Friday, February 19, 2010

"DO NOT" lists

This weeks post is from a visiting 'California ROBO' RANT
'Curiouser and curiouser'

Remember back during the 1999 Presidential campaign and George W. Bush and Al Gore? The media was bashing Bush back then. The Media has bashed Bush for over 10 years. Not once did I ask anybody not to send me any anti-Bush E-mails. In fact I haven't asked anybody not to send me E-mails of any sort.

Guess I think of myself as being grown up enough, that I can hit the delete button if I don't agree or am bored. In fact I don't know anyone who asked not to have anti-Bush E-mails sent. I'm sure there are some people out there, I just don't know of any.

A funny thing happened on the way to the White House during the 2008 campaign. I took what I saw as gross bias with the "Mainstream Media", who focused on the negative of the GOP, real or not, and made up a positive for the Democrats.

To refresh memories. John Edwards was the first to throw his hat in the primary and the media went 'Ape', so to speak. John Edwards was to be the great white leader of the Democratic Party and the end of Capitalism, as we knew it.

But then something happened, Hillary Clinton threw her hat in the ring. Remember, Hillary ran for Senator of New York and promised her constituents that she would not use the Senate chair to advance a run for the presidency? Well that promise was way back then, Democrats aren't expected to keep their promise and the media ignored that small fact.

The media dumped John Edwards as he was just a honkey male and now they had a female, a honkey, but PC points way above a male. Media went out of it's way to accommodate Hillary and crown her before the primaries were even started.

Then out of far left field came Barack Obama. The wonder boy from Chicago who wrote two books about himself, had parlayed honkey/guilt and affirmative/action into the fast track run for the presidency.

He really had not accomplished anything, and with the media as his lap dog, he didn't have to. Now the Media could really go totally 'Ape'...Anyway the media was in love with wonder boy and anointed him The Messiah. The rest is history.

Well it turns out that John Edwards had some issues of his own, an affair, a child from the affair, a close friend Andrew Young (ya, the same Andrew Young that rode the same honkey/guilt and affirmative/action train to fame and semi-fortune as The Messiah). He covered for John. Anyway the media was told about the affair and the child but chose to ignore it because John was, well, a "Progressive" and one of them.

A third rate paper pushed the bounds, and exposed the Edwards affair. Not that I give a damn. But if the slobbering Media had covered Edwards, and the rest of the Democrats, this would not be news today. Oh, and Edwards best friend just wrote a tell all book about John and the affair, sex tapes and all. Some friend John, but then you deserve the very best.

Soooo because of what I saw as a huge media bias and media blinders to truth, I started my E-mail rants. I sent them to all non-clients on my E-mail list. I did not discriminate as to party affiliation, most I didn't know or care. I sent the rants out.

The returns were mixed. Some agreed, some disagreed. And that was okay. But some, mostly, "Progressives", wanted me to cease sending any political E-mails, whether I generated them or not. A few wanted off my E-mail list. Of course I complied.

But what is interesting, is that for 10 years it was okay to Bash Bush, but as soon as I started to criticize The Great Messiah, censorship was requested. I find that curiouser and curiouser.

Of course this E-mail will not go to those who do not want it. That's why changing this country for the better is even harder, refusal to acknowledge facts or to even listen to someone who disagrees. I guess the 'heads' prefer being in a very dark, but comfortable, place.

'Robo of California'
Whatever you do, enjoy life in the United States of America,
"One Nation Under GOD"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Concealed Carry in Restaurants

The anti-gun Brady-ites are attempting to get Starbucks to ban firearms on their premises. This information is about what a GUN FREE ZONE means to CAREER, VIOLENCE PRONE, REPEAT OFFENDERS.

In a classic local case years ago, a young woman was being escorted to her car, a distance from the popular club. For her escort, she chose the large young man she had known and dated, as a prominent athlete in the university nearby. In the alleyway, a Career Violent Repeat Offender casually approached them. With a fast 'Slash' to the throat... OJ style, her escort was struggling for his life.

The Violence prone Repeat Offender then turned his attention to HER. While her escort was dying, The rapist lifted her up and hung her, feet off the ground, on the wires of the chain link fence. The 'extended' rape during her struggles, was Violent to say the least. It made the news because of the death of the prominent athlete, not because of the Violence of the Rape.

