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The Electric current 'Grid' we all take for granted, and which has a totally unproven, supposedly drastic effect on the Media crisis reported, and Politically DREADED Global Warming, was all started back in Menlo Park New Jersey by Thomas A Edison. Edison built his first real Lab to invent and make commercial availability of, new electrical devices, He did not invent all of these things, he Did improve them so that they actually were useful. The 'stock market ticker' machine was one of his first useful inventions. After that, he was on a 'roll'. 1,097 patents later we have a world of electrical gadgets spun off of his and his assistant's ideas

His fathers name was Samuel Edison and Thomas was born in Ohio in 1847. By 1876 Thomas Edison had his lab set up and cranking out electrical things that actually functioned. Not bad for a HOME SCHOOLED kid. By the age of 29 Edison figured out how to generate and distribute electricity to users to light their homes and power their machinery which he was instrumental in creating. The Phonograph was improved upon and patented by Edison so that it became a fixture in homes until even today.

The light bulb was improved by an assistant named Hammer. Until then it lasted only a short time before burning out. Mass production of his Patents, guaranteed income to keep the lab running. Most inventors were happy just inventing, not Edison, Manufacturing on large scale earned the money. Edison bought many original patents, Volta's light bulb, being one, then improved their usefulness. Edison's lab created knowledge then controlled it's application. Edison Light Company in New York was one of his first companies dedicated to the distribution of electricity.

Direct Current (DC) was his favorite method of power. DC was only functional for a few miles due to the line loss of the current, so it was only used around the city centers close to the big electric power plants. Big investors like John .P Morgan and Vanderbilt family heirs made the New York power company possible. The United Kingdom also generated and distributed their power by an affiliate branch of Edison's electric Company's.

Alternating Current was promoted by an assistant in Edison's lab by the name of Nikola 'Tesla'. Edison did not like AC that competed with his DC current, and made life difficult for Tesla. He would not give Tesla a raise from 18 dollars a week to 25 dollars, so Tesla quit.

George Westinghouse was more than happy to help Tesla and they took Tesla's AC and promoted it against Edison's DC. Edison was so upset he said AC was unsafe and electrocuted animals to prove it in front of observers, even an elephant. The demos were so effective the electric chair was one of the patents to come out of it.

Edison's DC was still in use in Downtown Chicago through the second world war. (it also recharged the City's big, chain drive electric trucks overnight) DC was still being used in NYC until 2005 for about 1,600 users. (escalators and heavy current machines close to downtown)

Now comes another extremely important parallel story. In London a young, self educated office clerk, from a poor background, that had a way with accounting and worked for the UK branch of Edison's electric co, was noticed for his intensity and proficiency with numbers. Edison brought him to NY to manage the accounting of the Edison Power co.

Edison liked him so well, that he was put to work as his overall secretary of finances. the stage was then set for one of the most spectacular events in the history of the United States. 'Samuel Insull' was 21 years old in 1881, within ten years he rose in management of the Edison facilities. Edison 'General Electric', was his first big appointment. Known to us today as 'GE'.. Chicago (Commonwealth) Edison soon had a new president, 'Samuel Insull'.

'Samuel Insull' liked the idea of George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla's Alternating Current (AC) much better because it could be transmitted for hundreds of miles then continually reboosted by transformers and sent all the way across the nation theoretically. Insull had bigger ideas for the use of electricity than to just provide power to the wealthy core city dwellers.

Using AC provided by massive new 'Westinghouse' generators Insull envisioned, the stage was set for expansive development of the future's extended communities Samuel Insull had in mind.

Insull correctly reasoned that if a light rail transportation system powered by Edison's control systems, with overhead wires, extended outward from the city core, it would make reasonably priced, Non-Polluting, Mass Transportation, available to the future outlying communities he envisioned. New communities where the living was much more free of congestion and 'The good Life' was attainable for all.

Edison was bought out for 2 million dollars and left behind the inventors life, to move to retirement in Florida where his good friend and neighbor was Henry Ford.

Along the way to business success, Insull met and hired Henry Villiard, a man that understood all too well the methods of using 'leveraged' money to obtain even more lines of credit and stock in the future. Insull was impressed and took the new found knowledge to it's extreme.

Insull bought 'right of way' and created new mass transportation, Electric Light Rail systems in the Chicago area so that the electric power the Edison Company generated by coal fired steam, at the Harrison street station, could be put to full use. The Chicago 'L' (elevated) system was one, as was the North Shore (Skokie) and the South Shore CRT, (still in use today) The North Shore line was dismantled during the 'cheap oil' days of the 1960's. The copper wire was stolen for profit. How short sighted we are. Insull was much more 'Environmentally Green' than anyone ever imagined.

Insull also knew the full advantage of owning the light rail system, being that the 'right of way' for the electric rail system, could also be used for the distribution system, of high Tension, High Voltage towers for electric power to the suburbs that Insull envisioned around the hub cities. they are still used today to power one of the most dynamic industrial areas in the United States. The fact that the suburbs are now 'self sustaining' cities of their own, was one reason for the demise of the Mass Transit Light Rail system Insull put in place.

