Thursday, July 26, 2007

Colorado USA Southern Rocky Mountains

Also read Global Warming, the real thing.

Another family trip to Colorado. The State is actually 'one of' the most fantastic, in terms of scenery, of the 'lower 48' collection. The young Rocky Mountains are still rising, so hang on!.

We loaded the RV and left ABQ with 2 granddaughters, and headed North for Fun Valley RV and cabin resort, just west of South Fork Colorado in the San Juan mtns, 280 miles north of ABQ NM, at the Eastern base of Wolf Creek Pass.

The first miles were up past Santa Fe New Mexico, through Espanola which lies along the Rio Grande River below the world famous, 'once secret', Atomic Scientific Laboratory known as Los Alamos. When I say 'past Santa Fe' I mean it. Several years ago a 'bypass' was built from I-25 around the Northwest perimeter. I recommend that you use it, if not interested in the 'Ambiance' of Santa Fe traffic. The 'Santa Fe relief route heads north off I-25 south of Santa Fe (near the racetrack) and then turns East to intersect back into the hwy 285 (opera house) north towards Espanola.

Espanola is another one of the Govt subsidised cities I rant about from time to time. Not much happens there because of the lack of incentive. Of course there is always a rare exception.

The 'Casinos' that redistribute existing wealth (Zero Sum?) are visible between SF and Espanola. The new highway overpasses are works of art. And I do mean 'Works of Art'. A vandal left his 'mark' a couple of years ago. You have no idea how much 'wrath' was spent to find and prosecute that 'individual', THEY GOT HIM. But true to the Legal System of today, it was 'Catch and Release' just like the fishing of today.

Just past Espanola is the easy choice to drive North on hwy 285, climbing in altitude toward Alamosa Colorado. The terrain is ancient seafloor as is most of the western states. (see Mountains surround the valley and high mesas. At Alamosa the hwy 160 heads west toward Wolf Creek Pass.

This drive was interesting for one thing very obvious. From Alamosa to South Fork, the railroad which is no longer in use, now is storing about 50 miles, yes 50 miles, of 'Spine Cars', UPS? .com/FR8_Cars/Loaded_A2.html once used to transport 18 wheeler freight truck trailers.Truck drivers hated them because they said the 'spine cars' eliminated drivers.

It did not matter that they saved millions of gallons of fuel daily, and sharply curtailed emissions. There are heavy politics involved in cutting emissions and saving fuel. Another of which is the endless use of 'Mowing Crews' along the Desert hwys of the Southwest. Politicians 'Talk the Talk but Never Walk the Walk'. Way to many 'Special Interests' are involved.

The first night was spent in our 4 night RV destination, Fun Valley Family RV and cabin resort, parked under the trees near the river.
The two girls that rode up with up with us, rode around the large park on their bicycles to get oriented. Security prevents any unauthorised 'cruisers' from intruding on the safety of the hundreds of kids with their parents and family vacationing there. After making our beds, the early morning drive in the Jeep up over Wolf Creek Pass to pick up the third girl, was a visual feast of green valleys spreading out below the over 10,000 foot Pass, surrounded by magnificent peaks. The 'SonLight Christian' youth camp is north of Pagosa Springs Colorado, turn at the 'Subway sandwich shop, onto 4 mile road North and drive about 6 miles. Yep that's what I said.

What a fantastic hidden little camp in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado. The third young girl, standing at the top of the road, waiting patiently, was very excited to see us drive up. The still enthused directors had a continental breakfast ready for us. 'Mary' had made cinnamon rolls just like my own Grandmother made many years ago. I had not had that type of roll since I was a little kid. I had an instant memory recall back to my Grandmothers fantastic kitchen the instant I saw them. Cream cheese and bread dough, is wonderful with cinnamon wrapped inside. Great coffee was welcomed as well.

The third young 'Happy Camper' excitedly showed us the entire layout, the old 'Crafty bus', and also including her own little groups cosy 'bunk house'. Songs were sung and a slide show presentation documented the entire past weeks festivities. Now the other 2 young girls are excited and pressuring their parents to attend.

The return back over Wolf Creek Pass was a lesson in Colorado driving. The Aircraft Spotter high over the pass alerted the 3 hwy patrol cars to stop speeding and aggressive drivers to stop them with a discrete roadblock at a scenic overlook. We witnessed tickets being issued like an assembly line, very efficient.

The Fun Valley Family RV and cabin resort, just east of the Pass, has paddle boats, lots of various fishing, horseback riding, dancing, hiking, inner tubing, miniature golf, a pool hall, snack shop and restaurant, gift shops of course and all manner of socialising for all ages. All in all, it takes days to do all of the amenities. This area is surrounded by a million acres of National Forest, so no 'boredom' is allowed.

