Sunday, December 31, 2006

ABQ N.M. Storm of record Snowfall

This last week of December 2006 snowfall, set a record in New Mexico (for as long as records are kept). The two storms came through together and parked over the city of Albuquerque for two days. This amount of snow happens only at times, so we have no Great Fleet of snowplows standing ready to do battle.
The few plows in service are sent to the two Interstate routes of I-25 (north south) and I-40 (east west). ABQ is in a depression west of the mountains, called the Rio Grande Valley.
The Sandia Mountains are the Northeast edge of the city and the Manzano Mountains are the Southeast edge. I-40 comes in from the east through Tjeras Canyon between the two, Southern Rockies mountain ranges. Tjeras Canyon forms a sort of hilly pass that gets a lot of snow at times.

Our Westbound friends from Antioch Illinois, A retired Illinois Highway Patrol Officer and his wife, were stopped in Amarillo Texas, waiting for the highway to be re-opened to ABQ. They were in a 40 foot 'Prevost' motor home, so no major inconvenience. The Kohl's dept. store was nearby to keep them entertained. They started out again last night when the I-40 hwy opened, only to be shut down again until this afternoon. The plows have no tall guide sticks along the highway, like the far northern states. The Plows wandered off the highway at times making a trail through the 'boonies'. Needless to say problems developed when trucks attempted to follow the plowed path. More good stories to tell the kids.

The stories being told in the truck stops are really great 'fairy tales' about drivers dieing in their trucks with the National Guard hauling them away in 'body bags'. Chuck mentioned that their drugs must be working well.
If you are going to weather a storm out on the open highways of New Mexico, do it in a 40 foot 'Prevost'. See you in the spring on the return trip from Phoenix, Chuck and Joan.
I will bet their story is told and retold for years, adventures like that are to be shared and savored. The East west traffic is due to there being only three 'major' Continental East West routes through the 'Rocky Mountains'. The southern route is I-10 through El Paso Texas. ABQ N.M. is the Central and Denver Colorado I-80 is for the most part, the Northern major route. Snow gets that one a lot. Much further North is real snow country, pretty much avoided in the winter months.

Our home is at the 6500 foot level in the lower foothills and received about 16 inches total, of 'heavy' snow over the two days. A mile north of our home was recorded at 24 inches. I shoveled as it fell. Big snowpiles are my driveway border. This is better than going to the Gym to workout.
My two mile walk before dawn was again 'Mystical', crunching through the snow with the soft pink overhead glow and the silence of no traffic.

Most neighbors are counting on the typical sunshine days (355 a year) to follow, melting it away. No newspapers or mail have been delivered since Thursday.
Today is Sunday. Wife and I had to just check it out and go out to breakfast on Saturday morning. The 4X4 Jeep does a pretty good job when locked in 4-Low. No major problem other than stopping. Think ahead is always the flight plan, no matter what the conditions. Neighborhood kids were riding snowboards behind a Jeep driven by a Father. Those kids will tell their own kids, years from now, "When I was a kid, the snow got"....

Santa Fe N.M. was the recipient of over two feet. Their mountains probably got around three feet. This last two years are finally breaking our extended drought of ten years. The last snow of this magnitude was in the 70's and early 80's. Those were our family's ski years. Like my neighbor said, as we were shoveling, "It all works out". Truly it does. My thoughts on 'Global Warming' exactly. (a December post). Look at the real long record, not just the recent happenings. Thousands of years, Tens of thousands, Hundreds of thousands, as my neighbor indicated, is true, "It All Works Out". Happy New Year Ya'All!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jason Newburg Aerobatics Video by

Jason Newburg Aerobatics flight video of extreme aerobatics using on-board camera in an Extra 300 S. Shot using Viosport Adventure Cam 3 and JVC 5000U, edited using an Applied Magic ScreenPlay editing deck.