Insull, using the financial system he learned from Henry Villiard, was in debt 500 million, with his own capital at only about 27 million dollars. The rail system was dragging down the earnings of the power companies. Insull tried to sell the 'L' to the city of Chicago, but they did not want the burden. Insull modernised the CRT in 1926 using his own money and that of thousands of small investors. Insull encouraged investment in 'Middle West Utilities' by the employees of which there were 100's of thousands.

A 'House of Cards' was under construction. Samuel Insull had invented 'The Holding Company'. Federal Laws to regulate utility holding companies, 'funding to assets ratio', came in 1935, after the house of cards had already collapsed.

The light rail cars test driven by Insull on the day of completion in 1926, were still in use until only a few years back. Insull liked quality. The financial drag of a slowing economy, proved to be way too much for even Insull, With no more financial backing forthcoming from the big investors in the East, the downward free fall known as the 'Great Depression' of 1929 began. Buchanon Dam with it's hydro electric power generation in Texas, was begun in 1931 by Insull. By 1932 all, including Insull, who had used his wealth trying to save his dream, had no cash nest egg set aside, were finished. Insull tried to pour his last remaining wealth onto the 'burning fire' in an attempt to smother it, only to have it consumed along with the rest.

Insull was definitely of more character and moral structure than the 'ENRON' type execs of the recent past and today. Insull 'went down with his beloved ship', while trying desperately to save it. He made trips to New York in efforts to secure more financial backing from the wealthy investors like Jack .P. Morgan Jr, Mcgraw, who built Insull's massive generators, Vanderbilt heirs, and Rockefeller, only to be turned away.

A power struggle seemed to be one factor in the equation. J.P. Morgan Jr wanted the power center for control of the economy, to be New York and viewed the dynamic Chicago as a threat. The Knowledge was present, that the NY financiers could buy the burned out remains of the Insull electrical power generation empire for pennies on the dollar.... after the fall.

The 1920's were referred to, as The Roaring twenties', due to the overall peoples misguided attitude, that tomorrow would bring even more wealth than today. The High Rolling, gambling on the future, investors, Drastically over extended and borrowed ever more money to buy 'stock'. Greed by everyone involved, was very obviously a huge factor as well.

As the market began it's drastic convulsions 'start, stop' fall, Insull sold everything he owned and threw his remaining wealth at it, but it was of no avail, as the Stock Market fell towards the inevitable abyss, frantic stockholders who had gambled their entire future, went into total dispare, knowing that they had lost everything. 1929 will be remembered as a great teacher in economics, for those that learn from History. The others will never learn except by the repeated hard way.

Pursued by angry creditors, Insull fled to Europe. by 1934 Insull was brought back to the USA to stand against charges. Insull was exonerated of all charges filed against him. Charges that were brought about by an administration in Washington, seeking to place blame for the 'Great Depression' of 1929, on someone, anyone, sound familiar? Insull was the biggest Political target for the day and the News Media was merciless, as it is today. He died of a heart attack in Paris, 1938, while walking to the subway gate. A 'Parisian' robbed and emptied his wallet of whatever cash he carried. Hence the ''world news" story was that he died a pauper, 'penniless'. As they reported, 'He got what he deserved'. As usual the 'Rabid' media, was far from the truth, as History has continually shown.

His devastated wife Gladys, returned to Chicago where all of her 'fair weather' friends had 'shunned' her. Gladys lived with her Son, Sammy Jr, as my Grandparents called him, until her death in 1953. Samuel Insull's last namesake died in 1997 with the death of Samuel Insull the third. Sam Insull's life story was published by his Son in a book called simply "Memoirs". 1961 was when the story was turned over to a publisher. My mother had a copy. 'Sammy Jr', was her playmate as a child.

The main reason for the subject matter of this posting was 'Blogengeezers' own Grandfather was 'THE' private Chauffer for Samuel Insull through all of those years and drove out of the Insull Estate at Hawthorne Farms, each morning before dawn, for the trip into Chicago, to return after dark. The estate was south of Libertyville Illinois. The Cuneo Museum is now on the farm site of the Insull Estate. I remember as a kid riding by those big iron gates and Grandpa telling many a story about many a trip leading out of them to 'the City'.

Grandfather drove a huge V16 Cadillac Limo (no power steering or power brakes) with an open driver compartment, similar to Mrs Meany's limousine in 'Little Orphan Annie'. Grandpa told many stories of speeds up over 110 miles per hour, Police motorcycle escorts could not keep up, delivering 'The Old Man' to important meetings or chauffeuring countless numbers of entertainment and film stars, to and from the Insull Estate for big gatherings. Entertainment and Film stars were supported mainly by the wealthy 'Patrons of the Arts', in those days. .

Grandfather wore a bearskin 'Great Coat' with bearskin gloves and bearskin hat similar to the ones worn by Russians in old pictures. Blogengeezer played on Holloween, as a kid, with the attire, to scare other trick or treater's. Sorry to not protect those things but I still have the leather 'lap robe' he used, while waiting for hours outside Chicago's great business buildings, at all hours of the night and day. A copper plaque presented and signed to Samuel Insull, by Thomas Edison, is still in the attic. The 'Old Man' Insull was a true visionary.

