairness and Equality... Media portrayed (TIME Newsweek) Utopia. BTW, after creating Zimbabwe's totalitarian dependency, 'they' never seem to mention it any more. I wonder why not? Of course as 'handbooks' espousing the wondrous miracles of the Leftist mentality, I really know why.


    Saturday, March 17, 2012


    Washington Times Editorial Mar 16 2012
  • reports sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Grand Mufti, most influential ISLAMIC leader in the world, on March 12th 'Ordering' ISLAM's followers to 'Destroy ALL Churches'. Main Stream Media as well as US president Obama, is predictably SILENT. As civilized people, don't you ever wonder why?

    1st question: Where is the only place on earth, slavery is still practiced?
    Answer: Africa

    2nd question: What religion do the slavers belong to?
    Answer: Islam

    3rd question: What religion has the largest converts among U.S. prisons?
    Answer: Islam

    4th question: What religion wants ANYONE Not of their faith Dead, and don't mind dying themselves to take the heathens likewise?
    Answer: Islam

    5th question: Why is the civilized western society so worried about protecting the lives of these savages?

    Answer: Democrats Would Lose VOTES.
    The Robo of Cali

    This following worthwhile comment, in response to the always leftist 'Crusades' response, was magically tele-ported from the WT to this blog:

    Comment From jason lefebvre

    You're forgetting that the crusades and other barbarous acts were committed hundreds of years ago. These savages act like this in the year 2012. They have failed to become 'civilized' like the rest of the world did. They kill women for 'learning', mutilate women's genitals, "honor" kill women, and are still stoning people in public for "emo" haircuts.

    The rest of the civilized world is hundreds of years past this animal behavior. These people are savages and would have us living in the stone age if it were up to them. Yes Christianity has had it's share of atrocities, but they grew out of it. Yes the Catholic cover up of pedophilia was abhorrent and disgusting, but does not even compare to the atrocities committed by radical muslims in present times.


    They are savages, and the only thing they understand is extreme violence and oppression. All you liberals that refuse to find muslims at fault for anything, sicken me. You do realize that whether you're liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, it means nothing to them. They would love to chop your head off with a dull blade, while screaming in frenzy, "Allah Ackbar". No matter what US foreign policy is, they will ALWAYS want Us dead, ALL of US.

    We could pull out of every war tomorrow, give Israel to the Palestinians, and it would change nothing. As long as western democratic countries exist, Islam's extremist's will be trying to take us down. They Hate our Freedom, they Hate our Civilized Way of life. In their eye's, we commit capital sin on a daily basis. Our women are allowed to read, work, drive and dress provocatively. (added quote ie:) "EVERYTHING We Do invokes their innate propensity for Obsessive HATRED".

    Getting rid of Saddam was the worst idea ever. Those savages need somebody as ruthless and cruel as Saddam, to keep them in line. The numerous public be-headings, hangings, whippings, and stonings are what kept the shiite and sunni's from attacking each other. But once he is gone, they can go back to doing what they do best. Blowing up each other's markets, mosques, and police stations.

    Every military leader knows that blowing up massive numbers of women and children is good strategy. Bottom line is, that if these savages had Their way, we would all be living under Their sharia law. The world would revert to an uncivilized, violent, phobic, paranoid, wasteland.

    They would destroy all non-muslim historical artifacts. All of them. The artifacts created by humanity, starting with the cave drawings, would all be destroyed. Any part of humanities past, that was not consistent with Sharia law, would be destroyed. Almost all the great Museums in the world would be burned to the ground.

    Historical sites in China, which has the single longest running civilization in the world, would be destroyed. In essence, radical muslims would like nothing more than to destroy evidence of man's achievement throughout history, unless it strictly adhered to the Sharia worldview.

    The rest of the world evolved and passed them buy. They are no longer relevant, and serve no purpose on this planet. I can only hope that they keep provoking the rest of the civilized world with their caveman antics. The Crusades will return, and will finally be rid of these less-than-human animals.
    (ad: no relation to earth's animals btw)
  • Tuesday, March 06, 2012

    Progressive History

    Guest post: by The ROBO of Cali.