At that time, 'Concealed Carry' was Illegal in the state. The escort and the young woman had No Need for a Concealed Weapon............'Within the Club'.....

It was after that incident, then two horrific Massacres in local business locations, that the state Finally passed the Certified Concealed Carry law, and just recently added the Restaurant clause...

May I suggest all Law Abiding Adults take the Certified Concealed Carry course? Even if you Never intend to 'Carry', The Education alone is worth the time and money.

You Tube has an educational video clip of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp testifying before Legislators on her own deadly experience in the TEXAS LUBY's Massacre. Texas passed their Concealed Carry Certification law shortly 'After' the horrific disaster.

It took two Violent Massacres in local Businesses in New Mexico, to finally give lawmakers the courage to allow Certified CCW in our state. We just recently passed the 'Right to Carry concealed' in Restaurants. Thank You NM legislators.

Career, Violence Prone, Repeat Offenders love anti-gun advocates. It makes their life much less complicated, especially in 'GUN FREE ZONES'...

One other note: enjoy the walk to your car after your next dinner out, we do, we are Armed. :>)

Added Post-Note:
Starbucks has held their ground. They are apparently 'Minutemen' of a first order. They announced NO Change in policy. Whatever local laws are, they will abide by them. Thank Yu Starbucks. I'll Drink To That :>)

One other note gleaned from 'the blogs':
The graphic Media pictures, showing Starbucks Protesters, brandishing Anti-Gun signs, surrounding Camouflaged Patrons, 'strapped' with large handguns, was apparently 'Staged' by the Anti-Gun Brady Bunch. Obviously for the scheduled, pre-arranged 'Media' filming.. Guess they will stoop to anything for publicity. It Didn't Work.. Actually backfired. People are tired of dis-arming, Control Agenda driven Factions for their own gain, trying to Manipulate into submission, the Law Abiding Citizens of the USA.

Note 13 July 2010:

The state of New Mexico just recently passed it's law, allowing the concealed carry of a fiream into an establishment selling Alcohol with food. IF dining and not drinking. The FIRST ARREST just happened. A law abiding CCW carried into a Chile's. They sell Liqour. The Law ONLY covers Beer and Wine establishments. Know the law... New Mexico also no longer recognises Law Abiding Utah Concealed Carry holders....

Defend and Protect YOUR Second Amendment Right!
Enjoy life in this Freedom Loving, United States of America "One Nation Under God"

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Texas State Parks Concealed Carry

In anticipation of travel across state lines while carrying a firearm as a Multiple State, Certified Concealed Carry Licensee, I wrote the Texas State Parks Division for clarification. This is the reply to my original question.
..which is below the reply....

"Thank you for your interest in the Texas State Parks".

A person can carry a loaded concealed handgun in Texas State Parks with
a current and valid CHL license at anytime. Please remember that you
must continue to follow all CHL rules while carrying in State Parks.

If you need further information, please contact the Law Enforcement

Marianne Schooley
Park Information
Customer Service Center Texas Parks and Wildlife
4200 Smith School Rd
Austin, TX 78744

Original Comment or Question:

As long time visitors and camping enthusiasts. We visit the
fantastic Texas State Parks often. We love the over 100,
beautiful Parks, and the much appreciated fishing access that
comes with our daily camping fee. We Endlessly tell everyone
about that little 'Perk'. :>)

I am becoming concerned about one thing. Is it still
permissible to enter the Texas State Parks as a Multi State Certified,
NM and Utah, Concealed Carry licensee?

Traveling the USA in a motor home over the past 40 years, it
has Always been imperative that we are armed. Knowing Texas to
be a reciprocal State, is a great feeling. We feel much safer in
restaurants and public facilities, to know there are CHL CCW armed
patrons present. Even more so, camped and traveling in remote areas.

There are so many new restrictions trying to be implemented by
Anti-2nd Amendment, Anti-gun, 'hysteria' groups across the Nation, We must plan our
trips to 'Only' visit Concealed Firearm Friendly States.

Thank You for your assistance in this most important matter.

With your permission, I would like to post your response on my
Family and Travel, Opinion blog.

Friday, February 05, 2010


It is blatantly obvious that these recent 'Crisis Driven' attacks against Toyota, are Entirely Politically Motivated
  • The past years have seen attacks from the Liberal Left, against all major U.S. corporations. The recent Chrysler Dealer closings were All Political, due to campaign contributions being directed to the 'Wrong' party.