Grandmother was the provider for the Insull Farm boarding house threshing crews at the Insull Estate 'working farm' where they lived. She became a fantastic cook. The Hawthorne school was nearby. Blogengeezers mother was driven to parochial school in the 'limo', driven by the 'chauffeur', her dad. Mom, who owned a 'Paint' horse named Boots, and knew how to shoot, was embarrassed by all of the attention.

My Grandparents saw the face of Samuel Insull grow older day by day, as the failure in his dream materialised. Each trip, to attempt to save the nation from what he saw happening, aged him. Grandfather saw and read the outcome.

Before Samuel Insull left for Europe, he made sure my Grandfather and my uncle who drove Mrs Gladys Insull, had a job at the Commonwealth Edison Company in Chicago, for the rest of his life. My Grand parents invested only what spare money they could afford, in the 'stock market that seemed to have no where to go but up'. When the 'bottom finally dropped out', they lost that amount only,. Obviously greed was not in their hearts. My Grandparents, who were treated extremely well by Samuel Insull, dearly loved the entire Insull family.

The great power 'Grid' you are now on, in the United States of America, to receive the electricity used in your everyday existence, was the dream of that one man, that I heard countless stories about, all of my younger life...'SAMUEL INSULL'. Remember that name when your furnace comes on to warm your home, when the air conditioner cools it, and all of the electrical marvels you enjoy today. Thomas Edison
  • and Samuel Insull will live on in History, Truly Great Men of vision, that 'Changed the world'.

    References; Wikipedia, PBS documentary on the 'Most Influential Men' in the creation of the United States, and the book 'Memoirs'.
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    The man made Carbon Footprint in the practical sense, did not exist before man first controlled fire. After that it was all down hill. The amount of carbon placed into the atmosphere before then was at the whim of nature. Fires came and fires went, as fuel availability and conditions improved or degraded, for the support of combustion. After Man got the talent to control fire, the 'footprint' was now a reality. The earths population was negligible so not much occurred out of the natural. A fire was used by most of mankind to stay warm at the cooler parts of the earth and for cooking everywhere.

    Of course there are people like 'Ruddiman' that disagree. Ruddimans Theory seems to blame mankind for all of the changes in the earth's climate. He even theorises that the little Ice Age wass caused by man doing his 'man things'. The diseases that were brought to America by the Europeans caused such a decline in the humans on the American Continent that it got colder. Mainly because they lit fewer campfires and such? I, among many other far more intelligent humans, disagree with his 'Anthropogenic Theory'. Ruddiman even goes so far as to say we are not in the Holocene but in his purported 'Anthropocene' Period. Pretty presumptious I'd say.
    The worst part is he is teaching his 'Theory' as fact.

    The problem started to get a little 'dicey' after the population really started to expand. The biggest historical man made increase occurred after man's intelligence brought him into the Industrial Age, which by the way, coincided with the huge jump in world population from about 500 million (1650) to 1 billion by the end (1850) of the 'little ice age' to the present (150 years later) population of 6.7 billion. I recall an old song from the excellent movie 'Porgy and Bess', "Summertime.. And The Liv'in Gets Easy"

    The total 'carbon footprint' of one lowly hamburger was recently computed and published as 6.8 pounds on the very interesting 'Treehugger' blog, the comments are all over the grid). The blog further stated that the average individual consumed 3 burgers per week. That said, the total population of the USA is 300 million. The carbon footprint of the consumed burgers equals the average for approximately 10,000 SUV's. After factoring in the 'Methane' produced by the process of 'growing' and consuming the 'burger', (a very conservative tenfold increase, considering Methane is 23 times as effective at destroying Ozone as CO2) brings the total to equal a very conservative number of 75,000 SUV's. All of which, of course, are wildly stalking small Hybrids, to obliterate from the nations highways.

    Now comes the complication. I had been thinking of the 'Carbon Footprint' for every object we take for granted. One of the comments on 'Treehugger' listed many, and I have a few that 'we' consider totally necessary for our everyday existence. At some time a program will be available to reveal the 'Carbon Footprint' of every item we, as humans use.

    The 'Cellphone', Microwave Oven, and every object our life involves, including each piece of clothing, wristwatch. A standard vs electric toothbrush. A barbecue flame, (gas vs briquette vs wood). A fire at a campsite, our endless series of obsolete throwaway computers, any number of objects. You be the judge whether these things of our life are to be given up or retained as a necessity. Every object or process in our society has a hidden 'Carbon Footprint'.

    Remember the total will climb as you fail to discard the use of such item. An average family house/dwelling (all US totaled) contributes 20 percent of the CO2 produced in the USA alone. All transportation means including Rail, Aircraft, Trucking, (including Garbage Trucks) Shipping of all types including River Barges, Lake Freighters and personal Automobiles and Boats including commercial fishing and Ferrys, amounts to 33 percent of CO2 placed into the atmosphere in the USA. Are you really ready to forego all of that?

    The 'Toyota Prious Hybrid' has been heralded as the answer for many. True it leaves a comparitively light 'CF' as it rolls down the highway. The real 'CF' is hidden in the aquiring and use of earths resources for the more exotic materials and technology used in its construction. The battery of a standard SUV is a compact, common Lead Acid type that is easily recycled. The Hybrid's batteries are now Lithium Ion Monsters, that are not easily recycled. The time frame for 'payback' of the actual cost of a Prius, is about 17 years. In our always fickle society, I doubt that anyone will keep one that long. The actual cost of maintenance is much higher in comparison to a normal small toyota.