The girls each caught a 'fish by the inch'. They were so excited to get to do this on their own. The girls all hated to leave but want to return next year. They rode their bikes about a hundred miles during the 4 days. No license required in the well stocked pond. Other ponds and of course the 'catch and release' river flowing through the park, is serene.

Serious golfers head to South Fork.One night the girls even got to do a lot of dancing. The next nights were adult dancing accompanied by the 'Fun Valley Playboys'. (A big group in Texas Flag shirts). Those folks are sure enough real 'Pickers' from everywhere. Even real church services on Sunday, with lots of gospel music and a great visiting preacher. This place is big so the attendance is impressive.
Real great people. Some even had businesses set up around the park. Windshield repairs included, by 'Bill'. About 100 people are employed part time, to keep this place functioning like a clock.

Be sure to visit this unique Fun Valley Family RV and cabin resort in Southern Colorado while driving through the fantastic Western States. See Ya' round the campfire.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Mexico Films Newest blog about Earths Historical Global Warming. also

Several new films are to be made in New Mexico so far this summer, according to the NM Film Office. I just got off the phone with them. The N.M. film office line was answered by 'Mateo'. He helped me find the sites that 'held secret' the names of the casting directors handling the latest films.

Use my link in the right sidebar to NM CASTING CALLS. Then under the 'In Production' column just click on the name of the film you are interested in. Things change from time to time so stay in touch. The 'bulletin Board' is another source, with more descriptions of the individual film. Then there is always 'Google'. Thank you 'Mateo' for the 'Heads Up'. You were very helpful.

This one just came in; 31 July 07
Governor Bill Richardson Announces Five Dollars a Day to be filmed in New Mexico

SANTA FE—Governor Bill Richardson today announced that the Capitol Films production, Five Dollars a Day, starring Christopher Walken and Alessandro Nivola, will be shot in New Mexico.
The production will be shot in and around Albuquerque from September 10 through October 4 and expects to hire approximately 75 New Mexico crew members, 25 local principal actors and 250 – 350 local extras.

Written by Neal and Tippi Dobrofsky, the film will be produced by Carol Baum (You Kill Me, The Good Girl), Jane Goldenring (My First Mister) and Kia Jam (Lucky Number Slevin, The Jacket). Nigel Cole (A Lot Like Love, Calendar Girls, Saving Grace) will direct. ThinkFilm will distribute.
Five Dollars a Day is a father/son road movie where “Nat” (Walken), a free spirited con-artist and his more conservative son, “Flynn” (Nivola) embark on a road trip odyssey of humorous and poignant incidents that eventually lead to an unexpected finale. Gwyn Savage is doing the casting. Gwyn said that she would find something in it for me when I went to the 'call' for Angel Maker on Saturday. Thank you Gwyn.

The new 'Indiana Jones' film starring 'Harrison Ford', wrapped last month in southern NM. Now that would have been great fun. The infamous Blogengeezer did not get any 'action' in this one. Oh the absolute 'Travesty' of it all. My agent will be informed of this, that is, if I ever get an agent.

'Swing Vote' about a man that will possibly decide the next President of the US, with Kevin Costner. Now filming around Belen NM. Yep, Yep, I got some work in this one during the Greenleaf Party demonstration in Madera NE of ABQ. I'm a 'Geezer' LIB dressed conservatively?

'Angel Maker', about a retired cop returning to Albuquerque NM to assist an investigation. 400 locals 75 crew. MGM Aug 20 to Sep 21. Joe Pantioliano. I went to this call but not very promising for a 'Geezer'. Gwyn Savage casting director.

'Love N' Dancing' Swing Dancing Championship story. 50 locals-crew Aug 3 to Sep 9. Amy Smart, Tom Malloy. They need 'good' swing dancers. Not 'two steppers and country waltzers like the Geezer. A couple of my former film 'Wives' and 'escort ladies', are doing background in this one though.

'In Plain Sight' about a Federal Marshall and people he deals with in the witness protection program. 11 episodes for USA Network. 75 locals-crew. Aug 13 to Dec 4 This sounds fun, hope I get some work in it.

Also a western filmed in Santa Fe. I like the 1800's Westerns. It's great fun to play old grouchy guys. July to August Casting by Andrea Cypress, "Shoot Now and Pray you live"

Many small 'Indies' are going on at any time as well, usually in Santa Fe. Check the 'Casting Calls' in my right sidebar.

Maybe The Blogengeezer will be able to get busy again in his latest 'Work'.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Global Warming blog 'The Real Thing!

Check out a new blog associated with the History of Global Warming on Earth.

I will not go into the ramifications of the scientific reasoning behind this History. Mainly because I was not there at the time it was occurring. None of us were. Some people look like they might have been on the edge of it though. Then there are those that are not even aware it ever happened. I will place most Politicians, Lawyers, Journalists and News Teams of today in that category.