For more information, please visit: and

Friday, December 29, 2006

"Think for Yourself"

Human beings never think for themselves, they find it too uncomfortable. For the most part, members of our species simply repeat what they are told--and become upset if they are exposed to any different view. The characteristic human trait is not awareness but conformity, and the characteristic result is religious warfare. Other animals fight for territory or food; but, uniquely in the animal kingdom, human beings fight for their 'beliefs'. The reason is that beliefs guide behavior, which has evolutionary importance among human beings. But at a time when our behavior may well lead us to extinction, I see no reason to assume we have any awareness at all. We are stubborn, self-destructive conformists. Any other view of our species is just a self-congratulatory delusion.

-Michael Crichton, The Lost World

I knew there was a reason for CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and best of all, Al-JaZZ-era and The Associated Press (AP) having such a massive influence over the people, not only in our USA but the worlds mass media as well. The 'Blogosphere' is, as one famous Blogger puts it, "An Army of Davids" (read his book). The truth is out there, but it takes a bit of intelligence and research to find it. I can sometimes find it, and I am but an old 'BlogenGEEZER'. Come on you young'uns, Read a little and 'Question" that forty two inch, flat screen, HI Def, LED, 'One Eyed Cyclops' with the CNN 'Talking Heads' in the family sitting room. (Bigger does not make it smarter or give it more authority). 'Question' that daily 'waste of hundreds of millions of good 'Canadian' (Thunder Bay) trees, thrown onto the front driveway. 'Question' especially, those 'Supreme Beings' leading our Universities students through the 'Quagmire' of this life on earth... "Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut Sometimes"..

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Trailer # 1

Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley reunite in Walt Disney Pictures' PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST, an all new epic tale chronicling the further mis-adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Gore Verbinski from a screenplay written by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio, Captain Jack sets sail on an all new adventure – filled with more intrigue, more spectacular special effects and more comedy. Opens July 7, 2006. "I told you I really like Pirates", 'Blogengeezer' watch for 'At Worlds End'.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas '06 /Pirates of the Caribbean

This has been a great year. Thank you Military Men and Women for your great sacrifice in holding the 'dark forces' that want to eliminate the USA, at bay. The quality of life for our Great Nation is secure because of your devotion to your work. God be with You.

The time spent with our family of three sons and their little families was enjoyed by all. The Wisconsin family brought cheer to the Christmas Season by spending time staying at the ABQ homestead. The two year old daughter was forever coming up with comical observations about the different actions around our home. One of them was when I poured Cinnamon over my bowl of cereal and fruit, covered in Yogurt rather than milk. She called it 'Sandbox', and wondered why I did that. The special evening meal at the 'Samurai' Grill with it's performing, flaming, Chef, fascinated her. She kept asking him for "More Fire Please". He responded my telling her to marry a fireman. (He then gave her 'more fire') The young girls all enjoyed and appreciated their Christmas gifts. The two year old was most happy with the little remote controlled car set. She ran from adult to adult carrying the clear plastic covered box, saying "Cars!, Cars!, Open Please" trying to get someone's attention to please open it for her. The cousins liked it as well. I guess we should have gotten them all 'cars'. The New York travelers returned safely with stories of the 'Rockettes' and their Christmas Special. Do not eat the outrageously expensive and tasteless food at the world famous 'Sardi's'. The New York 'Deli's' are far superior and generous as well as resonable.

Air travel apparently is nothing like it was during my days of flying. The son's stories of little 'misunderstandings' at the check-in counter. Tape the boxes securly, do not leave them un-taped for inspection! (The clerks have no tape at the counter) The problems that occured on the boarding scene were funny, if not so to the gate clerks. 'Do not ever scan your own ticket' unless you like an endless tirade of verbal 'flak' coming your way, with threats to unload the entire plane of all passengers and re-board it. Do not take all of the family's boarding passes with you, ahead of the rest of your family, unless you like being paged to return to the boarding area, swimming against the 'flow' of humanity trying to find their seats. No 'Flying imams' seeking Media attention on the plane to Minneapolis, thank the lord for that. I hope they develope a fear of flying on anything but 'Carpets', for the peace of mind of the rest of us. Actually I would like to fly a nice quality heavy Persian 'Carpet' some time just for the fun of it. FAA would probably get a little perturbed with out a transponder and communication equipment. I would not enjoy laying out on the runway in line for take-off, unless the weather was real nice, like during Global Warming under the Greenhouse Effect.