    We can go on and on about what seems to be the easy answers. The much touted Hydrogen powered car is in reality using petroleum to produce the Hydrogen by using more Carbon based energy to accomplish the process. The use of Ethanol for it's low emissions sounds fine on the surface. The fact is, it uses still more carbon based energy to produce than it returns. To say nothing of the Nitrous Oxide produced during it's manufacturing process. Nitrous Oxide is hundreds to thousands of times more damaging as a greenhouse gas than CO2. A well known Nobel Prize winning Chemist disclosed the drastic error in the IPCC's figures.

    The tractors and machinery to farm the corn and biomass do not even run on Ethanol. They would run out of fuel faster than they could produce it.

    Ethanol is yet another Political tool to direct wealth to the individuals that promote it. The 'elite' will survive by investing in the future they plan. To survive, a person better get the best education possible to stay on the top tier of society. It was the same for "Otzi the Iceman". (a previous post) 5000 years ago when the average age was 10 to 12 years old. Otzi was killed by a gang of thugs at 47.. He was a 'true' survivor. His Government did Squat for 'Otzi'. The government does preserve his body today.

    The extremely visible 'Carbon Footprint' contrails of a single commercial airliner is immensely high on the CO2 scale. Multiply that by thousands per day in the USA alone. A single Rocket launch, such as 'the shuttle' produces so much CO2 along with massive amounts of particulates of who knows what, as to make it 'Obscene' to say the least, in the effect on the Ozone. In the event we totally stopped 'everything' we do right now the results would not even be visible for another many countless hundreds of years.

    The population of earth, barring unforeseen circumstances, will keep, on a very conservative estimate, doubling in another 100 years or much faster, as estimates are published. The 'inevitable' will occur as it does in every species whether it be 'Lemmings' marching to the sea or a population of rats on the farm eating themselves out of existence when the farm shifts to modern transportation and storage facilities.

    The answer to this is 'Veggies', for a segment of our population. The Amazon Basin, of which 70 percent is in Brazil is now being reduced to primarily, 'Soybean Production' for The consumers in Europe. Twenty percent of Brazil is now under cultivation, in place of the oxygen producing trees of the Amazon. The fires alone used in clearing, account for so much CO2 that it is immeasurable.

    There is no easy answer despite what pompous politicians, promoting their parties answer, proclaim. The Earth will 'ultimatly be 'The Decider'. Man's feeble attempt to undo what the unrelenting population growth has unleashed, will only result in the further distancing of the masses from the 'elites' in society. Many people on earth, are going to be very, very uncomfortable, that is for sure.

    The 'Carbon Credits' proposed, will only be a form of forced redistribution of resources from the Freedom loving, Innovative, Progressive, thus Wealthy nations, to the 'bogged down' Totalitarian governed, regressive nations with totally uncontrolled population growth, exacerbated by the new source of cash flowing into their society.

    The Authoritarian 'Elites' of that society will take control of the newly distributed wealth, by buying tens of thousands of AK47's, to control their population growth, like they have all along. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez will have a Kalishnikov (AK47) factory shortly. Now that may slow down the excess population in South America. The 'AK47' has been touted as one of the most effective killers in the entire history of the world. Now 'that' is a record to be proud of...NOT !!

    Man immensely enjoys the 'act' of reproduction, whether it results in his demise or that of others. Proof of that is the proliferation of words used to describe 'The Act' of reproduction. The most active sites on the internet, are the sites that promote the act, as well as enjoyment as entertainment, of 'procreation'.

    Hollywood is doing it's utmost to further enhance (justify their own hedonistic behavior) the 'enjoyment' of sex with as many partners as possible. It is the nature of man at play. Consequences are to be expected. Hollywood's, self created, self Loved/Hated, 'self Mutilated', victims are endless, as seen on the News and the Tabloids. And we admire them, as well as their opinions on how to run our lives and who to 'Hate' in Government ??

    The 'Carbon Footprint' political aspects are but one tool for the Power and control of the lowly masses. Read 'Brave New World' by 'Aldus Huxley' An intensive study was done in the 60's at a university in Southern Illinois, about how to 'redistribute' the wealth and population equally around the globe. I am confident, it is a format that is being followed as we progress foreward through the future. Notice the endless Political attacks on 'Immigration Laws'.

    Another study was done using rats in a Controlled Ideal environment, Rats in La-La Land, allowed to breed at will. All was fine up to a point. Happy rats all doing their 'rat thing'. The more rats came to be in closer contact to each other, the more intense and the meaner they got. 'Rat Rage? Valium for Rats? Food and nourishment was not limited, so the only reason for the fighting, 'to the death often', was the overwhelming population expansion. .."No where to run, Nowhere to Hide".. Hey, wasn't that an old song ?

    We are smarter than rats, right? ..I don't think so...One look at the headlines will tell you, Man is inherently evil and only the total acceptance of that will save man from the inevitable fate. Whatever the future brings, it brings. The one thing that can save a person is True Faith. Live life each day to it's fullest.