    I certainly grew up learning that anyone could become president of the United States, no matter ones education, or socio/economic status. In my life time I have witnessed first hand that this is true.

    This country (USA) went from such noble presidents such as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Reagan, then in the other direction, to Lyndon B. Johnson, schoolteacher and architect of the so-called "Great Society", another welfare give away 'redistribute the wealth' program.

    Jimmy Carter, peanut farmer and person most responsible for the problems in the Middle East, when he allowed the Shah of Iran to be deposed, ignoring the signs leading to the American Embassy being raided, while Americans in residence (ordered by State Dept, to 'wait and see what happens') predictably became hostages (note: Hostages of the now notorious 'Ahamadinejad', the young Iranian 'Radical' activist at that time).

    Added blog note:
    Jimmy Carter (D) and Bill Richardson (D) traveled to North Korea under Bill Clinton's (D) agenda. Their 'gift'? Nuclear technology, including the financial means of initiation/support, for humanitarian reasons of course. The same Nuclear technology NK has often used as a threat to intimidate the USA.... for ever more 'support'. The same Nuclear technology they use to 'assist' nuclear obsessed Iran. Interesting how some plans work out.

    It took the swearing in of (no nonsense) Ronald Reagan to have the US Embassy hostages released from Iran. Finally, as absolute proof that ANYONE can become President of the United States of America, we have Barack Hussein Obama, an Affirmative Action Community Organizer, who as far as anyone can tell (records are sealed), never did a productive thing in his life. Living off the taxpayers, is not a productive thing.

    'PROGRESSIVES' now totally control the historically freakish Nanny State, complete with it's government-union sanctioned cities-thugocracies.
    I think that about covers it, right?

    In every over taxed, over regulated, over lawyer-ed Mecca, with decades of one party rule, by those who act like political royalty, while buying votes with dependency programs, you'll find the exact same final outcome.

    Totally Bankrupt, crime ridden urban slums, chasing away every last honest productive citizen, while attracting criminals, along with perpetually subsidized, entitled deadbeats.

    Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Camden, Philly, New Orleans, Baltimore, LA, Oakland and Haiti. With the above cities named, care to make a wild guess which political party has controlled them for decades? Same philosophy for Haiti.

    Remember the myths fostered on to the gullible public by our educators and politicians, 'Myths' that have been Proven Wrong?

    Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" which fostered the environmental movement.
    UN Climate Change head, Chordouri's prediction of
    Himalayan ice melt. Kilimanjaro snow melt.
    Al Gore's hysterical 'Coastal Flooding'.
    East Anglia (Grant, donation and taxation supported)
    Universal Global Warming hysteria.
    Michael Mann's "Hockey Stick" graph.

    All of the above were hailed by the Media as gloom and doom... unless... man sacrificed himself on the altar of Political Correctness and the PROGRESSIVE Party. All of the above have been proven False, but don't let the truth and facts get in the way of feelings and emotions. We'll always have Bush to blame.

    The Global Warming Scam will go down in history as the second greatest hoax perpetrated in the 20th Century on the gullible public. The first was Orson Wells radio broadcast of H.G. Wells, "War of the Worlds". That hoax only lasted one night and cost the taxpayers nothing.

    Global Warming has been going on for decades, and costing the victimized taxpayers, worldwide, 'trillions'... money stolen and wasted while enriching 'special interests'.

    Gas prices in California now exceed $4.50/gal. and in some places are already over $5.00 a gallon. Joyously approved and encouraged by 'Energy' Secretary, political appointee 'CHU'
  • Oh where, oh where, is George Bush when we need him? I forgot, we can still blame him...... Hypocrite Progressives!

    Stalin's collectivization, Hitler's Holocaust, Mao's Cultural Revolution, Pol-Pot's Killing Fields, Idi Amim's rampages, Robert Mugabe's death dealing 'Fairness and Equality'. Is there a common thread with these LEADERS of Proven failed philosophy? How about trying, "Government Knows Best." That historically disastrous, 'PROGRESSIVE' Agenda about sums it up.

    Show me where I'm wrong.

    The ROBO of Cali.