The evening film on TV was the '03 Pirates of the Caribbean "Curse of the Black pearl" starring Johnny Depp. It earned over 654 mil worldwide shortly after release. It grossed in the top 26 films and rated in the top 250 films in history and won 5 academy awards. This is what prompted Disney to work up the sequel 'Dead Mans Chest' (Jul '06). Next out is 'At Worlds End', to be released May '07. The Black Pearl keeps on sailing into the future it seems. I had no idea so many people like 'Pirate' films as much as I do. I would love to do 'background' in them but NM has too much 'Beach' and not enough Ocean. Sand Pirates? Now 80 million years ago it was a different story. New Mexico was covered in a shallow sea. The worlds oceans were on average 400 feet higer than the present level. That accursed Global Warming? Lots of water for 'Pirate' films at that time. Nice Balmy Caribbean like climate. I would love it. Lets install a Hurricane powered 'Flux Capacitor' in the 'black Pearl'.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Santa Claus dash present 2005

he only certain sign that Christmas is at hand is the man himself :

Santa Claus

We are sure that you all know him, but you might not have been aware that Santa Claus has also spent quite some time training the art of parkour, as well as brushing up on a few tricks. Meanwhile, his elves have been preparing all the world's presents in the famous secret workshop located somewhere in northern Finland.

As a Christmas present to all the traceurs in the world, Santa now presents to you yet another video showing him struggling to save a traceur's Christmas!

We can't tell you who brought this fascinating documentary of Santa's travails to our attention, because they emailed us from the North saying that they want to remain anonymous. However, we're sure that some of you, if you were around for the last couple of Christmases, can probably work out the identities of Santa's intermediaries...

Friday, December 22, 2006

"The Polar Express"

The Wisconsin Family and the two little girls blew into ABQ at "0-late-30", on Monday eve. The adventure has begun. Our son, his Wife and their two daughters, arrived to the snowstorm of the year, not to say the last decade. We thought, as well as they, that a nice Christmas in ABQ would be sunny each day. We showed them Wisconsin weather instead. We measured 9" at our home. The dark, misty, pre-dawn hours of my 2 mile walk were like being in a silent winter wonderland, similiar to those of my youth growing up in the midwest. The 2 year old grandaughter made a snow angel or two, I threw snowballs at her, she forgave me. We pulled her on an old sled out in the street. (a no traffic side street) The youngest is a new baby that can't play in the snow yet.

The local cousins finally met the Wisconsin cousins. Lots of running and chasing among the group of young ladies, with the sounds that accompany the chasing. The family gets to renew old relationships among the three brothers (our wonderful sons) and each of their respective familys. This is a 'Christmas' family reunion. This evening two of the families meet at their home in the valley. The other son and his wife are visiting New York for the holidays before Christmas. We will see them on Christmas day when they return with stories of the adventure.

Last evening's Video, with the compliments of the Wisconsin son and his wife, was brought along to entertain all. "POLAR EXPRESS".. with that glorious "BALDWIN" Locomotive, pulling the train load of pajama clad youngsters, along with a few doubts about Santa Clause and his existance. The trip begins calmly enough with the youngsters getting familiar with each other. The Conductor with his talented 'ticket puncher' in hand, is definetly in charge...sort of. Each minute into the trip has a new adventure, to say the least. The excitement continously escalates dramatically, along the way. Magic seems to be inserted into the ride from time to time with the law of probability being very severely tested. I loved the Computer Animation (CCGI) throughout the entire film. 2004 seems a while back and knowing the time table for new technology being about 18 months, I can only wonder at where the next great film will be, technology wise. The beautiful "Baldwin" engine seems to perform superbly in all conditions. The Engineers notwithstanding. They eventually do seem to take control of the situation. The film has a way of making the viewer feel like they are part of the action. Now that is film making at it's best. No wonder it won Awards.