    Get a Real education in the 'Hard Sciences'. Use the Politically Driven Mainstream Media, only as a rough guide to local information. Question the teachings of the teachers at every level, they also have Political 'Agendas'. They are experienced in logic indoctrination, so be wary as to what they project into the lesson format.

    Use this great waste of Carbon called the computerised Internet and learn how to stay on the top tiers of society, like 'Otzi' did for 47 years. Travel to see the differences between the disfunctional parts of the world and our Great Industrialised Nation.

    After you have achieved the best possible education available to you in this great nation, Take your rightful place at the Helm, always keep a light hand on the throttles to prevent a shipwreck of society. Remember, it took a long time to build, it is nowhere near finished or by any means perfect. It is not as bad as the Media proclaims.

    Please shake off the 'Heavy Depressing Guilt' being thrown on you by Political activists through the Media with a personal agenda. I do not ever mean to imply that we should forego any attempts to conserve or change.

    Actually I am bringing attention to the wasteful nature of our modern, throw away, society. I know for a fact, as well, you truly love our world as a wonderful, fascinating creation to be enjoyed. Have fun, keep Your Faith and enjoy this exciting life.

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    Guitar 'Air Tapping'

    This guy 'Taps and pecks' (air tapping) out a tune like no other. I at one time, plucked a few chords, but never thought of anything like this. I hope you like it for a couple of minutes of light entertainment. I enjoy the lighter side of humanity. Check back again some time, while I go search for some more fun stuff.

    Monday, February 12, 2007

    An Inconvenient "Truthiness"

    The movie trailer for the most Hollywoodified, Terrifying, X-Game Video style film you will ever see. Of course the opening words tell the astute listener the words 'hotest temperatures' "Ever Recorded". Well yes as long as you do not go back more than about 750 years. The "Ever Recorded" is only using data from the 'last century'. As I have blogged for the last couple of months (Archives) We are currently at the 150 year warming point of a repetitous 400 year cycle of alternating heat/cold recorded by science. The year 1100 was pretty darn toasty. I gave many references to attest to the facts. This earth has seen the population climb from about 300 million at 1AD to 500 million in 1650 AD, then it climbed to over one billion at 1850 AD. That is the point at which it 'skyrocketed' to the present population of 6.7 billion in just 200 years. Do you see what has happened? People are just 'one' of the cause's of the faster increase. Now what are we doing about that? The earth will go on with or without us. We are a species that wants gratification and we want it immediatly. I do not believe we will get the thermostat set at exactly the temperature that is pleasant for all of us. Al's stated sea level rise of 20 feet has been proven TOTALLY wrong in the UN scientific computer simulations. 20 inches is the latest scenario. Not bad when the oceans in the past were 400 feet higher than the present. Now that would be 'Special' now wouldn't it? If the earth did revert to the 400 year cooling cycle prematurely, we would really complain about the cold and blame some one. Thats what some people do..Blame someone else for every thing that happens in their life, Then they demand that the Government fixes it for them. Well sorry folks the earth doesn't work like that. When it tires of us, it will get rid of us. Click on wikipedia in my right sidebar. then use some of the references in my Archives as well as other links in wiki. You may get a laymans education about this issue. also read about the Methane gas in the atmosphere. 23 times more damaging to the Ozone layer than CO2. More people, more fires, more CO2, more heat, like Al says, people add to the cause. Politics will not fix it, plain and simple. Any ideas? of course other than the 'Malthusian Catastrophe' at about 10 billion population. Fact is, Earth may be a little uncomfortable for an increasing number of souls. Thats the way it works. And by the way Polar bears will exist like they did through the last heat cycle ending about 1450. The bears will get smaller than the size they average now, but they will survive. Animals are more tolerant to change than 'modern' humans, they know how to adapt. Have fun with your research. I did.

    Sunday, February 11, 2007

    New Mexico Film Incentives

    One other little snippet of info on the New Mexico film industry ( the tax relief given to Film Producers that make movies in NM. "If you make concessions, they will come". Our previous Governors, Gary Johnson for one, started the attractions that Film producers were... well,... attracted to. Bill Richardson has been instrumental in expanding the system. There are about 5 or even more, existing, 'Film Ranches' around the Santa Fe area alone. Bonanza Creek being only one. New Mexico has inumberable extremely wealthy individuals owning 'Tax write-off' ranches. Think....Ted Turner's 'Armanderis' and work down from there.

    Governor Bill Richardson (Presidential Candidate 2008) is supporting the decision and encouraging it's longevity. Rio Rancho NM is building a facility for "LIONSGATE", Another facility is proposed for the "Journal Center" area south of ABQ...Really south of the Air Terminal physically, near the big open air entertainment concert pit. Could it be just coincidence that a major Casino is not far away?
    All of this is helped along with drastically lowered taxes on the film industry. Why else would they come to NM? Other states, as well as British Columbia, are also jealous and giving away stuff to entice filming as well.
    British Columbia has the added advantage of a 30% weaker Canadian dollar which makes a US dollar go further by almost a third. I'm not sure about their taxes, which are exhorbitant due to the Socialist nature of their country. Gasoline is far more costly in Canada than the USA.
    As long as the film industry employs 'Blogengeezer' and his friends, we are loving the states overtures to the film folks.
    The press is not so sure. The press is thinking the industry will not repay the loans. So far that has not proven to be Totally true, well in one case it appears that The latest film about the 'Border with Mexico' DID NOT REPAY, "J-Lo" and her friends have been behind a little? ..Well ..more than a little,.. A lot, think Millions. I truly hope they do not set a precedent. That could threaten projects for the future.