John Stossel has a great 'vid' on You Tube about the education system in the USA of today. I suggest you find it and watch it. Those with ADD just forget it or take your Ridalin, it is 40 minutes long. If you are part of the 'Mediocrity' society, you will not understand it anyway.
After you see these facts you may not want your kids to attend the public school system in The USA.

I was not the 'brightest Light' in school. I did learn a thing or two later because of the previous generation of Teachers, ability to instill curiosity about the History of the World. The Geographic Formations visible from the windshields of my many cars and trucks, over many years piqued my interest. The Western States I call home are like a 'Box Office Hit' rolling by, mile after mile as I was paid to sight see while working.

I invite all to visit this incredible ancient Sea Floor. My Travel Posts have some descriptions. I may go into more details as the miles pass by. I have no interest in saving my hard earned fuel for the future, shall I say, 'Occupiers' of our once Great Nation. Possibly some younger generation will become educated outside of the current public educations, 'Mediocrity' system.

They may become those of whom 'Plato' referred to as 'The Philosophers and Kings' over our 'Auxiliaries' and 'Workers' (You and I) With due diligence they may avert the 'repetition' of History currently being forced upon the citizens.

In the meantime enjoy life on this spinning and wobbling, Earth, while our Solar System plows it's way, headlong through our Galaxy.

It's a great ride, I thoroughly recommend it.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Science Fiction, or ?

The last post 'Sunspots May be the Real Cause', 29-June-07 including the comments, got me to thinking, and that is not a good sign. During the research about the Cosmic Rays being deflected by the Earths Magnetic North and South Poles, I started to recall some of my earlier days as a young man. I read a little Science Fiction back then. Well I read a lot of it, for a time. During the reading about Methane Atmospheres on other planets, which have been proven by the way, I also read about a Memory Device that was a small semi-conductor. The device could store every bit of information known by man on a relatively small 'block' and accessed by an electronic device with unheard of speed. Sound familiar ?

When I read those 'Science Fiction' paperbacks, we were using 'Vacuum Tube' radios and TVs, and TV was still in it's early stages. As I said, I was young. A device described by the writer of one such book, intrigued me due to it's simplicity. The writer who had so much vision to see the developement of micro-processor chips similiar to the 'Pentium' being stacked into a block with processing speeds even faster than what we see today, also foresaw the 'Mono-pole' Magnet.

Carrying this 'Science Fiction' on to the writers conclusion about the 'Monopole' magnet, The power could be used to 'Repel' a vehicle away from either the North or South poles with little energy consumed. Like I said at the start, this IS Science Fiction....isn't it ?

Anyone with any engineering ideas can see the usefulness of a device like this. No opposing pole to counteract the force exerted by the other pole. It would obviously enable untold advances in the generating of electric power and kinetic energy. (the Holy Grail of engineering) The control and power source of this device according to the writer, was a super fast computer about the size of the 'laptop' we use today. Remember this was a long time ago, The computer existed but took up a very large room and had vacuum tubes that generated more heat than logic. That writer was either a genius or could see the future more clearly than most people of his time.

Science Fiction never mentioned, at least I never read about it back then, the movement of the North and south Poles 'away from' their traditional placement, basically near the centerline of the Earths 'Axis', to another position, which for a time would be at a 'right angle' to the Earths 'axis' (the Equator). This is what is rapidly occuring and has been happening at an exponentially increasing speed.

The shape traced by the 'Magnetic Poles' now more closely resembles two ice cream cones placed point to point with the poles doing a 24 hour 'Wobble' around the axis. Within an undetermined time, continuing on it's current track towards Siberia, centrifugal force will take over and literally throw the Magnetic Poles into a 90 degree position (the Equator) in relation to the Earths axis. Momentum will then eventually carry the poles into a reverse position to what they are traditionally. North will be South and South will be North. (remember the little red point on your compass? it will point towards antarctica when the 'flip' is complete) The last 'flip' took about 39 years, pretty quick considering the mass of the Earth.

Just exactly where on the Equator, the North and south Poles will be at the '90 degree' time in the future is debateable. (If the 'Middle East' is involved, some interesting occurences could be apparent) The last time this happened on earth was about 780,000 years ago. The Poles have 'flipped' about one to five times each million years.

As I mentioned in the previous post comments, we are overdue for a 'flip'. My father-in-law mentioned this to me years ago and said it would really shake up Mankind. Remember the North and South Poles and their force to control cosmic Rays? Knowing that the earth is a generator (evidenced by lightning) as it spins today, this change in the Magnetic Core position would cause some really 'unique' weather, to say the least. The Poles will be spinning like a really giant generator. I can only imagine the pressure put on the people on earth at that time insisting that 'the government' DO SOMETHING. Of course nothing will change in the Media, 'Blame' will be assigned to 'The Administration'.