As a young child, I had the great fortune to witness the performance put on by, big steam powered locomotives similiar to the "Baldwin". Our home was about 1/4 th of a mile from the 'EJ&E'ry. (Elgin Joliet and Eastern Railway). The Northwestern railway crossed the EJ&E nearby at "Leithton" control tower, where I spent a great portion of my youthful hours. The 'Switchman' showed us how to control the trains, by pulling the big mechanical levers used to switch the rail sidings and taught us 'Morse Code'. He let us place the trains "Orders" in a y shaped frame for the passing trainmen to grab. He let us play with the hand powered trycycle 'inspection vehicle'. He was also a crack shot with a 22 rifle, shooting bottles we threw into the air. My best friend Freddy Wagner, had a father 'Fred', that was the section foreman in charge of the hard working track maintenance crew of "Gandy Dancers", "Gandys" for short. I played along the tracks from as long as I could recall, until I became of legal driving age. Now those experiences could never be replaced by any of todays Video Games. I heard the mournful steam whistle wail, and the heavy Thunder of the big steam freight locomotives at all hours. At night the sound became almost magical in itself. The old rail system with its comparetivly short lengths of rail, gave the famous "Clikity-Clak" sound of the past. Modern 'Ribbon rail ended all of that mesmerizing sound. Anyone that witnessed the loss of traction when the thousands of horsepower were applied a little too heavily to the huge 'driver wheels'. The "Thunder" and the resultant "wheel spin" with the sparks flying, I can never forget the thrill.
The troop trains of WWII were awesome with the soldiers loading and unloading their duffle bags, piled on tall wheeled carts along the loading platform. Station men pulled those big carts, 'to and fro' along the trains baggage cars. Being in the midwest, "Snowstorms and Blizzards" were a regular part of the night scene. the Steam pouring out of the valves and piston chambers, mingling with the chill gave the erie depiction of something powerful beyond immagination. The huge "Black Locomotives" were gone from my life way too soon. I should have been born about 50 years earlier to take in the full spectrum of those exciting times in the world. The "POLAR EXPRESS" will serve as a reminder to us all, of those wonderful decades. "The Age of Steam".

Thursday, December 21, 2006

White & Nerdy

"Weird Al" Yankovic's music video from his new album "Straight Outta Lynwood" (in stores Sept. 26)

Soul Rebels - Downhill mountain biking & other extreme sports

Soul Rebels is the newest exciting release from Summit Side Productions. Featuring over a dozen extreme sports, it takes you from the mountains, to the rivers, to the seas, as you witness some of the top athletes throw down their moves and explain to you why they do it.

To Download this movie in full for FREE please visit

Rider segments include interviews and rider perspective on why we risk our lives for extreme sports, and the rewards that this gives us.

Starring: Lorenzo Worster, Shannon Carrol, Jonas Green, Cory 'Midget' Walters, Ben Coleman, Bubba Henderson, Renee Hanks, Mario Solis, Max Mancini, Eric Haendle, Ross Baker, Josh Storrer, Noah Sipila, Jesse Bath, Joel Jutagir, Brian Bozack, Sam Baker, Stephane Riendeau, Erich Wagar, Ben Dolenc, Chip Wasson, and many more. Full length 74mins

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rescue many horses in the Netherlands nov_06

Many horses got stuck on a small island for days after a heavy storm. People feared for the live of the more than one hundred horses!