    'Lionsgate', producers of TV's 'Wildfire', now in it's fourth year, has totally repaid in full each year, earlier than anticipated. The possibility exists of course in the case of A film producer having no collateral or a record of 'not paying any one for anything'. Hopefully the people that are controlling the cash in the State of New Mexico film office, are also doing a background check on the applicants. A car loan even involves a total background check. Millions of dollars loaned should involve a more intensive proof of history in paying their debts. THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF THIS HUGE RESPONSIBLITY MUST BE OF 'IMPECCABLE CHARACTER'. Presidential candidate 2008, Bill Richardsons credibility depends on it. AM I RIGHT BILL RICHARDSON?

    Saturday, February 10, 2007

    'Astronaut Farmer',two thumbs up!

    Great news, the new film, 'Astronaut Farmer' starring Billy Bob Thornton, just got 'two thumbs up' by the ET Film Critics. No big deal except it was filmed here in New Mexico on the same flim lot that we did Comanche Moon and with Blogengeezers friends all doing the background. I wish I could have been there. Now that would have been fun. His 'Rocket' being built into the beautiful big barn. The always great NM scenery in the background.

    Bonanza Creek Ranch, is where it was filmed about 15 miles south of Santa Fe NM. It will be famous some day. It is a really nice movie set. You can read about it on my first blog back in June of 06.

    Comanche Moon, the prequel to the TV film, Lonesome Dove, was the most fun for Blogengeezer though. I really was impressed by the magnificent Blackfeet Indians and their riding abilities. Watch for it, this spring on TV.

    'The Wild Hogs' is going to be great as well. blogengeezer did background nine days in July, at Madrid NM during the carnival scene. Harley Davidson has a winner there, along with Disney producing this fantastic, fun film, starring John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, and the always talented William H Macy.

    I had no idea he was a comedian. Oprah Winfrey had them on her TV show this last week, they 'were' the show. 'The Wild Hogs', now that is surely a 'two thumbs Up'. Watch for it in theatres soon. It was advertised on Super bowl Sunday, so you know it is going to be good.

    I will post more New Mexico film news as it developes. The year of filming in NM is just starting, our weather is going to be excellent in another month. 62 degrees yesterday and today, very sunny, no depression allowed. That is the start of spring with ony a few more weeks of snow at the higher altitudes and much appreciated rain every now and then untill June. Eat your heart out New York, enjoy the 100 inches of 'Global Warming'.

    Filming starts to get hectic in the next few months. I hope some film company needs a 'Bearded Geezer' or two for it's... 'Background Action' ...'Rolling-Rolling'. See you in line at the next casting call Ya-he'ah?

    Global Opinions, The future?

    You may desire to check out this journalists opinion on the future.

    San Diego California Media no less. No one really knows the outcome, thats why I want to get roll'in as soon as the weather gets nice. Of course if a good 'background role' came up, I would consider hanging around for a while.

    The new rulings from the new US Congress will undoubtedly raise gas taxes to an historic high to ostensibly fight the 'Media Dreaded', 'Global Warming'. I see an easy four to five to six or even more?, dollars a gallon on the way.

    Now that may have a big effect on traffic and highway construction and who knows what all. Three dollars a gallon here last year, really cleared the city streets of 'cruisers', it was very noticeable. I could pull out into traffic without much delay. People planned their trips around the tankfull of gas. Six dollars a gallon for gas will definetly slow down all but the wealthy and carefree. It seems to work in Europe. The idea is to force the 'Masses' into 'Mass Transit', is it not? this keeps the highways clear for the 'Elitist's that write the rules. This, in effect will control the dreaded 'Global Warming'. Win-Win all the way around...right?

    Many things cause chain reactions. Like the start of the massive population boom, at the start of the industrial revolution, which happens to coincide with the end of 'the Little Ice Age' (1450 to 1850). And that of course, naturally was the start of the trend toward 'Global Warming'. Which will, by the 400 year mini-cycles of historical standards, taper to a close around 2250. I don't think you and I will see it. We are not even to the half-way (2050) part of the last Warming Cycle.

    The latest impending US Congressional rulings are giving the worlds Oil companies a 'Big Carrot' to go along with it. Thats why the World Oil firms are now supporting it so enthusiasticaly. Time to buy Oil Stocks and take advantage of all of the new tax dollars and incentives possibly being directed to the World Oil scene. I read in the Wall Street Journal today that Chevron is anticipating bidding/buying into Russia's 'Belated' Yukos Oils assets. I guess the rewards are outweighing the risks, or the possibility exists, that the risks are Media Hyped? Or the US Congress is preparing to punish 'US oil'? In that case it is survival to 'flee' offshore. Shame on us 'Media Gullible' Masses. In reality, Washington knows better than to "kill the Geese that lay the golden Eggs", or at least I hope they do.