    Now once again we are seeing these vicious Liberal Left 'Progressive' Socialists, using Union-Propaganda driven Government Power, to Destroy and 'shake down' Toyota.
    The name 'Ray La Hood' (political appointee, U.S. transportation secretary) fits this appointed Gang member, of the Chicago based Thugs.

    Government Motors (GM) will Never have any recall of this magnitude, no matter what travesty ever befalls the owners. Chrysler (FIAT) Also under 'King's X' protection of this current government and it's 'Wehrmacht' attack Media, is granted 'Immunity'.

    This latest Corruption plagued U.S. Administration, and it's totally corrupt system of Mysterious 'Handlers', is now in a Power Play. Obviously Toyota did not contribute enough to the 'Progressive' Leftists now in Power. The USA is Now governed, from this TOP down Administration, by Lawyers. U.S. Congress is overwhelmingly Lawyers.

    No other Nation in the world uses this 'corruption guaranteed', Lawsuit financed system the USA has recently adopted. The USA is run under the Old TORT Law. The Dystopian system where Deep Pockets Pays, no matter who is at fault. The UK rid itself of That system long ago.. as Unsustainable for 'Any' Economy. It only rewards Lawsuits and the Trial lawyers that continually file them. (ie: John Edwards, Massachusetts)

    A Political Law degree, and an elected position in US Government, ensures the office holder of a high paying lifetime job, guaranteed self appointed raises, with full insurance coverage, unmatched in the private sector. As is often said, 'A job to Die For'. The campaign contributions are viewed as a 'slush fund' for retirement, a guaranteed income, well above the average and Power unimaginable to the average hourly worker. It is known as 'Beltway Fever', to the tenured office holders.

    Does anyone remember the Firestone-Bridgestone, Ford Explorer 'Lawsuit Feeding Frenzy'? During the 1990's, The number of cases resulting in rollovers, was overwhelmed by the economical, reliable little SUV's capacity, for packing in 12 or more individuals. This seemingly every day practice, was often done by Mexican Illegals entering the country. The Lawsuits were endless, with the Trial Lawyers feeding at the immediate trough of 'Deep Pockets', Ford and Firestone cash.., long before anyone else. Anything left over, was distributed over a long number of years to the plaintiffs.
    No mention in the biased, Crisis driven Media, that DWI involved crashes killed tens of thousands of people more, than All SUV rollovers combined.

    As in all legal settlements, the consumer is the Ultimate Victim. Higher costs of doing business, are always passed on to the consumer. Toyota has often been the target of the Liberal Left, as all Union Organized, Propaganda attacks are. In 2008 a Leftist-Socialist group, self-righteously calling itself, 'The National Labor Committee', sued Toyota for it's 'Questionable' Labor practices. These latest Leftist agenda driven, attacks are continuous, against any entity that dares earn a profit for it's investors. Too bad for the tens of thousands of Toyota employees in the USA. The UAW and it's own Highly Politicized, 'present' Presidential Administration wants to destroy YOUR company.. Remember this in 2010 and again in 2012..

    Russia had a notoriously unreliable car called the LADA. Because it was owned by the Communist Party system, it was NEVER attacked. It also, true to Communist history, manufactured the worst cars in the world. GM is rapidly becoming a Pet of the, now Socialistic-Leftist, US government. The United Auto Workers Union, will throw it's support with the Party that continues to 'Feed it'. Toyota has obviously Not been FEEDING this Administration, nor it's Pet UAW.

    As the new, unprecedented power of the EPA uses it's Carbon Tax, and now attacks 'Every' production and service in the USA, Take note of what the U.S. Government attacks on 'Employers' (Toyota) and Banks (Bank of America) are in the process of doing.

    Check out this 'changing' 'Unemployment' map of the USA. Keep in mind that these numbers are Only reflective of the Current 'newly' listed Un-employed. After a set amount of time, the person is dropped from the rolls. The actual Un-employed percentage, is far higher. Anyone still Believe in the George Soros Powered, 'CHANGE? Anyone think the correct approach is being done? Anyone still think, an ever more ballooning, Tyrannical Government is the answer?

    Anyone think 2010 and 2012 are Unimportant? Click and Play it several times and take note of the dates, allow it to sink in, as HOPE and CHANGE is being Mandated by Force. As This Deeply Flawed 'Progressive' Administration Continues attacking 'The Employers' and The Banks, realize the very real effects on the U.S. Economy..