Correction on the video: Other newsreports say that at least 19 horses drowned or died form exhaustion before the rescue

The source for the video is a Dutch newsgroup: NOS Journaal. I didn't made the images myself, I just combined them! I was suprised myself by the great video and hereby I want to say thanks to those who made these!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Gladiator

Thank you for your welcome visit to DA FLIKKERS.
Today I was reading about 'CCGI' (computer controlled graphic imagining) it reminded me of the first film 'I' ever watched with this tecnique used. The 'Gladiators' Colosseum packed with spectators, was in reality only a few 'Extras' like myself, sitting in a small area. Then using the computer image, given a full 360 degree panorama. That means as film 'extras', our days are numbered. The new movie '300' takes full advantage of this method of filming. also the Colosseum can be rebuilt in the image easily enough. Much easier than the traditional method of mortar and stone. I will be a 'mortar and stone' relic soon, actually a 'Geezer' is that already.
'Gladiator' was filmed at a cost of 145.7 mil. In the year 2000,It Quickly earned over 450 mil Worldwide, and picked up 5 academy awards. Russell Crowe as 'Maximus' and Joaquin Phoenix as the incestious 'Commodus' along with the early appearance of Richard Harris as 'Marcus Aurelius' gave the film great credibility.

The film 3:10 to Yuma being filmed here in NM with 'Russell Crowe' apparantly is over budget and not able to use the thousand or so 'Extra's' originally planned for. I guess I will not be called after all. Too bad, I wanted to work another western with horses and cowboys. Sigh!

Poor Steven Segal, covered with a heavy layer of makeup, trowelled on. He is kinda out of shape and over weight. Aren't we all as we get older? The film 'One day in the Hood' being filmed here in NM is progressing slowly as well. I think the cold weather slows down the progress. Some filming took place on a cold day with no coats on the actors. the day was being portrayed as southern California. a little warmer there of course, so everybody froze a little. I wish I could have 'froze a little' with my friends. a bad day playing in the 'movies',sure beats a good day sitting at this keyboard.

Please use my right sidebar 'link' to "New Mexico Actors". Sign in to my friend 'Nathan's, very nice website, as a guest. Leave a comment, please tell Nathan, 'Blogengeezeer' sent you. Be sure to check out his latest Movie 'Trailers' and short 'clips'. 'The Hitcher' looks intense. a lot of my friends are in that one. 'Wildhogs' with John Travolta looks like it will be a fun flik as well. 'Blogengeezer' is in that one during the carnival scene filmed in Madrid NM. Also 'Blogengeezer is in one scene of 'the Lost Room'. Hopefully more films like the fun 'Comanche Moon' (Val Kilmer) will come along this spring. Blogengeezer can hardly wait, Drool, slobber!

In the meantime please drop back in to; 'Da flikkers' again. Make that little 'Go-stats' counter in the lower right sidebar, climb. I love to see it advance steadily. You have put Da Flikkers in the top 100 of over a thousand blogs in the 'Family' category, higher than a lot of the X-rated giberish out there. There is hope for this world after all.! I will post some more fun 'Vids' from time to time. I like the funny animals type, as well as aircraft (my favorites) and wild car stuff. Ya'll Come Back Now, YaHeah?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Funny Animals

" Clips of animals doing funny things put in to 1, custom made video. It didnt take me to long. The music for the cats isnt mine the rest is ^_^ Enjoy!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Boeing 777 and 747 crosswind landings

Video of Boeing 777 and 747 during high crosswind landing test flights.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

FedEx Thunderstorm deviations

A FAA Radar track sequence of a bank of FedEx aircraft getting into Memphis as thunderstorms pass over the airport.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Illusionist, Comanche Moon, ..This is a very interesting performance televised in French. A different art form by an Illusionist, and is about 5 minutes in length. You will have to cut and paste it in your browser line. Blogger doesn't seem to let me transfer it today for some reason.