    Did anyone ever wonder where politicians get all of their wealth? They have unprecedented, 'insider information' where the next few Trillion dollars of tax money is heading. They 'write the future' in Congress. Of course they all get to keep, as well, the political donations left over when they move on to other endeavers.

    Being a successful politician is exceedingly rewarding. Most are at the least Millionaires. Many are Billionaires and the future may see one of them becoming a Trillionaire. Most likely that will be the one that controls the Associated Press as well as the IPSOS polls. Soft 'Bad press' means only 'Name Recognition' and a guaranty of being re-elected by the masses until they die. Democracy works that way. Ah! to be an elected California Commuter, flown back and forth across the US in a government owned Boeing 757 with all of my friends and family. Such a distasteful way to travel. Non stop, No pleasant check in lines, no shoe removal, Nice meals. I, of the lowly masses, am so jealous...Dennis Hastert never knew he could have done it that way....Poor Dennis.

    I am too old to see the final results of the decisions made, so I'm just going on a 'spend it as it comes in' way of life. The young people that are intelligent enough to read the future can financially benefit by it. as for my Wife and I, the highways are calling and the sun is starting to shine more each day. Spring is approaching. The tourist areas are getting ready for our visits. The menus are being readied at the small restaurants of each visited town across America. The local attractions are being prepared for our enjoyment. I can hardly wait....See you out on the road this coming year in the Greatest Nation the World has ever seen.

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Arabs 'Drifting' for fun?

    Arabs 'Drift' for a nice fun time. I noticed that they do this on highways and any place that has a high speed, paved running surface. the camera is set at the right spot for 'Memories'? I do believe at least one spectator went for a flip. His white robe is seen going for a touchdown. BMW's drift quite well don't you think?

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    "OETZI" the ICEMAN

    The first articles I read of 'Oetzi' were published in a weekly news magazine soon after the information had been released. That being said (spin), I read of a maurauder type of person caught stealing from the local peaceful, agrarian, society. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Extensive scientific research of the type depicted on 'CSI' for TV viewers of 2006, showed quite a different story that coincides with society of today. The Haves vs the Have Nots. Updated, added notes from Nat Geographic:

    'Oetzi' was discovered by hikers on 19 September 1991, as the 'Glacier' of the same name, 'Oetztal', in the Austrian/Italian Alps, retreated to levels it had been before the rapid cooling of the 'Priora Oscillation'. In other words a previous 'Global Warming' period, much more extensive than what we are experiencing today. That previous warm period is referred to as the 'Hollocene Climatic Optimum'. Ending about 5,300 years ago, By the way, we still are in the 'Holocene Period' but at a later stage, this scene now unfolds.

    'Oetzi' was far from a Maurauder. As a productive member of society, 'Otzi' was a true Craftsman. His talents were taught to him by mentors. A Father and Mother most likely, and handed down through generations as happens today. Oetzi lived near the end of the stone Age but had extensive knowledge of the latest High Technology in 'that areas time', the Age of Copper metalurgy.

    Oetzi was a master of the Craft of Smelting Malachite Ore, painstakingly mined from the mountains, crushed to powder, mixed with the perfect amount of arsenic, heated to very high temperatures in a hand made rock oven, melted down then collected in crucibles for casting into shapes such as axe heads for his own use and that of others. Oetzi was strong and very intelligent, he was about 47 years of age. Very mature for those violent times. The average age was 10 to 12-14 years.

    In otherwords 'Oetzi' was a Miner, a Chemist, a Metalurgist, Manufacturer, skilled Hunter, Warrior and Self Defence expert, and Merchant Trader all wrapped in one amazingly efficient package. He oviously either made his own excellent high quality clothing or, 'much more likely', attracted an equally talented mate to share in the daily labors and supplying of provisions neccessary to stay alive in those violent times.

    'Oetzi's' hand woven cloth wrap, his goatskin vest, his leggings, and his fantastic wide shoes made from soft deerskin uppers and tough bearskin soles, lined with soft grass, were posessions very valuable in those days. He had a flint knife with wooden handle and was skilled in it's use. His extremely well made copper bladed axe was similiar to a tomahawk. He carried different types of mushrooms on a hand made string for use as an anti-bacterial remedy. He had recently eaten a meal of bread, leafy greens, berries, roots, goat , and deer. In todays comparisons, Oetzi and his mate were great outdoor survivors. They carried a hand made bucket, a very complex 'fire starting kit', and the makings to replenish the arrows used, as well as a bow waterproofed with blood.

    A picture of 'Oetzi' and his mate is formed with the 'CSI' documentation available today. They were traveling in an area about 30 to 60 miles from where they lived. A modern day husband and loving wife, possibly infertile? no children. (My thoughts formed after reading all about Oetzi) The trip was to trade the products which they toiled to produce, for other goods of value, as well as hunting/gathering for survival. They traveled often and knew where the resources were located for sustenance.

    As is even more true today, the world was populated with 'career repeat offenders' that are 'Parasites' on society. The same system of genetics that produce self sufficient, strong, goal oriented people like Oetzi and his mate, also produce the 'Parasites'. Society today still contains both. As the couple traveled to trade their goods and hunt, they came upon, at the least, a couple of 'parasites', attempting to take away his worldly posessions, most likely his most valued posession as well, his wife?