  • Vote like Your Life Depended on it, in 2010 and again in does..
    the United States of America, "One Nation Under God"
  • Wednesday, February 03, 2010

    Protectionism, Fair Trade

    Fair Trade
  • A method of Guaranteeing that a special interest group gets to make an exorbitant profit with NO competition. In the years of rampant Fair Trade, a gallon of Anti-Freeze, cost far more than the product justified. No matter where you went to buy the product, the price was always the exact same. During the Carter Administration, the Nationwide fuel shortages were the result of an Oppressive, domineering Liberal, Leftist influenced Government attempting to control the price of fuel.

    This is the guaranteed end result of government forced 'Price Fixing'. Any time you see in the news reports, any enforcement of Anti-Dumping laws, you are seeing government mandated Protectionism
  • in action. If continued for any extended time, it is disastrous for any economy. Protectionism is not good for anyone even the 'Protected' Producers. It resulted in the last world war, with Japan becoming antagonized into attack.

    The proponents, for the most part Liberal Leftists, insist it is a 'Consumer Protection' Law. It is far from it. The products covered under it, were made so expensive that few, other than the wealthy, could own the products under Fair Trade. The components of each product were subject to the same restrictions. It is in practice, comparable to a 'Use Tax' or 'Value Added Tax' on each and every part in the sum total of parts. USA legalities and the Lawyers that go with every Product and Service, do the exact same thing. The overall effect is making the USA non-competitive in the World.

    The sum of the parts and their restrictions, resulted in an exorbitantly priced Air Compressor, being only justified for high volume commercial use by a business. NO average consumers or homeowners, could ever afford to own a simple Air Compressor, due to fair Trade, prohibitive pricing. Tools were Fair Traded. Their limited ownership, guaranteed few average mechanics could work on their own devices, whether it was a car or bicycle, which also were Fair Trade items. You paid listed 'sticker' for them or did without.

    Many business groups and environmentalists, support lobbyists and attempt to mandate 'Fair Trade' be written into ever more restrictive laws. It then restricts any competitors and greatly enhances their profits, while decreasing consumption. Trader Joe's is an example of Fair Trade in action. Next time you go there, notice the use of that term on ever increasing lines of their products. It is always in the context of 'Saving the Environment' or promoting 'Fair' treatment of their own slave laborers, by supposedly providing more amenities, using the increased profits.

    In actuality, the producer is encouraged to provide lower quantities for higher prices (easy profits), while restricting any competitors against their business. Less risk, less work (less employees) More profit. Many online products prominently tout 'Fair Trade' in their product advertising. Coffee is one product that is now being gradually 'Fair Traded' into increasingly higher prices. Check out Black Mountain Coffee online, for just one example. New owner, their measured quantity is low and their price is higher. Do not forget shipping which, unlike Amazon, they conveniently hide until the accounts very last stage, unless you buy in bulk, then it is an exposed flat rate.

    Congress is constantly Lobbied by Environmentalists and even Producers to enact even more stringent 'Fair Trade' laws. The names of the Laws being proposed, are always Obfuscated into a wonderful sounding name like 'Consumer Protection' or 'Environmentally Sound', 'Sustainable' is a big red flag. The latest is 'Encourage Green Practices'. In practice it is rampant Protectionism. According to the Liberal Left, limiting Choice is a good thing. It saves 'Mother Earth' by discouraging 'Consumerism'. To them, that is an Evil practice that must be Governmentaly Regulated and Restricted. Freedom of Individual Choice has no part in their forced mandates.

    In the views of a certain faction attached to the Liberal (how did they get That designation?) Left, All sporting events are Unfair. According to their twisted belief, there should be no winners, or heaven forbid, Losers. All outcomes should be Fair. Apparently in school, everyone should get the same grade? After all it's not Fair for some students to get A's while others fail. Don't laugh, that concept is slowly being implemented in 'Progressive' (another new Liberal Left, 'feel good' word) school systems. I'll bet they make great Commercial Pilots. Fortunately sanity still prevails... in most of the world...

    Naturally there are many who would disagree. That is the way the USA functions, or has been... until lately. With the powers now in charge, it seems to be 'Their way or the Highway'. Vote like your life depended on does.
    Long live "The United States of America, One nation under God"