I recently read about the February TV showing of "Comanche Moon", Larry McMurtry's prequel to "Lonesome Dove", with many stars including Val Kilmer. "Cowboys and Indians" is the publication at the magazine rack. Val Kilmer is sitting in a blue car on the cover photo. The Indians from the Blackfoot tribe in Montana (next to Glacier Nat Park, on the Canadian border) are the real stars. They were all super to work with. Their fantastic riding left no room for error. They painted themselves and their horses. They looked very 'in character', to say the least. Several were hurt on the first day. The horses were a little on the wild side themselves. I described the eight days we worked on my first 'Blog' in June. The numerous comments are all about the daily filming, as much as I was involved. More information about "Comanche Moon" filming along with a few pictures are on the "New Mexico Actors" site, 'link' in my right sidebar. Check it out. "Cowboys and Indians" magazine gave Comanche Moon a very good rating. I hope everyone likes it as much as all of us liked working in the filming.

I recommend the video starring "Robert Redford", "Morgan Freeman", "Jennifer Lopez", "Josh Lucas", Damian Lewis and young Becca Gardner. Best of all is the acting done by "Bart" the bear. .."An Unfinished Life".. Filmed in Wyoming in 2005 for 30 mil. (Comanche Moon was only 27 mil.) Robert Redford probably got most of the 30 mil. He played the part of a very negative, to say the least, man who had lost his only son to an auto accident years before. After watching the video, I had to learn how to program our new 23" flat screen monitor/TV. The experience made me want to move to Wyoming and live a nice simple life on horseback with "Bart" the bear patrolling the ranch.

Another video to see if you like Intrigue, action, and a little romance with a major complication, is "Sentinel", starring Michael Douglas, Kieffer Sutherland, Eva Longoria. The plot is about the Presidents protectors, 'The Secret Service' and his personal agent, Michael Douglas, who years earlier survived the attempt to assassinate Reagan. I was not able to sleep even a few winks during this action packed film. I give it a thumbs up all around.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Data Storage

Not a peep from any 'casting' offices that are working the films in New Mexico. I like the long lines at the 'casting calls' as much as anything though. Meeting the people, friends from past films as well as future friends, are great. I could spend days in lines and not get bored. So many different personalities, it would take a lifetime to tire of them all. Even then I would most likely forget and start all over. Being 'actors' and 'actresses', they would change their personalities as well. We all do this already from film to film. Isn't this a fun pastime? Even the new 'calls' are pretty scarce at this time. Maybe this somewhat chilly (as opposed to New Mexico 'Chili') weather we have had is calming down the outdoors filming. Cameras are a little bit fussy when it comes to temperature variations.

Has anyone read about the storing of data for the future? The systems change so often it is getting harder and harder to keep upgrading the means by which information is stored. I read that the 'home burned' CD starts to degrade after about three years. There is a 'gold ' anodized version with a much longer life span but the means to read it will probably not exist when it is dragged out of storage. Remember the 8 track music system? I had one as well as tape cartridges. It never did function after being stored for about ten years. I wish I had the money I spent on tapes for that thing. 'I-Pods' are great in that respect. I am not sure that I have even heard 1000 songs in my lifetime, so it is massive overkill for me. A person could own enough music to keep a broadcasting system going for years. The internet is a great thing, is it not?
In storing of 'Data' that old standby, 'paper' still works but the 'inks' are not very long lived in comparison to the 'Carbon' based ink used on historical documents we saw in museums as we were growing up. The article referred to the aircraft carrier 'Nimitz' and the massive amounts of Data documentation required to maintain all of it's systems, including the contingent of about 85 various aircraft and weaponry. What a 'career intensive' occupation. Obviously I do not have anything an infinitesimal fraction as valuable, to keep records on. Da Flikkers is a pastime and not of any intrinsic value. When it's gone, it's gone. I did pick up a 'Jump' drive to play with some Da Flikkers storage. (1 gig for $20) remember when they cost a hundred dollars a Gig?. Have you noticed the price falling on those little marvels of engineering? They are now being sold in a little dish at Staples for $7.95. (5.12 MB) I thought about the little drywall bits at home improvement store checkouts. The latest 'Express' chips are even making 'Jumps' obsolete. I read in one of my science fiction books in the late 50's, about the future technology in the new world. In the book, the writer described all of this and more, I never forgot his prophesies, he was 'right on'.

Monday, December 04, 2006


P-47 footage