    A battle for their life ensued, as I picture it in my survival oriented mind. Oetzi was shot in the back with an arrow, by a person that knew how to kill. During the hand to hand knife fight, Oetzi had been dealt a crushing blow to the head, that also did mortal damage. His wife, who had been wounded in the initial fray, removed the arrow shaft from his back. He then attempted to help support her as they made their escape. Oetzi had done damage to his attackers as well, of which there were at least two. His knife had found it's mark. Oetzi, and his wife who were both mortally wounded, now struggled to climb through the connifer forest, higher into the mountains. Eventually his mortally wounded wife, dropped on the climb through the rocky terrain.

    Evidence exists, that Oetzi lived approximately 2 to 3 days after the attack on himself and his wife. The head wound, along with the internal bleeding, finally took his life. He lay down to rest for the last time. Then, at that time, 'unprecidented' snowfall began. The Ice and snow of the 'Prioran Glacier' started it's 5,300 year advance. Mummified Oetzi was preserved for the future to reveal the crime done by the parasites of society. The present warming toward the 'Holocene' global temperatures of the past, has allowed us to see the life of a totally Self Sufficient Man, that won over the human parasites, that shortly therafter, were reduced to microscopic dust. Long live 'Oetzi'.

    To read all about this fantastic person, use the Wikipedia search in my right sidebar, National Geographic or several other sites. Thank you for visiting, return again some time, I love the company.

    Friday, February 02, 2007


    Well its time, based on the recent headlines, for some more.. '' ..really, that is the site you may want to reference, to begin to make sense of what the Liberal Scientists are trying to shove down your throats. After you use all of their references, then move on to some solid food at.. ..Try the small stuff first, with the 'wiki' search of ..'HOLOCENE CLIMATE OPTIMUM'.. after reading about some historical data there, move on to the 'MAUNDER MINIMUM'. Follow this up with a brief refresher course of the ..'MILANKOVITCH CYCLES'.. the term BP is used more often now in dating, it refers to the time period 'Before Present' referring as the time before 1950. (Nuke time) Of course when using BC, add 2000 years to the number as 'Before Christ'. Seems like they just have to get that Man out of our thoughts.

    Now that you know just where to begin to get a 'laymans education', which is far and above what our Congress has, then you can move on to things like "OTZI the ICEMAN". all of this is available to you through the online encyclopedia of '' (My right sidebar has the link). 'OTZI', in case you were too young to recall, was found on the Italian Austrian (No Kangaroos) border on September 19th of 1991. He was frozen into the rapidly forming, 'Ice/Glacial' period starting about 5000 or so years ago at the edge of the 'HOLOCENE CLIMATIC OPTIMUM' and at the start of the 'PRIORA OSCILLATION'. (a dramatic very rapid cooling) 'OTZI' had just barely survived a battle for his life. (CSI research) He won in the end because he is famous today. An amazing self sufficient man. "What A Guy" A must read.

    After you have read these TRUE scientific facts, you will begin to notice the complete disregard by the MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA, of anything but Liberal 'Party Pablum' for the totally uneducated. In Da Flikkers archives of, 03 January 07 "An Inconvenient Truthiness"...and 30 November 07, the "Global Warming/Ice Age", there are references to 'Wiki's The 'Grisda' research pertains among other facts, to the 'LITTLE ICE AGE' of 1450 to 1850. I can not repeat this enough. We are still not completely through the warming period following all cooling periods. As a matter of fact we are approaching 1/2 way along and will shortly begin to reverse the cycle. Guess who will take credit for that reversal!

    Roughly 400 years is just one of the repeating cycles within the longer periods recorded. News Media only remembers.. "last year, or when I was a kid",.. cycles. the Russians know far more than the Liberal Scientists, about what lies ahead. they have drilled into the antarctic Ice cap about 400,000 years deep and extracted 'core samples' to correlate everythng published. this includes the recently recorded 'thickening of the cap'. Thank you Mr Putin, tell the Liberal Scientists to 'Buzz Off'.

    The response of the Liberal Scientists is to now 'Ban Funding' of any studies that disagree with them. This Congress is debating this issue right now. Liberal studies groups will stop at nothing to BAN an alternate thought. I thought they were for 'diversity'. If it disagrees with them in any way, it must be 'Banned'. Now that is a scary group to have elected into power. The future will be similar to the 'Dark Ages' or even darker, when the early scientists were proposing theories and being put to death for their observations. You better check it out fast, 'Wiki' may have to pull it all some day, if the Liberal Power Brokers get their way.

    I hope this little bit of 'roadmap' to education will start some of you to please "THINK FOR YOURSELF" then judge 'all' of the facts, not just what you watch on the TEEEE VEEEE. You oviously have a computer, now get busy and use the thing that it was built for. Come back again for more RANT by the Blogengeezer. I still love ya!

    Thursday, February 01, 2007

    Iceland by Motorworld

    Who knew anyone even lived in Iceland.. let alone drove cars. and I do mean 'Drive' They drive like 'Rednecks'